Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Bla bla bla bla

Class seatings were rearranged, probably for good and for the last time. After registering for SPM, no more from Science 1 will come anyway so it's settled. Last ones in were Ben and George. Shao Yang was like "Zho Gee" which means blocking in cantonese. xD

So now we seat four by four. I sit between Oscar and Shao Yang. Funny. :) Shao Yang likes to "zat" people. Oscar talks and gets angry quickly. Future pastor. Practising his mumble.

A bit bored also. I want parties. :D Got a bit annoyed because dad keeps questioning whenever I want to go out. Like a bloody prisoner! -.-

What else... Accounts. The rule is to finish the whole bottle if you start drinking. Fikri did this. And then at the end he scolded *something* about the teacher. Classmates outed him, he denied it. Caught it on camera and he flat out got his punishment. Lololol. Deodorant. PSHHH.

Feeling bothered and senseless. Blablbabala. Waiting is hard. I don't know what's up. Can something please happen to stop everything or make everything happen?

All or nothing, mah!~

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