Thursday, 13 January 2011

My Last Road Run

Tomorrow. Last road run in my life at Sekolah Sri Bestari. I feel old. Gonna appreciate this one. Ho. Let me take some time and be melodramatic.

But lucky me, I'm not sick like some people... Mei Yen has sore throat and then Jun Wen sprained her ankle a little. Perfect timing hor, just a day or two before road run. Sad, sad. I think it would be a good choice to run my darnest this time around.

It would be cool to have a road run for ex-Bestarians. The Alumni Road Run. Wah. Nice Idea. Hohoho.

Not much of stories to tell. Interesting ones are a bit... personal. Before I put something on my blog, have to think if it'll harm someone's reputation or not. xP

After Road Run would be Theng Loo and Weng Hock's wedding dinner. Hor. I think parties at restaurants are much more fun than those held at home, because it's more formal and people will dress up more... and no parents to supervise. I like parties! Bestarians out of uniforms!

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