Thursday, 27 January 2011

Qi Yao's dpc

Went for Steamboat at DPC. Qi yao's birthday. He very pro one. Morning; round 1 at school, afternoon; round 2 with BSD friends, night; round 3 with Bestarians. Lolol. Not bad, not bad.

I think about 20 people came? But some of them went off to walk around in DPC. Okay. Karen Tan was the only girl there. Hahahha. Was reluctant to go, and then hitched a ride with Xian Jiong because I didn't want to go alone. Kiasu like that. He fetched Rysher too. Rysher cool name. :) And King Jiat has an english name called Raymond. Hahahhaa.

Siet Yen was supposed to go but she FFK. :( Family stuff. Guat Tyng and Jun Wen, tuition. Parties on weekdays not official enough. xD It was more like casual steamboat dinner lo. Table a bit overflowing with people. Lolol.

Went home early. Their second round, going somewhere to drink beer. Haiyur. Cannot tahan beer and smoke. In-built to be a good girl. Hohoho. Smoke makes my throat itch and my eyes burn. For people who smoke, it's their preference, but I hate it when they smoke around me and I get second-hand smoke. :(

Want die, go far a bit!!! Hahahha. Xian Jiong a bit offended when I kept nagging him for smoking. Okay. What else. Some of the guys whom I usually see during outings were there. I always get curious at how they end up being friends with the circle. Like the circle of Bestarian Form Fives. I like to quiz them. Hahahah. Research. Some from primary school, some from tuition, parties, friend of a friend. Always good to include strangers in parties. If not like same faces onlyyy.

Didn't recognize Vincent when he came. Like badminton kia in his yellow jersey thingy. Ping Kuang and Theng Loo went back before eating. -.- Ping Kuang kept accusing me for making his lens break. Too pretty for his camera lah.

Oh yeah. SEE THIS MAN.




SEEE! My editing skills coming along not bad hor. Good until can compensate not having a DSLR-quality camera. Hahahhaha.

I like taking pics of my Slyvanian Families. Please don't say I'm childish. They're too cute to resist. Horrr. ;D Nahh. My tumblr blog where I throw all my wonderfully cute photos.

I use Photoscape! Auto level auto contrast filter effect contrast deepen colour enhance and then BANG. So pro. Discovered the bright-colour section. Aiyoh. Noob la, overlooked it all this while.

Nicole brought some photos today! Fujifilm. Nice. See so many people putting one of the instant photos in their e-card holders. Including me. Hohoho. And then also saw some of her lomography photos. Wooo. I like. Holga camera. Sweet fisheye pics of her and Nil.

Tried express chat. Not bad. Type until high already. OK. Simply, you chat with a person within a time limit, and then during that time you type your ass off. Maximum effect in minimum time! Hahaha. No need to wait for replies! Hehehe. Snail snail~

Sleepy. Dutiful kid. School draggy. Lots of people ponteng. Higher level, official ponteng style- come to school in uniform to fool your parents into thinking you're going to school and then sneaking out of school when they turn their backs. Lolol.

Haiyur. Sleepy. Good night. :)

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