Tuesday, 4 January 2011


School was relaxing today.

No lessons, yet. Found it's a bit hard to concentrate on my own work during the dropped subjects. Should get some heavy duty earplugs soon.

Today, Jun Wen told me about a guy named Ming Chun. Added me on fb a while ago. I'm going to find out who he is. Damn. He used to be in primary but I forgot him. It's like a hole in my head. How can I forgot someone who was in the same class with me?! Probably need help from yearbook. :D

Chatted with Shao Yang. Long time didn't see him or hear him say, "Lap sap! Cha! Ben!". What else... I think it's very narrow-minded that people assume there's something going on when boys and girls are friends. Good friends.

Canteen food is still shitty. When we used to sit at the long table, you can see that the contents on everyone's plate are pretty identical because there's no phuckin variety. We're gonna end up as malnourished, slow-witted kids. And then the previous caterer was fine, but it was on the expensive side.

Of course we're picky in this area. I am going to pray that better food will appear at the canteen so we can become a well-fed, productive and quick-witted generation. Amen.

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