Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Aman suria


27th of December! Vincent made an fb status inviting everyone(the woofs) to Aman Suria. Free flow food and drinks at a karaoke cum pub. The guys- hear the words free flow, ON already. 

Went brunch with Daniel at Rakuzen, Japanese food here I come! I like Daniel, damn ON one. Informed him about Vincent's free flow, he straightaway ON. Some people feel like saying "yes" to an invitation benefits them while others might have it vice versa.

Good thing the darn gate got fixed. My heart was thumping when I woke up, wondering whether the gate was fixed like a kid anticipating Christmas presents. IT WAS. Properly aligned, fully working, all done while I was asleep. Muahha. I woke up around 4 in the afternoon. 

Daniel was asleep when I called, can imagine what a super pig he is. His car broke, freedom gone. So odd, he used to be the dude with the car all the time- one of the "first generation drivers" along with SY, Qi Yao, Xian Jiong.

With the original Australia hai, Mun Chun. Faster come back la Xuan. I used to like rubbing into your face with our outings but now really, I'd rather you were here with us. 

Had missed call from him in the morning. I like it when I wake up and there's something on with my phone. Calls from Mei Yen. Because she always wakes up early. Sim Kuan uses twitter, kiamsap. BWAHAH! 

Sometimes I see missed calls when I'm awake, but I always roll in the bed for and hour or so, so I always wait until I finally get up, freshen up, brush my teeth, then return calls. So my voice won't sound like I've just gotten out of bed. I always dutifully return calls. I don't like people who don't. ;)

He needed transport to Aman Suria, fetched him because I was going to DPC anyway. I don't mind fetching on the way ones. Sim Kuan wanted me to fetch her but I couldn't, make it up to you next time! ^^ 
Ney, I don't mind being Sim Kuan's ah mat because she drives me around to. So sad, those peepo who have no license nor car- have to beg for rides all the time. BWAHAHA! Those days... long behind me. ^^ Except few days ago when my gate died and my car got locked in*

Got car and always ON, people will surely find you. Unless you're a party pooper... And I don't like it when some of the girls, got their P license and have car but stay at home all day like disabled person. Aiyoh, use it la. So lucky you can drive, better you give it to someone else who can utilize it fully. Stay home incubate eggs?!?! But also. Life very meaningless now, need to study. STUDY FOR MY FUTURE. AIM IS TO MAKE MONEY. MONEY IS TO CONTINUE LIVING!

Went to pick Mun Chun up after brunch. I asked him for his address. "Just say Datuk Wang". The magic word for the guards, WTF. When I went to pick Daniel I just said his name, because Daniel liked to fuck around with his guards and he told them to let anyone who said his name come in. HAGAGAGA it worked. But still have to register, register what la. See my I.C. for what la. Drive such a small car steal what? If I wanna rob, I'll bring a big-ass van. Estima can also. Hmm, I wonder what it feels like to drive an Estima. Harrier feels like van too. Harrier is van. Wtf talking crap now.

Mun Chun sek jo, came out when I arrived. Daniel like sissy, took a long time to tie his shoelace. ^^ Sim Kuan asked if I wanted to go eat dinner with Vincent, didn't know what to do anyway and no way I wanna go home and pick people up again so we went to BU early!

Three of us were the first to arrive(me, Dan, Mc). Vince's parents are nice, they're used to having guests. His house is like our house already. ^^ So familiar with the huge ass mirror in front of the dining table, liquor every nook and cranny, and the automatic sensored porchlights. 

HAHA. His mum asked if I was drunk the last time because I went home in Meta's(the notorious maid) slippers. Actually because they were comfy and I was lazy to wear heels to mamak. But comfy until I forgot to return it. Trololo.

Later Sim Kuan came. Li Chen and Qi Yao too. Ney, Li Chen so ON already. Me likey. ^^ MUAHAH new ON partner, come! Siet Yen on the other hand.... OFF! She FFK! That feeling... when you expect to see someone but they can't make it in the end. :( She has to accompany her family more nowadays. Hmm. Lazy to go out too maybeee. Save for New Year's.

Qi Yao's skin so nice one. Pussy. Trololo, I'm just jealous :( I think he will be a very pretty girl. Khar Yiep too. I dunno why I'm so yehdiu on my blog. Sorry if I've offended anyone. HAHA no wait I'm not sorry. ^^ Offend me back la, polite is boring so fuck it. Pretentious, and tiring. 

But anyone of you don't want to get mentioned in my blog, tell me so! I'll pretend to overlook your existence! Because I know my blog is not that private and shit gets stalked. But wtf I know you guys are very happy that you appeared here. I edit the pictures until so got feel. Yee why I talk English liddat one. But very nice leh, Malaysian feel you know. Maybe because I never go school long long oredi also. 

HAHA SKUL WTF LIFETIMES AWAY. It is like a taboo subject now. Like *death*. "Don't mention it! I'm gonna get sad". Someone said this. Yih Wern? ^^

We went to eat at a mamak called Kayu. Look at Weng Hock, he seriously cannot take pictures while he's eating. Super Hock Dog. Look at that face. 

Ney, I very noob, seldom go mamak. I only know how to order four things- "Soya Bean! Watermelon Juice! Roti Canai! Maggi Goreng!" I didn't know Roti Canai was the kosong one. Because at school they always have some other stuff. Asked for curry. NO, that was not it. What I wanted as dahl. FREAKING DAHL. DAHL ISSIT?!

Some of Vince's & Mun Chun's friends were also there. AHEMMMM drugdenahememmma. Inside joke trololo. After that Ding came, he said he quit Guess, going for Esprit. Damn a lot of people gunning for jobs inside 1 Utama. People I know, around a dozen who's working there. Maybe more... Daniel mentioned about this thing data entry shit dunno wad earn 1.6k. HMM. Should get down on it, , get some money!!

And then only we head to the main venue. I dunno what the name is. Forgot already. Vince kept saying it was a pub cum karaoke, and no need to dress up so much. 


Hor, just wore tank top and maxi skirt. Top from Cats Whiskers, found it in my wardrobe. Maxi skirt from Kitschen. Always bohemian look with that skirt. 

The place was not bad, had pool table too. Actually, the karaoke... it's just you go on the platform and sing. It takes guts, but no matter! Carlsberg is always there to give you guts! Hor, I drank ice water only. My favourite. Save on calories too. THE GUYS. THE GUYS, THEY GONNA HAVE BEER BELLY I TELL YOU. EVERYDAY DRINK. evernight la.

"I'm designated driver of the day"! *Always the best excuse*.

Food, potato pie. Homely. Hovered around pool tables, wanted to play play but the guys look so serious when playing one. Only did one shot, borrowed King Jiat. BWAHA! That dude, so long time didn't see him. He came back from China. SO MANY PPL WENT CHINA. Mun Chun, Yih Wern.


Rysher and Xian Jiong. Xian Jiong work until wanna die already I think. He didn't seem to have the partying mood. Ding on the other hand, went up and sang some songs. The mum joked with him and Weng Hock. Played cards. It was nice, venue to ourselves. The owner is Vince's mummy's friend's. Haha! 

Okay, who went- Ding, Qi Yao, Rysher, Xian Jiong, Daniel, Mun Chun, Vincent, Li Chen, Sim Kuan, Theng Loo, Ping Kuang, Shao Yang, Weng Hock, King Jiat!


Hor, Sim Kuan brought her camera! TeeHee. Charger still cannot be found, it is fate. God wants Sim Kuan to use her camera more often. Still dreaming about Olympus Pen Mini. Hmm. Wanna try my bro's Panasonic Lumix dunno wad. But it's the same, micro four thirds system, lens take more space than body.

Canon is well known but I don't like it because it always brings a yellow hue to the skin. Or maybe it's just because my friends set their lighting to "incandescent" WTF?!??

Going home, sent Daniel and Weng Hock. Mun Chun had to find someone else because he didn't want to go back early. Don't wanna go home~ Hnngh. I don't like sending drunk people home, because they are unpredictable. If I am drunk, I wouldn't like sending myself home either. Tipsy is still okay. 

Weng Hock complained some shit. Air cond not cold enough I think. I started to dulan already, but everytime I do it it's for a split-second. Weng Hock has seen how I argued with SY when he was drunk in my car so he was ohh nevermind Karen. Arrived, sober up, time to face his parents. Drop off Daniel, then I'm home! Comparitively early, not bad. If I'm the driver I don't stay till the end, because I make extra allowance of time to send people off. 

Night well spent, glad to see friends. 


Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Ecoba at PJ Trade Center!

Surprisingly. This time the girls more ON than the guys. 

 Sim Kuan finally uploaded the photos. Muahaha. Usually she's the one who's nagging me to put up the photos, my turn now. I didn't bring my camera that day because it was useless even if I brought it. Dunno where the charger went. Will find it later!

Hadn't seen Yih Wern and Guat Tyng since prom night, the BU chicks. Both of them dyed their hair. "You haven't dyed your hair?" "Nah, don't think I will." "Give you few months la." That's what Guat Tyng said. We'll see! ^^

And see see, the cool and warm skin tone theory. Confirm I have warm skin tone.

Reading this was enlightening. Now I can dress accordingly. Maximise everything kao kao. Look better in gold jewellery, yes. Warm skin tone- yellow undertone, that's why I look better in red than in blue (cool skin tone has blue undertone, that's why Sim Kuan the fair bitch looks good in navy blue. I love red, but it's a bit in-your-face sometimes. Red is like the colour. Sometimes I look highly on a colour based on how bright it is. Blind me la.


Usually I have this "what you want" look when I pout and I tilt my face down. Xuan's one, she tilt her face up, and skinny up her cheeks. Sim Kuan's one, goofy!
It suits my parting. Realized when I do the pout plus the middle-parting, I look a bit like Jun Wen. Got the... vibe. Did middle-parting for the night, hadn't changed my side-parting in a bajillion years. I asked Li Chen and Sim Kuan which one they preferred- 50/50. And you know 50/50 is like answered equals to no answer.

Sim Kuan says I look more mature with side-parting. Middle-parting looks younger. But I like that it's more flattering to take pictures with. Side-parting, sometimes cover one eye and make eyes smaller. As if not small enough, FML.

MUAHAHA HER CAMERA SO NICE ONE everyone's skin looks good.
Now I have original everything but I wonder how different I might change give or take a few years? Like in the Cheeserland blog, now she has brown hair, coloured eyes, eyelash extensions. Few years back and everything was black. And she says once you dye your hair you'll never go back to black. Wonder if it is true ah? Will dye someday, not now. Still young. Black everything. Hair. Pupils. Eyebrow.

Black tube dress and Charles & Keith golden strappy heels. I love that heels now, seldom wore it last time but dunno since when it started getting comfortable. Before that it almost gave me blisters. Whaturf why so schizophrenic one?! MUAHAHA I got schizophrenic right on first try. ^^
We always say this- Xuan got the boobs. Sim Kuan got the legs. I'm the ass. You know, women's assets la. But got butt means got thighs. Ma de, everything I eat it goes there. My tummy is MISPLACED! Ass a bit harder to show la how to show you tell me?!?!?!? Boobs got cleavage and low-cut tops legs got shorts and high heels. BUTT LEH?!?!?!? 

That's why, sometimes when I take pictures I turn sideways. ^^ MUAHAHAHAH. PERKY ANOT. Okay pretend I never typed that. Siet Yen's pose is very nice to use. Super! 


Oh yeah Siet Yen was like "you wear make up! Only big events you wear one!". True true, last time I used to try perfecting the art of using eyeliner but I gave up. Lazy liao. Now, just put eyeshadow. Especially if got second round! Sparkle the whole shit up!
HAHA I KID! Usually I use the brown palette, Majolica Majorca. That day I finally used the purple one from Shiseido Integrate. I like the shimmery part. Neh, not really good in makeup. Will sit in front of my comp, watch how-tos and learn soon. 

I know Li Chen is getting good at makeup, she's taking classes. Damn jealous she got new beauty skills. >:( I like that time she put on her eyeshadow for Xuan's bday. Two-tone greyish colour. Sim Kuan one, she used to like doing eyeliners. Now she gave up. Very lazy to remove makeup, especially mascara. I know the feeling! Ah! Wendy also good at makeup, she put what also it pops. She has the (fair) skin for it. Purple, blue, whatever colour.


More pics, with the person I see almost everyday. Even now that school has ended. ^^

Oh yeah. Ecoba! We arrived the earliest, Sim Kuan and I and Qi Yao and Siet Yen. Siet Yen said it was better to wait for the orders and not order first but I thought wtf I very hungry and it takes time to cook so I thought of ordering it first but refrain from eating until they come.

In the end Siet Yen ordered salad and I ordered pasta and no I ate when it came, because the others already came. ^^ Vincent he sot one, never ordered anything, drink big glasses of beers to get full. Ahem later beer belly shit shit! Lucky he does gym!

Yih Wern had to jaga her sis for a while. She was shy at first but I know act only. Last time I went Yih Wern's house, she showed me everything. Screamed, jumped, etc etc doing all the yehdiu things kids do. After a while she got bored of eating the mushroom soup, climbed under the table. I was like WTF WHY CAN FEEL SOMETHING DOWN THERE. Of course not cat la human la Ecoba not mamak.

And then proceed to Second Round. The guys were there la, some came after working. Good, good! Ding, Rysher, Weng Hock, Nazri, Brandon. Hock Dog greeted me with a hug, it is for a sign of respect for Dog Queen. See my lips there shiny again, touched up with Sim Kuan's MM lipgloss. And it is lost! Her notorious LV purse! Added with hidden blackhole.

With Rysher and Jin Fye, Jin Fye da one with the big-ass bag, so during clubbing we stashed our handbags in his bag (me, Sim Kuan, Guat Tyng) and it became the mother-of-all-bags. If you bring your handbags to second round, be prepared to risk it. That I know, that's why have to leave your Prada and LVs at home.
I thought my bag would be safe in Fye's bag, but you know la I wanted to check handphone so I got my bag, got my bag placed in on the table, table wet, Sim Kuan spilled some coke. SO. In the end also kena. Wet my bag. Cipet. At least not as bad as my previous bag! It was soaked, inundated, wet, drippy, clammy!

Long queue to go into Sanctuary. Like very happening, but I dunno why I couldn't get the mood right in there. We went in with Sorei, Ci Min, them. Sorei looked fashionable. Recognized the flowy white top from Zara. Also saw Kong Fong them, BSD peepo.

Jun Wen posted this pic today, from prom night. Pics ah, if you post it more then three days after the outing it feels old and nostalgic like shit. OH IT HAPPENED..?!
This was taken at Movida, top floor. Jun Wen gestured to take picture I remembered. Quickly act sober! Not bad hor. I think I should always have a hairgrip with me whenever I go second round. Easier to... move. That night cukup ON la.


You might noticed, I've also changed my blog template! The previous one was the travel theme with green antique home background shit. That one didn't last long, forgot to even screenshot it. I ran into someone's blog, saw the exact template, dulan. Straightaway, change! Background photo from tumblr. Just rmbr seeing it and OHH WHAT A NICE ROOM! 

Neh, I want my blog to be more about fashion. Fashion la. Everyday fashion. Go out, dress up, take peecheer. I want camera. BWAHAH, still drooling! 

I think wrote a lot of crap today? Last week, busy until no time to write. I want life to be that way. T^T. One day don't go out, I will emohai! Please! How can you treat a Forever ON person liddis! 

Gate man, faster fix my gate kao kao so Cooper can go out! Pwease (*3*)

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Xmas Eve

Hello. Today is Christmas, I suppose.

It's 8 in the morning and I remember vaguely of taking a 2 hour nap yesterday.

I was having fun on 9GAG- a tasteful website with artistic interpretations of memes, and decided to watch this vid:

Oh what a cute animation HAHA! And the halfway through it made me cry worse than if someone had slapped me across the face.

Quite precisely describe how I felt with Chuckie. 

I don't want to cry over spilt milk, I want to be grateful for what I have- but it doesn't mean that sometimes you won't miss it, won't want to have it and just realize there's no way you can get it back. 

But, if you asked me if I rather had it, lost it, cried for it, or rather had nothing at all- I'd choose the former at any give time. Life is about give and take. Not stand by the sidelines, play safe and watch opportunities go by, you're doing it wrong.

I really despise people crying, ironic that I'm the one doing it now. I hate to see cry-babies. But being a girl, it's like one day you're on the top of the world and the next day you feel like dying. The worse part is you can't pinpoint exactly what makes you feel that way in the first place. It's pretty funny seeing how sad I describe life it, after I got happy again. It's like I wonder why I'm so stupid, getting unhappy because of the little things. Holiday has made me too free? :/


I want a new camera. I bring my current Samsung PL-151 wherever I go. I've taken around four thousand pictures with it, used it for a year. Got it since last Christmas. The thing I really like is the Dual LCD, super for camwhoring and finding the perfect angle. The bad thing, it doesn't do well in low-light conditions and the shutter speed is not quick enough. Sometimes the pictures are too dark, too blur- those shit. And because it is built for portraits, it doesn't take very wide shots. Too good for portraits for its own good, ma de.

The pictures from my camera, always only can see the face. I want change. I'm thinking Olympus Pen Mini.

Nice review here. I like reading her blog, has been stalking it the whole night ^^ Love her fashion sense. 
The thing is the camera gives me a good incentive to dress up. When I dress up, it is firstly for myself- so I feel good and look good. Secondly, it's for impression on other people. Third is for attention. I don't want to blend in, who the fuck wants their existence to be forgettable. Fourth is so that I am ready if I ever meet a hot one. Fifth is to take picture. *reasons not in order of importance

I think I am kind of... vain? GIRL WAD. GIRL'S NATURE. I cannot walk pass a reflecting surface without checking myself out. I have a radar for mirroring surfaces. :3

That camera is about Rm1700 I think? I want it... because I a lot of fashion bloggers have it. AHAHAHAH! But I want the Mini, because my handbag is small. Also afraid that I might not bring it around too often because of it's size. The selling point is the DSLR-like pictures but without the heftiness.

Xuan's camera is not bad, Canon dunno wad. This pic was taken using her camera. Everyone uses Canon. ^^ This one's much better than her previous one (Canon too). The older one blur like shit. HAGAGA! This one absorbs lighting well.


Was so speechless seeing this on Xuan's blog.


Sim Kuan also uses Canon, but she shit one, never bring camera. Had to use her's today though, it was not bad! Took a lot of pictures at Ecoba. I don't know how to blog outings without pictures. The bad thing about taking pictures on someone else's camera- can't filter them, can't post them whenever you want.

Christmas Eve was a little odd. I felt like I didn't do anything- maybe because I hadn't slept. We had dinner at Ecoba, Vincent organized. Siet Yen, Qi Yao, Sim Kuan, Yih Wern, Guat Tyng, Jin Fye came. Was happy to see the last three because I hadn't seen them since prom night. Other people, FFK. So funny that this time the girls were more ON than the guys. Some of the guys were working. On Christmas Eve...
The starting before the outing was heart-breaking. I was supposed to pick Sim Kuan and Siet Yen up from Sk's house but Sim Kuan had to pick me up in the end. My dad reversed his car for me and he opened the gate. The gate caught his tyre. He went forward. The gate followed with the tyre, crashed, came off its hinges.

The feeling of watching your house gate fly off its hinges is... kind of like getting a stab in the stomach. I hate seeing things get damages. House, cars, clothes. In the afternoon I was happily waxing and scrubbing my car. Even washed my dad's car.

My dad's car was not that badly damaged(relatively speaking), just some scratches and the rubber strip sliced off. So for a while, three of us(dad,bro,me) were squatting in front of the house trying to fix the gate. The neighbours were wondering what happened. "EH, GOT BREAK-IN AH?"

I measured my car and the gate. Supposed I did manage to squeeze the car out, how in the world can I park back without scratching it. No way I will risk scratching my car! ...Maybe if I had bubble wraps, I'd try it. This also got me feeling down, thinking that I can't go out. And also the feeling of guilt. If I followed my family instead of friends that would've never happened.

But... what's done is done. 

Hmm, I miss the pasta carbonara from Ecoba thou. We went to Sanctuary after that. Ding, Rysher and Weng Hock came to meet us. RM78, fucking not worth it. Some people didn't even pay. No place to dance inside. I was desperate for a place to dance. I danced on the speakers

Everything was a blur. Might have to catch up on my sleep soon. :3 Sim Kuan will be going Malacca, lucky only for 2 days if not I emohai already. Need to fix gate. What else. Find college. What else. HA. DUNNO. HA. AAH. CANNOT THINK ALREADY

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Bangsar & Hartamas

Hoho. Still enjoying my holidays. Having a car really makes everything easier. I love my car car.

Thank God I'm through with getting P license. Advantage of being born early! :) ... I used to hate that I was born early. Often, people never got me birthday presents. I shamelessly asked my friends why, and sometimes they give this answer- "I wasn't close with you at the beginning of the year". !~@#$%^

And then there's another thing of having a crush with someone and the 75% chance that you will be older than him. How can!

Okay enough crap at least I'm flying with my car now. ^^

Went to Bangsar Village Shopping Mall on Tuesday with Sim Kuan and Shao Yang. Been a while since I've ate at Marmalade!

I used to go there often with my mama. They even changed their decorations, flowers instead of chickies on the wall now! I love their food. It's like you're in a cosy English country home and you have a marvelous cook as your Aunt. 

I ordered their salad, Avocado Accents. I like capsicums! And they are lucky, because they belong to the few types of veges I like. Asparagus, too. And tomatoes. I feel healthy just by pronouncing them. Shao Yang liked the place, non-stop checking out the foreigners there (only the caucasians, has a thing for blondies)! He ordered the first thing on the menu. Didn't even know what it was. HOW CAN. Quiche.

But Bangsar Shopping Mall doesn't have much to shop. Warehouse, Zara, etc. But their selection is not so big. After that, we went swimming.

See, just like Xuan was with us. BWAHAHAH!

Before swimming, have to take out all my accessories. Corrosive! Makes nail polish comes off faster too. Mockingjay bracelet. I like gold accessories. Pink chain bracelet from Taiwan's night bazaar. Watch from Juicy Couture, it was on discount! But had to sacrifice for the price, had to wait 2 weeks to repair it. Worth it, though!

Weng Hock and Jason Chin came, but quite late. They didn't even swim, pussy. BWAHHA! It rained halfway, the lifeguards pulled out their whistles. So we wait on the loungers with the rain falling down from above. And then it did slow down to a drizzle, jumped into the pool again. #stubborn

Impromptu dinner at Valencia's Club. Miss their pizza and mushroom soup. I was beat when I came home, had nap for 3 hours until midnight. And then I woke up... and slept at 7 in the morning. Got so busy downloading apps for iPhone on my comp. It's much faster!

Wednesday. Found this huge Christmas tree inside a mall in Hartamas. Actually I don't know where it is. We were supposed to eat at Wendy's at Solaris. I thought Solaris was at Hartamas but it was actually Mont Kiara. Deng.

Ming Chun brought us the wrong way, so we ate at some Hartmas Giza-lookalike thingy. Ohhh, must have Japanese food. Finally found one after walking and walking. SENCHI? OH SENCHI? I DUNNO WAD IT'S CALLED.

Had some Unagi Cheese thingy? Ohhh Unagi. I want takoyaki. Ma de Weng Hock. We were seated beside a huge tropical fish aquarium. Aww so pretty! But the restaurant so poor thing, little customers! Food was not bad though. Actually I like all japanese food. I'm biased. Sigh. High on sodium, I love salt! ^^

After dinner, we went to The Curve to meet Vincent, Ping Kuang, Mun Chun, Sim Kuan and Qi Yao.

On the way, jam a while! Found fujifilm thingy in my car and took a picture while waiting for the cars to move. BWAHAH! Ming Chun was kinda scared that I was distracted. And he kept saying he wanted to pee, bladder problem. ^^

I think people find it "thrilling" to sit in my car. It's not safe, but at least it's not... boring? Trololo. :0 Sim Kuan says sometimes it feels worse than riding on a roller coaster. HAHAHAHA SHIT. It's just.. my attitude. I drive a little like Weng Hock. No wait, Weng Hock drives like me. ^^

Do things last-minute, tidak-apa attitude. And then SY, he taught me that you are the boss of the road. And red light means go, at least for Mini Cooper. AHAHA DAMN WAIT NO SAFETY FIRST! SAFETYYYY. I don't want accidents. I tell him that, he says, "Nevermind, got insurance!"


There's Sim Kuan. Today Siet Yen's coming back from her week-long trip to her hometown. I wanted to see her pretty badly. But she couldn't make it in the end, someday else maybe! 

Met up with them at Sanctuary. Not on yet, no boom boom boom. Feels like a while since I've been to a club. Since prom night? I don't like bars. But the good thing is that they don't make me feel like wanting to get drunk, it's only the music that gets me going.

We were wondering where to go and I thought of Vince's house. "Your house got anyone?" "No.. parents not home". PARTY TIME. Sim Kuan and Qi Yao went to buy Subway and also stuff for drinks like ice and coke. Hmm? Meth and cocaine? BWAHAHHA

Initially Vincent wanteed to sit in my car but I said no because he was starting to get tipsy and I know he's double hyper when he's tipsy. Plus I was afraid of getting my car smell like alcohol and smoke. But I didn't know the way, had to beg Vince to ride in my car in the end. #damndog

He kept singing in my car. Also went the wrong way, why the guys keep bringing me to the wrong way today?! Very distracting to sit in my car meh?! Owner of the house turned out to be the last one to arrive. Everyone was waiting at the padang outside his house.

And then we changed place last minute, to one of Mun Chun and Vince's friend's house. Okay, forget what happened there. BWAHAHAH! Don't wanna describe it. :x

And oohhh. So fast a year has passed us by. SO FAST. I feel like I've done a lot of things this year. FEEL LAH. AHHAHA!

New banknotes! They look so fresh. Turtle on 20 ringgit note!

Have fun too guys ^^ you know I will.


Monday, 19 December 2011

Forever on

Hello ^^ 

Stumbled upon this website where you can make movies by adding your own dialogues. Dedicated them to my friends. Their patterns, too special and tempting not to mimic. BWAHAHAH! ^^

The one on the left, gave her an English accent so she would sound pompous. Macam yes, yeah yeah. The one on the right, gave her American accent. Sounds a little bimbo and yehdiu. Miss seeing them together. Combo.


Also changed my blogskin. Skyped with Sim Kuan and Xuan until 7 in the morning, shit. My limit is to hit the bed before the sun comes up. When I see the sun, damn, something in me lights up and I'll feel awake.

I told them I felt that my blog was a bit emo what with the heavy and dark flaming background. They were like, "yeah lo, doesn't suit you at all." Before that they told me it looked nice. Denggg. So I changed!

Went out with Sim Kuan for a while today. These pictures were taken last week, on Friday. Flower maxi. I CAME OUT FROM POPTEEN, YOU KNOWWW. 

Just accompanied Sim Kuan to get her subway. Got car, got money, can satisfy a lot of wants. (Y) Bumped into Weng Hock. And Mun Chun called halfway, guys always do that. Sit around, nothing to do-poke around contact list to see who they can call out.

He was at K Gallery's Moe De Cafe with Kok Leong, Yen Shen and Ping Kuang. His dad opened K Gallery, his second home. Everyday drink there, bwahahah! Ping Kuang has changed. I remember when we went out to drink he'd sit there and play with his phone. NOW?! Ask us if we want to go clubbing instead...

Blamed Mun Chun for bringing bad influence. Vincent also. Trololol. Mun Chun was like, "WHAT ALSO ME!". ^^

Wokay that's today. Woke up at 4 in the morning, rolled in the bed for an hour, still tired. Half-awake when Sim Kuan brought me out. Die!

Sunday, went to KLCC. My lion mouth, gotta open soon. Christmas present COME TO MAMA! Saw a hot guy working there. Sigh. Tall. Spiky hair. Bad boy aura. Damn. I like guys who break the rules. Rules? What rules?

Bought Mission Impossible II DVD. I always to this, watch the latest one and go back to back. X-Men. The Dark Knight. Fast & Furious. Ocean's Eleven. James Bond. Resident Evil. Underworld. ALL MY FAVOURITES \(^o^)/ I like the whole spy/undercover agent shenanigan going on. I'M A SPY YO, CAN'T TOUCH THIS! 

"Your mission, should you choose to accept..." "This message will self-destruct in five seconds". #DENG!

At night, I thought I would stay at home... then SY called. He's out of his mind, visiting Changkat and drinking for three days in a row. In the end, him, Vincent and Weng Hock went. I was the driver of the day, ma de. SY had to sneak out. Of course if he's sneaking out there's no way the Black Nigger (Harrier) could come. The engine, when it roars to life, the gates and everything, die. Wake up the whole kampung.

So I drove in the end. SY and Vincent helped to fill air in my tyres while Weng Hock slurped on orange juice. My tyres were pretty empty, they took a long time to get filled. :/ Big difference, easier and gentler when going bumps and potholes now! Hoho.

And then. I forgot what bar we went to. Played with the pool table downstairs, had to ask the guys for tokens. RM3 per game. Pretty cheap! But the table was small. I remember feeling tired, but it's always like this. Tired when I'm out then when I go home I regain my energy. I know why already. My house gives me power. 

Random polaroid from Aus. ^^

Saturday, went to swim at Sierramas' community centre. It was not bad! Swam with Sim Kuan and someone. I rushed home, thought there was family dinner, but ate on takeout instead. !~@#!

Friday, went to 1U with Sim Kuan, Qi Yao, Chun Moon. And one of Chun Moon's surprise friend. Oh yeah shit. That night, SY also called out of the sudden. "You tell me you Forever ON right?" "Yeah..." "Want to go KL?" 

And I went. Drove and met up at Daniel's house. SY drove us there, first time going to Changkat. Daniel loves promoting that place because his DJ-ing mentor works there, and he might work there next time too. We drank at The Whisky Bar- well, they drank, I didn't. Chitchat. 

Go KL sure come back at 3 in the morning. Deng. Papa doesn't like me coming back so late. I understand that. Once in a while, loh. Going back, I drove because I was the one who didn't drink. Daniel said my driving's steady! HOHO. But, one bad thing is that I always don't remember directions. Need human GPS if I'm going somewhere unfamiliar.

It was okay driving SY's Harrier because I drove Ping Kuang's two days before. Drunk Vince. Shit. I need to set myself a limit. But if I know I'm not gonna dance, I feel like the incentive to get drunk/tipsy is not there. I want lights, music, stage. BWAHAAH! Bars and friend's house, I don't feel like getting tipsy. Your body will take time to recover from the alcohol as well. 

Sigh. Find college. Find my trial results. AH GAH. So lazy to do all this. But it's important, have to think long-term!

That's about it, bye peepos! ^^

Friday, 16 December 2011


Hi! ^^

Sim Kuan finally released herself from self-imposed prison today. Glad to see her. So funny, it's like it has been a long time since she's seen the sun. BWAHAHAH! Just five days though! She has the usual model-casting day look. Skinny jeans, t-shirt, big prada bag, black heels.

I noticed her bags are always big and square. Like can fit laptops. AGAGAG! Mine are squarish with rounded edges. Confirm small. Enough for the essentials- purse, phone, camera, keys. If I bring a big bag, sure I'll feel like I should put more things in it. Better go light!

I wore this floral dress shit with peplum. Old picture, remember we swapped dresses the next day. I took her pink dress (notorious for bringing bad luck, I forgot to bring two things to Siet Yen's party wearing that) and she took mine.

Aww. Feels like such a long time since I've seen her. Become australia hai already. I must blog more, so that I can rub it into Xuan's face. Wait nola, actually I blog to let her feel like she's part of it. BWAHAHHA! And I must go outings more, cannot be lifeless.

I wilt without friends. I need to go out, dress up, hang out! Be outing hai better than emo hai you know.

I wore this pair of heels today. Vincci red platform wedges. Four and a half inch I think? For some reason, this gets uncomfortable quicker than other four and a half wedges that I have. I always put a pair of low-maintenance shoes in the car; when I drive, I often have to stop by my friend's house, damn lazy to put on/take off my shoes.

Fed my car some petrol(SAME SHELL STATION EVERYTIME) before heading out. Was running low. I only use about RM50/week because the drive to school is near. Now I don't know, depends on how often I go out. 1.6 cc, but I seldom ever fill it fully. I think never. AAHAH!

If I do it then I will have this mentality- go further nevermind, it's alright, I still have petrol. And then end up doing all sorts of unnecessary shits. Wallet have more money, will think to spend more. Always have this sort of mentality. DAMN DOG. BWHAAH! I think short-term, satisfy wants more than completing the needs first.

Sim Kuan drove to my house and we drove to SS2. She was the GPS of the day. So funny, I remember Sim Kuan and Shao Yang both showing directions to Giza to me, but different ones. Two GPS fighting in my car!


This was the shit. YUMMY. !@#$%^

Kissaten at Jaya One. I usually order Chicken Teriyaki Burger. It was the first thing I ordered when I first went there and it has become the only thing I ordered. Mmm. Must try something else next time. Sim Kuan recommended it. "Sim Kuan, Kissaten nice eh." "OF COURSE LA, WHO RECOMMEND ONE YOU TELL ME?". *deng

But the thing I despise is that one or two of their waiters are really nosy. Same faces. Sim Kuan always notice them. He mopped the floor. After 5 minutes, came and mop again. WTF?! Hover around like paparazzi. Sigh, pretty is like that one. BWAHAH JK LOL ^^

Gave him cockstare whenever he came near. Creepy. Hmm, I think I got Sim Kuan's perasan-ness. Actually, come to think of it, all of my friends are very perasan- Xuan... Siet Yen... ahem...^^

After that, we went SS2 Mall to get Chatime. 

My favourite order- Mango Smoothie, slight sugar, grass jelly and aloe vera.

The girl taking the cup was like, "Grass jelly AND aloe vera?". Nice weyh. ^^ I like to eat Chatime, not to drink Chatime. The whole thing was like jelly and ice cream. Teehee

You know, they always give those cards for you to collect stamps- one drink one stamp and you'll get a free drink. I forgot who, but someone once said it has another meaning- "collect all means you have to check blood sugar levels already." :/


After that, went home. Sim Kuan chilled at my house.

Qi Yao called. Accompany him to eat steamboat. Mun Chun called. He was bored. Guys on holiday, flop around their beds and poke contact list, try one by one to see who's on. ME?! I FOREVER ON ONE. EVERYDAY PHONE MUST RING. "Want go out?" "You ON, I ON." BWHAAHA!

I don't think I'll lose touch with my high school friends. They're like.. one wholesome gang. See a lot of ex-form fives sticking to their high school gang eventhough they have college friends. College friends is more of a casual thing maybe? And an important thing with high school friends, you don't have to worry about friends not getting along with each other if you're going out in a gang. In fact, worry if they'll get closer than you. BWAHAHA!

All the woh wohs, see them all the time. Especially the Science Twos. Vincent, Shao Yang, Weng Hock, Ping Kuang, Theng Loo.

Went to Mun Chun's house after steamboat. Ping Kuang brought his younger bro. Teach him bad things my god. "Stupid bitch! Fuck! This one is bitch bitch jie jie!" MA DE GOU. Sim Kuan was playing Grand Theft Auto. Damn violent. And Mun Chun's bedsheets damn smelly. Unlike Vincent and Shao Yang's. ^^ I think because he likes to smoke in his room. BWAHAH! Gross!

After a while, went back! End of my Thursday!

Oh yeah, the night before, went to Excalibur with Mun Chun, Ping Kuang and Vincent. Because... I stayed home for the whole day. Asked Ping Kuang to fetch me because it was so late. Later my dad thinks I have car already, can fly out late late. Cannot! Must prove to him, no car also can fly! Dap pang. But then.. later he thinks some guy took me away. DAMN HARD TO PLEASE.

But it was okay. "Pa I'm going out" "So late? Come here." "Oh, I'll go out a while only!" "Nevermind. Just come here." Kinda scared. Went to him. "AH girl, come help me read message." BWAHAHAH! Cheh!

Oh yeah the Excalibur shit was at K Gallery. His dad owns the building so the owner treated us free drinks. "Pays" to have good relations! Bwhahaha! But the whole thing was more like a guys thing. Thai performers. The guitarist was quite hot. But... Thailand lai de....

AAHAHAH! Okay. Whatever happens in drunk land stays in drunk land. I didn't drink much, only the guys. I just wanted to come out. Deng, cannot last staying home for one day. Gou. Fetched Vincent with Ping Kuang's Harrier, he needed to rest. His car very big and steady, not bad! Like driving a fucking van!

Hmm. I wonder if the guys are coming out in a decent way. Later they tell their girlfriends they were eating but they were drinking... and then their girlfriends read my blog... DIE LOH. BWHAAHHAH! Shit.

That was Wednesday and Thursday! 

HEEE WHAT'S GOING TO COME NEXT? ^^ Enjoying holiday.


It looks freaky,

But it's an important message.

Enlightening to watch. :)