Sunday, 9 January 2011


Took my camera to church today. Mmmn.... very nice to camwhore. But not nice to camwhore with Xuan, because her photos are deemed illegal to appear on facebook. Sad!

And, just to clarify, there's this bullshit rumor about Facebook closing down in March which has apparently gone viral. I googled it. Fake! It doesn't make sense to close down a thriving multi-billion dollar business in the first place. Even if Mark Zuckerberg got bored of it, millions of others are still interested. So no worries, facebook maniacs!

Ruth also had an idea to make a blog for FBI and there will be a few moderators (me along with stephy, bern and ruth herself). :) Awesome idea. Ha. I like blogging. Especially about myself.

A BIT tired. Oovooed a little after midnight yesterday. Hehe. Kept on adding people. Kok Leong Jin Fye Jun Wen Yih Wern Cheng How Florence. Phew. Kept on laughing when I saw Cheng How for the first time. He looked like he was wearing headband. And then he and Jun Wen started playing with video effects. Put moustache, turn into wolf and goldfish... all the SH stuff.

Singing. Xuan and Jayden kept asking me to shut up. It is an honor to hear me sing. They just don't know it, yet.

And... ever since school started, the urge to swear resurfaced. Everyone in class does. Except for Oscar and a few girls. Aduh. I can't stand it when someone spouts bad words in front of my face. I'm very... tit for tat.

Simone tagged me in a piano video. Sigh. So nice. Revolutionary Etude. It is said to be the "easiest" of Chopin's etude. o.O

Went up to children's church and watched Shu Yin play piano. asdfgh ashioef... have to play next week, clueless with children's song. Begging Angely to pick the songs quickly. COME COME COME.

Took Chuckie home from grooming. Little guy so tired. I think I get dogs more than children. Very hard to interact with kids eventhough I used to be one. And I think that when people grow up they tend to overlook children due to difference in maturity. Or it's just me...


You know how people sometimes go "bla bla bla bad stuff" and then put FML at the end? I think they should start using LML. Instead of keep on f***ing your life, LOVE YOUR LIFE.

OK. TA~~~

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