Sunday, 23 January 2011


Ate a lot today. Life is good.

Went to Pavillion with family today, and then curi curi walked to Fahrenheit. Must flee to somewhere cheaperrr. :( Got 3 belts and 2 skirts for less hundred today from this shop called Mirrorcle. Cheappp! :D

Hungry. Ate at Sushi Zanmai alone. The food there was good. Until I didn't feel any loneliness, until all I needed was sushi in my mouth... Nom Nom Nom. No one will disturb you when you're alone, but sometimes I feel like having someone to annoy me. Why go alone when you can go together. :)


There was extra class yesterday, but I don't plan to go this week. Nor next week. Nor the next next week. I need my beauty sleep and the subjects are some of which I have droppeddd. ;)

Chinese New Year sure eat a lot. Nga ku. Yee Sang. Ran a lot, kiasu a bit, was afraid of getting fat. Ass hurts now. :(

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