Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sunway Lagoon!

Went to Sunway Lagoon yesterday.

10 people went. Ahem. Had some planning difficulties. Was supposed to meet at McD's at 9.30 but everyone(including me) came an hour after that. And then Siet Yen had no transport. xD

Everyone relied on Qi Yao for transport. 8 people in his car on the way back. :D Siet Yen and I shared shotgun. 5 guys squeezed at the back. xD

And then suddenly they were like, "Theng Loo, you steam ah!!!!!" and started squirming around. Turns out it was only his belt. Hahaha, damn sad.

Rode some snake thingy slide. Very dark one. Most of them, you have to sit on a float. And then you have to be careful if you're only wearing knickers style bottoms because you WILL get a wedgie. Serious! xD

I hadn't wear this swimsuit in a looooong time. It takes courage. Honestlyy. And then at night it felt weird wearing a shirt, like a little overdressed. I suppose lingerie models feel like that most of the time.

Looking for a monokini. Why so hard to find one! Most of them have cut outs at the sides. I only want cutout at the middle!

THIS. Was the most horrible ride.

I'd very much prefer roller coaster. This was a boat thing called Pirate's Revenge. My goodness. I didn't know it went 360 degrees. Being suspended mid-air is not nice, at all.

But no, I don't regret trying it! Xian Jiong had a bit of height phobia so didn't dare to ride it. Hahaha.

Wokay. That's all. Computer keeps going, "eeeeee" automatically. -.- So hard to MSN.

What else? Love your body and don't be afraid to try a bikini. :)

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  1. hi i'm matthias how are you today how is sunway lagoon pool party yesterday may i join you i never been to sunway lagoon pool party