Saturday, 29 January 2011

Movie screening (and falling ill)

Went to the movie screening of "Despicable Me" at church.

Sim Kuan came. :) She looked gorgeous. Didn't know she was good with makeup ehh. Hmm, beauty is only skin deep but it's the sort of thing which starts from the outside and grows to the inside... I mean how do you feel pretty when you don't look pretty? :/ But I think everyone is pretty in their own way~

Was the backup singer for the night, didn't know some of the lyrics but mouthed along. Lolol. A lot of ppl brought their friends, which was the point. So many unfamiliar faces. Saw a Bestarian. Actually, I didn't know she was one until I asked her which school she went.


Weird. Also had sudden epiphany when I realised Silver Spoon was actually Chef Ken. Brunch there yesterday. Yum. Italian cuisine is lovely.

Vector and Gru. Lolol. Impressed with the backdrop done by Bernard and team. ;)

Fell sick after the movie. Dunno what hit me. Feeling a bit shitty. But okay, got my meds. Some people get reluctant to swallow their pills but I'll be like, "GIMME MORE IF IT MAKES ME BETTER". :B

Today. Sunday. My darn shopping day. Stayed at home while I watched the rest of my family go off shopping and come back with bags of new year clothes OMGOMG I WANTTTT.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Qi Yao's dpc

Went for Steamboat at DPC. Qi yao's birthday. He very pro one. Morning; round 1 at school, afternoon; round 2 with BSD friends, night; round 3 with Bestarians. Lolol. Not bad, not bad.

I think about 20 people came? But some of them went off to walk around in DPC. Okay. Karen Tan was the only girl there. Hahahha. Was reluctant to go, and then hitched a ride with Xian Jiong because I didn't want to go alone. Kiasu like that. He fetched Rysher too. Rysher cool name. :) And King Jiat has an english name called Raymond. Hahahhaa.

Siet Yen was supposed to go but she FFK. :( Family stuff. Guat Tyng and Jun Wen, tuition. Parties on weekdays not official enough. xD It was more like casual steamboat dinner lo. Table a bit overflowing with people. Lolol.

Went home early. Their second round, going somewhere to drink beer. Haiyur. Cannot tahan beer and smoke. In-built to be a good girl. Hohoho. Smoke makes my throat itch and my eyes burn. For people who smoke, it's their preference, but I hate it when they smoke around me and I get second-hand smoke. :(

Want die, go far a bit!!! Hahahha. Xian Jiong a bit offended when I kept nagging him for smoking. Okay. What else. Some of the guys whom I usually see during outings were there. I always get curious at how they end up being friends with the circle. Like the circle of Bestarian Form Fives. I like to quiz them. Hahahah. Research. Some from primary school, some from tuition, parties, friend of a friend. Always good to include strangers in parties. If not like same faces onlyyy.

Didn't recognize Vincent when he came. Like badminton kia in his yellow jersey thingy. Ping Kuang and Theng Loo went back before eating. -.- Ping Kuang kept accusing me for making his lens break. Too pretty for his camera lah.

Oh yeah. SEE THIS MAN.




SEEE! My editing skills coming along not bad hor. Good until can compensate not having a DSLR-quality camera. Hahahhaha.

I like taking pics of my Slyvanian Families. Please don't say I'm childish. They're too cute to resist. Horrr. ;D Nahh. My tumblr blog where I throw all my wonderfully cute photos.

I use Photoscape! Auto level auto contrast filter effect contrast deepen colour enhance and then BANG. So pro. Discovered the bright-colour section. Aiyoh. Noob la, overlooked it all this while.

Nicole brought some photos today! Fujifilm. Nice. See so many people putting one of the instant photos in their e-card holders. Including me. Hohoho. And then also saw some of her lomography photos. Wooo. I like. Holga camera. Sweet fisheye pics of her and Nil.

Tried express chat. Not bad. Type until high already. OK. Simply, you chat with a person within a time limit, and then during that time you type your ass off. Maximum effect in minimum time! Hahaha. No need to wait for replies! Hehehe. Snail snail~

Sleepy. Dutiful kid. School draggy. Lots of people ponteng. Higher level, official ponteng style- come to school in uniform to fool your parents into thinking you're going to school and then sneaking out of school when they turn their backs. Lolol.

Haiyur. Sleepy. Good night. :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011


Ate a lot today. Life is good.

Went to Pavillion with family today, and then curi curi walked to Fahrenheit. Must flee to somewhere cheaperrr. :( Got 3 belts and 2 skirts for less hundred today from this shop called Mirrorcle. Cheappp! :D

Hungry. Ate at Sushi Zanmai alone. The food there was good. Until I didn't feel any loneliness, until all I needed was sushi in my mouth... Nom Nom Nom. No one will disturb you when you're alone, but sometimes I feel like having someone to annoy me. Why go alone when you can go together. :)


There was extra class yesterday, but I don't plan to go this week. Nor next week. Nor the next next week. I need my beauty sleep and the subjects are some of which I have droppeddd. ;)

Chinese New Year sure eat a lot. Nga ku. Yee Sang. Ran a lot, kiasu a bit, was afraid of getting fat. Ass hurts now. :(

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Holiday. Went 1u wtih Guat Tyng, Siet Yen, Qi Yao and Chun Moon.

Spontaneous plannning! ;P Was going to Mid Valley with just Siet Yen at first. Last minute decided to go 1u. And then Siet Yen whipped out her phone and started calling people to come. I like I like. Very on.

Qi Yao, driver again lu. Must belanja him makan some time! :D

Ate sushi. Om nom nom nom. Sang karaoke. My stupid songs flew at the back. Played on random. Karaoke not so good for me because I don't know many songs. Very outdated... :(

Ping Kuang came in a while. Silent treatment. Now switched roles. -.- Will probably end some day.

Guat Tyng very pro at camwhoring. Found her angle and can widen her eyes like O.O... Learning from her la. Hahahhaha. xD

Going out is always better than staying at home~~

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bla bla bla bla

Class seatings were rearranged, probably for good and for the last time. After registering for SPM, no more from Science 1 will come anyway so it's settled. Last ones in were Ben and George. Shao Yang was like "Zho Gee" which means blocking in cantonese. xD

So now we seat four by four. I sit between Oscar and Shao Yang. Funny. :) Shao Yang likes to "zat" people. Oscar talks and gets angry quickly. Future pastor. Practising his mumble.

A bit bored also. I want parties. :D Got a bit annoyed because dad keeps questioning whenever I want to go out. Like a bloody prisoner! -.-

What else... Accounts. The rule is to finish the whole bottle if you start drinking. Fikri did this. And then at the end he scolded *something* about the teacher. Classmates outed him, he denied it. Caught it on camera and he flat out got his punishment. Lololol. Deodorant. PSHHH.

Feeling bothered and senseless. Blablbabala. Waiting is hard. I don't know what's up. Can something please happen to stop everything or make everything happen?

All or nothing, mah!~

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Birthday Party

Theng Loo and Weng Hock's wedding dinner last Friday! It was fun. Japanese buffet at Tao in Sunway Giza.

Didn't have appetite to savour the food. Wanted to camwhore. 1000+ pics on Ping Kuang's cam waiting to be uploaded. Ho. About 30+ people came.

Oddly, I think the fun happened more AFTER the dinner. Second round! I think for parties it is good to arrive late BUT leave late.

Had a bit of trouble splitting the group and deciding between going to pub or watching movie. Went to pub for a while. ZOMGZOMG I cannot stand the stench of cigarette smoke.

King Jiat said that KB girls don't mind if you smoke, but Bestari girls will ANTI you if you smoke, which I think is pretty true! Smelly lar! How to kiss! Hahahaha.

Other than smoking there, played some dunno wat games with dices. Beer. Didn't drink any. I mabuk faster you can say my full name. So after that, went to watch movie.

Did see Ming Chun. Still cannot recognize him. He's gotten very tall. :) He's friendly. Usually, I'm horrified of knowing someone virtually first because then it would be awkward IRL. But nope! :)

Qi Yao. Driver of the day. Again. :) Went to 1u and watched "Faster". The movie loud like piston shrimps. Gah.

And then back to car. Cramped. And then *something*. Xian jiong keep on bising bising. Like monster. Didn't zat him so much also! What else... He and Yih Wern finally official. So nice got happy ending. :D

Mostly, girls wait for guys. If girls make the move they're called desperate, if guys make the move they're called brave. So guys, don't be a pussy. Even if you got rejected, it would be like removing an obstacle to moving on a new crush who is full of potential.

Church. Went for kompang practise. Tiring.

Xuan brought her fujifilm instant camera to church. Funnnn. Instant, spontaneous, on-the-spot fun. Camwhored with my cam a little. Nicholas got big eyes.

Parents. I want privacy and freedom. Don't keep me in my house. Double standards. GOOD GRIEF. And adults, if you read my blog, pretend that you don't, don't give me anything about it, lectures or nags, save it. Don't talk about what I wrote in my blog because I won't remember saying anything to you, and it'll be kind of... awkward. Unless you're my chummy buddy or something. :]

I don't like people trying to control me. MY GOODNESS. Bugger off. I don't care about your opinions.

No. Actually I'm annoyed because of something else, and what's more annoying is that I can't talk to anyone about it. What's even more annoying would be people wanting to know and me not wanting to tell. HAIYUR. I DON'T KNOW LA.

More joyful blog post next time. ;]

Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Last Road Run

Tomorrow. Last road run in my life at Sekolah Sri Bestari. I feel old. Gonna appreciate this one. Ho. Let me take some time and be melodramatic.

But lucky me, I'm not sick like some people... Mei Yen has sore throat and then Jun Wen sprained her ankle a little. Perfect timing hor, just a day or two before road run. Sad, sad. I think it would be a good choice to run my darnest this time around.

It would be cool to have a road run for ex-Bestarians. The Alumni Road Run. Wah. Nice Idea. Hohoho.

Not much of stories to tell. Interesting ones are a bit... personal. Before I put something on my blog, have to think if it'll harm someone's reputation or not. xP

After Road Run would be Theng Loo and Weng Hock's wedding dinner. Hor. I think parties at restaurants are much more fun than those held at home, because it's more formal and people will dress up more... and no parents to supervise. I like parties! Bestarians out of uniforms!

Monday, 10 January 2011


Today. Boom. Like whirlwind. Landslide. Like a lot of stuff happened. Facebook. Buzz buzz.

Was wondering why the "pun gong" of the class didn't come today. Siet Yen asked, and then Vincent said he's opening a press conference. I thought he was only joking....

....Next thing I knew, there was a newspaper excerpt!
光华电子新闻 | 一家六口祭祖被流氓殴打 强吻袭胸3母女

OK, for bananas! Google translate!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=179510978749280&id=1428338548

The main gist of the story is that Jin Fye and his family got harassed by a bunch of idiotic drunk gang when going to a temple(or some other religious activies. I dunno. They put there buying when buying pork for sacrifice. hahaha) at Setapak.

But very sad OK, suddenly let people harass! His sisters also. But I think they feel better know that action has been taken. So nice listen to his story on oovoo. He's okay now.

Facebook. All the people so "pat" already. Keep on asking which newspaper. Jin Fye said only Nan Yang Shang Bao got and then all other chinese newspaper got. But later Ping Kuang showed. Zhong Guo Bao also got!

So gonna bring the newspaper tomorrow. Might as well stick it to the bulletin board. An unfortunate way to get famous. Hahahah. Next time must bring pepper spray wherever we go~

Talked to another Nicholas too. Aiyoh. That guy very funny. And aiyoh. I don't know why my English so Cina already. And aiyoh. I don't know how to get energy for trial road run tomorrow.

And then there's another one which is depressing. Death. Don't want to say much. Seems that only since last year I can feel it happening to the people around me. The world getting overpopulated or something...?

Sigh. Planned to sleep early. Damn the internet.

Sunday, 9 January 2011


Took my camera to church today. Mmmn.... very nice to camwhore. But not nice to camwhore with Xuan, because her photos are deemed illegal to appear on facebook. Sad!

And, just to clarify, there's this bullshit rumor about Facebook closing down in March which has apparently gone viral. I googled it. Fake! It doesn't make sense to close down a thriving multi-billion dollar business in the first place. Even if Mark Zuckerberg got bored of it, millions of others are still interested. So no worries, facebook maniacs!

Ruth also had an idea to make a blog for FBI and there will be a few moderators (me along with stephy, bern and ruth herself). :) Awesome idea. Ha. I like blogging. Especially about myself.

A BIT tired. Oovooed a little after midnight yesterday. Hehe. Kept on adding people. Kok Leong Jin Fye Jun Wen Yih Wern Cheng How Florence. Phew. Kept on laughing when I saw Cheng How for the first time. He looked like he was wearing headband. And then he and Jun Wen started playing with video effects. Put moustache, turn into wolf and goldfish... all the SH stuff.

Singing. Xuan and Jayden kept asking me to shut up. It is an honor to hear me sing. They just don't know it, yet.

And... ever since school started, the urge to swear resurfaced. Everyone in class does. Except for Oscar and a few girls. Aduh. I can't stand it when someone spouts bad words in front of my face. I'm very... tit for tat.

Simone tagged me in a piano video. Sigh. So nice. Revolutionary Etude. It is said to be the "easiest" of Chopin's etude. o.O

Went up to children's church and watched Shu Yin play piano. asdfgh ashioef... have to play next week, clueless with children's song. Begging Angely to pick the songs quickly. COME COME COME.

Took Chuckie home from grooming. Little guy so tired. I think I get dogs more than children. Very hard to interact with kids eventhough I used to be one. And I think that when people grow up they tend to overlook children due to difference in maturity. Or it's just me...


You know how people sometimes go "bla bla bla bad stuff" and then put FML at the end? I think they should start using LML. Instead of keep on f***ing your life, LOVE YOUR LIFE.

OK. TA~~~

Friday, 7 January 2011

Today... tried ooovoo with jun wen yih wern xian jiong. Quite shiok. Jun Wen like to on oovoo but don't talk... let people see her do homework. -.-

Quite a few people went for undang today. What I gathered, 3 failed, 1 passed. Gary passed but before that he got 41.

Fiddled around with my camera today. Perfect camwhoring camera. Seriously. Even your skin tone out and shit. And then after a while I tried recording stuff. Turns out iPhone was better at recording videos.

New piano video~~~


Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today. Damn. Pn Rekha rearranged our seats. I miss the old one. Let me shiok for 2 days only. Now we sit in pairs. Oddly, I prefer sitting individually. And then you can talk with the person north, east, west and south of you. When you sit in pairs, it's just the person beside you.

Sat beside Mei Yen. You know when teachers put you together you're not supposed to show your joy. I whoppeed. Then the others were like, "Separate them! After Mei Yen laugh!". Hohoho. Protested and got what I needed in the end.

Sitting at the very side now. I MISSS THE OLD SEATING. We're supposed to seat like this all year long, but sometimes, change comes. I hope it does. Maybe I can get loose a bit during dropped subjects (those taking, in front, those not, at the back!).

Three students came from Science 1 today for dropping Bio. Hairol, Raimi and Vinoth. Well, Fikri will be less lonely not being the only Malay. He was like, "Now we have the complete set! India, China, Melayu!".

Commerce. We have groups. The ones who got higher marks got to pick their group and mentor them in a way, I suppose. Got rewards as incentive. Good way to spice things up. Sim Kuan Xian Jiong Brandon Ahmad are in my group. :D

And also, because the canteen food is pretty lousy, I eat dinner more. The good thing. But the fact is that eating my maid's cooking is more enjoyable than eating the food at school. Said the canteen was lap sap on fb. See, more than 20 people agreed. Anddd, we pay more, of course we expect more!

Wei Han the new guy is still pretty quiet. He sits in front of me. It's like he's not there! Probably needs some warming up. Dunno... And I feel like my blog is more public now. I can't write about some things.

And so far, no drama at school- yet.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


School was relaxing today.

No lessons, yet. Found it's a bit hard to concentrate on my own work during the dropped subjects. Should get some heavy duty earplugs soon.

Today, Jun Wen told me about a guy named Ming Chun. Added me on fb a while ago. I'm going to find out who he is. Damn. He used to be in primary but I forgot him. It's like a hole in my head. How can I forgot someone who was in the same class with me?! Probably need help from yearbook. :D

Chatted with Shao Yang. Long time didn't see him or hear him say, "Lap sap! Cha! Ben!". What else... I think it's very narrow-minded that people assume there's something going on when boys and girls are friends. Good friends.

Canteen food is still shitty. When we used to sit at the long table, you can see that the contents on everyone's plate are pretty identical because there's no phuckin variety. We're gonna end up as malnourished, slow-witted kids. And then the previous caterer was fine, but it was on the expensive side.

Of course we're picky in this area. I am going to pray that better food will appear at the canteen so we can become a well-fed, productive and quick-witted generation. Amen.

Monday, 3 January 2011

First day of school

I miss coming home and blogging straight after school.

Don't feel so lonely now that Sim Kuan has reopened her darn bloggie. :) I managed to sleep early but ended up waking at 5am (which was how I had time to camwhore).

School was OK. Nothing productive today, just seeing everyone again. :D The atmosphere feels very identical to last year. Same classmates, same class teacher.

One new student in our class. Wei Han. Was wondering why he looked so familiar when I finally realised he was in primary. HA! He seemed to have forgotten most people, though. He doesn't speak chinese much. Language barrier is bad. :(

Some of them got sent home for "vibrant" hair colours. A few lucky one escaped(Nicole). Damn sad. They came to school and then stood throughout assembly. If I dyed my hair and wanted it to go unnoticed, I'd put on a black wig. Though, wigs look scary. Reminds me of ghost movies.

Sat in between Mei Yen and Oscar. Dunno if teacher might change it. Oscar is the only guy who doesn't swear. Mmm, good influence. Dylan and Guat Tyng were elected as monitor and ass. respectively.

Oh. I'm tired. Was having piano lessons and wondered why the fees raised. Then I realised I'm not in grade 5 anymore. Grade 6. I'm glad. But need to rush rush. Exams. :B Pah. Need to wait for certain periods.

Before, I solemnly aimed to finish 8 grades in 3 years. But I think I might need 4. I rush like shit because I don't want to concentrate on piano when I'm studying overseas. Ho. Very smart, start so late. But piano is fun. :D

Form 5 will be easy on me this year. Dropping two subjects and during those periods I'm going to study. I don't want to see textbooks at home. When I come home it's already so... late.