Monday, 3 January 2011

First day of school

I miss coming home and blogging straight after school.

Don't feel so lonely now that Sim Kuan has reopened her darn bloggie. :) I managed to sleep early but ended up waking at 5am (which was how I had time to camwhore).

School was OK. Nothing productive today, just seeing everyone again. :D The atmosphere feels very identical to last year. Same classmates, same class teacher.

One new student in our class. Wei Han. Was wondering why he looked so familiar when I finally realised he was in primary. HA! He seemed to have forgotten most people, though. He doesn't speak chinese much. Language barrier is bad. :(

Some of them got sent home for "vibrant" hair colours. A few lucky one escaped(Nicole). Damn sad. They came to school and then stood throughout assembly. If I dyed my hair and wanted it to go unnoticed, I'd put on a black wig. Though, wigs look scary. Reminds me of ghost movies.

Sat in between Mei Yen and Oscar. Dunno if teacher might change it. Oscar is the only guy who doesn't swear. Mmm, good influence. Dylan and Guat Tyng were elected as monitor and ass. respectively.

Oh. I'm tired. Was having piano lessons and wondered why the fees raised. Then I realised I'm not in grade 5 anymore. Grade 6. I'm glad. But need to rush rush. Exams. :B Pah. Need to wait for certain periods.

Before, I solemnly aimed to finish 8 grades in 3 years. But I think I might need 4. I rush like shit because I don't want to concentrate on piano when I'm studying overseas. Ho. Very smart, start so late. But piano is fun. :D

Form 5 will be easy on me this year. Dropping two subjects and during those periods I'm going to study. I don't want to see textbooks at home. When I come home it's already so... late.

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