Friday, 31 December 2010

New Years Eve

No countdowns this year, I be chilling at home. :)

Sat in front of the computer all day. Sim Kuan recommended me to this site- fast pass tv. I thought it was amazing. Sim Kuan was like, "where have you been?!" Hohoho. Sim Kuan's opening her blog next year. I miss stalking it.

Watched Despicable Me. Watched part of it in Taiwan on the tour bus and the quality was terrible. Agnes is cute. My, if every kid was as angelic with her I would want more than 2 kids.

Sometimes, I'm terrified of kids. They are so fragile and in need of compromise. I think people who handle kids well have an amazing gift. I don't like it when you smile and call them to you and they ignore you. Sometimes, dogs do that too.
Drawing. THIS, was before I learned to draw 8 head figure, which was somewhere this year.

Example of 8 head figure. You use the head as measurement. It ensures your figures to be proportionate. Which is handy.

But! After I used 8 head figures, damn no space. :( I can't finish their legs. I like drawing the friggin' shoes. The girl on the right looks sad. She's supposed to be some yearning mistress.

I hate it when people say I look sad. Most of the time, it's my neutral face. AND, if everyone was really sad while you said they looked sad, it wouldn't be nice to point that out either. It just makes them feel... worse.

OH. And. This year. Accomplishments. :D
1. Passed piano exam
2. Learned 8 head figure
3. Brought Xuan to church
4. Got baptized
5. Learned to use sewing machine

And... I can't really think of anything else. What did you achieve this year? :o

The clich├ęd New Year's Resolution:
1. Take O levels
2. Ignore SPM pressure. Shut up, people.
3. Pass another piano test
4. Sew a decent piece of garment
5. Exercise very very often
6. Take sewing and drawing classes
7. Learn to drive

OK. That's about it. You want to know something? Every year, I used to put losing weight as part of my list. Now, to the hell with it. :B

Happy New Year. :)

(oh wait I realised I put exercise very often. but ok that is not for losing weight just maintaining my weight & being healthy. omg I sat all day my spine hurts. and 2012 armageddon bla bla bla)

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