Thursday, 20 January 2011


Holiday. Went 1u wtih Guat Tyng, Siet Yen, Qi Yao and Chun Moon.

Spontaneous plannning! ;P Was going to Mid Valley with just Siet Yen at first. Last minute decided to go 1u. And then Siet Yen whipped out her phone and started calling people to come. I like I like. Very on.

Qi Yao, driver again lu. Must belanja him makan some time! :D

Ate sushi. Om nom nom nom. Sang karaoke. My stupid songs flew at the back. Played on random. Karaoke not so good for me because I don't know many songs. Very outdated... :(

Ping Kuang came in a while. Silent treatment. Now switched roles. -.- Will probably end some day.

Guat Tyng very pro at camwhoring. Found her angle and can widen her eyes like O.O... Learning from her la. Hahahhaha. xD

Going out is always better than staying at home~~

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