Saturday, 15 January 2011

Birthday Party

Theng Loo and Weng Hock's wedding dinner last Friday! It was fun. Japanese buffet at Tao in Sunway Giza.

Didn't have appetite to savour the food. Wanted to camwhore. 1000+ pics on Ping Kuang's cam waiting to be uploaded. Ho. About 30+ people came.

Oddly, I think the fun happened more AFTER the dinner. Second round! I think for parties it is good to arrive late BUT leave late.

Had a bit of trouble splitting the group and deciding between going to pub or watching movie. Went to pub for a while. ZOMGZOMG I cannot stand the stench of cigarette smoke.

King Jiat said that KB girls don't mind if you smoke, but Bestari girls will ANTI you if you smoke, which I think is pretty true! Smelly lar! How to kiss! Hahahaha.

Other than smoking there, played some dunno wat games with dices. Beer. Didn't drink any. I mabuk faster you can say my full name. So after that, went to watch movie.

Did see Ming Chun. Still cannot recognize him. He's gotten very tall. :) He's friendly. Usually, I'm horrified of knowing someone virtually first because then it would be awkward IRL. But nope! :)

Qi Yao. Driver of the day. Again. :) Went to 1u and watched "Faster". The movie loud like piston shrimps. Gah.

And then back to car. Cramped. And then *something*. Xian jiong keep on bising bising. Like monster. Didn't zat him so much also! What else... He and Yih Wern finally official. So nice got happy ending. :D

Mostly, girls wait for guys. If girls make the move they're called desperate, if guys make the move they're called brave. So guys, don't be a pussy. Even if you got rejected, it would be like removing an obstacle to moving on a new crush who is full of potential.

Church. Went for kompang practise. Tiring.

Xuan brought her fujifilm instant camera to church. Funnnn. Instant, spontaneous, on-the-spot fun. Camwhored with my cam a little. Nicholas got big eyes.

Parents. I want privacy and freedom. Don't keep me in my house. Double standards. GOOD GRIEF. And adults, if you read my blog, pretend that you don't, don't give me anything about it, lectures or nags, save it. Don't talk about what I wrote in my blog because I won't remember saying anything to you, and it'll be kind of... awkward. Unless you're my chummy buddy or something. :]

I don't like people trying to control me. MY GOODNESS. Bugger off. I don't care about your opinions.

No. Actually I'm annoyed because of something else, and what's more annoying is that I can't talk to anyone about it. What's even more annoying would be people wanting to know and me not wanting to tell. HAIYUR. I DON'T KNOW LA.

More joyful blog post next time. ;]

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