Thursday, 16 December 2010

Pedi Mani

It's fun to pamper yourself once in a while!

Went to Sunway Pyramid and did some pedicure. Beauty salons are dangerous places to go, you know?! You sit down and look around to see what they have to offer and get tempted.

At the end, I got manicure too. And then did some eyebrow waxing. Ha. First time for both. Beauty salon virgin!

The result! I think we spent about 2 hours there dilly-dallying around. They scrub your feet. Pick off dead skins. Buff your nails and nail beds. Push back your cuticles. Put some oil and lotion. Hehehe, the manicurist said I didn't have much dead skins.

And oddly, for eyebrow waxing, the waxing hurt less than I expected while the plucking/tweezing bit was more uncomfortable.

Bought some earrings. Shiny things are nice to look at! I haven't used the cartilage piercings for a while, because at school they made me take it out so many times, I surrendered at the end. I remember I was 13, thinking I was such a rebel to wear mutiple piercings.

And then the prefects would get the earrings, but I didn't mind because you could get it back at the office, anway. School leaves you with no room to be creative or stylish with your appearance. They even restrict the colour of your frickin' hair band!

Stuck some temporary tattoo at the small of the back. Just remembered going to Sunway Lagoon somewhere next week. And, oh, a tattoo there is called a tramp stamp. Hahaha, not a nice name. But who cares.

I don't think I'd get a real tattoo, the permanency of it scares me. What looks hot at 20 may look "trying too hard" at 40. What with sagging skin, too!

What else?? Relatives and adults trying to add me on facebook. It's horror. Honestlyyyy, I'd like to keep friends and family separate. Plus, what may be appropriate for teens might be prohibited/unusual/too wild with families. Yuck. The nightmare would be of course adults trying to use facebook as a device to monitor their kids. I adore having my freedom.

And, would I visit the beauty salon soon? Most probably not. It's horribly expensive, about RM60 for pedi & mani and that's only the basic one and that's after RM20 off because it' Christmas promotion. Dang. Noooo.

But I think girls should look after themselves. Grooming and shits. I don't believe that you'll be ugly unless you let yourself be. Great hair and clothes make a big difference and maximise your potential very well OK. Don't underestimate yourself. :))

Things have a tendency to turn out how we expect it to be.

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