Wednesday, 5 January 2011


Today. Damn. Pn Rekha rearranged our seats. I miss the old one. Let me shiok for 2 days only. Now we sit in pairs. Oddly, I prefer sitting individually. And then you can talk with the person north, east, west and south of you. When you sit in pairs, it's just the person beside you.

Sat beside Mei Yen. You know when teachers put you together you're not supposed to show your joy. I whoppeed. Then the others were like, "Separate them! After Mei Yen laugh!". Hohoho. Protested and got what I needed in the end.

Sitting at the very side now. I MISSS THE OLD SEATING. We're supposed to seat like this all year long, but sometimes, change comes. I hope it does. Maybe I can get loose a bit during dropped subjects (those taking, in front, those not, at the back!).

Three students came from Science 1 today for dropping Bio. Hairol, Raimi and Vinoth. Well, Fikri will be less lonely not being the only Malay. He was like, "Now we have the complete set! India, China, Melayu!".

Commerce. We have groups. The ones who got higher marks got to pick their group and mentor them in a way, I suppose. Got rewards as incentive. Good way to spice things up. Sim Kuan Xian Jiong Brandon Ahmad are in my group. :D

And also, because the canteen food is pretty lousy, I eat dinner more. The good thing. But the fact is that eating my maid's cooking is more enjoyable than eating the food at school. Said the canteen was lap sap on fb. See, more than 20 people agreed. Anddd, we pay more, of course we expect more!

Wei Han the new guy is still pretty quiet. He sits in front of me. It's like he's not there! Probably needs some warming up. Dunno... And I feel like my blog is more public now. I can't write about some things.

And so far, no drama at school- yet.

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