Monday, 10 January 2011


Today. Boom. Like whirlwind. Landslide. Like a lot of stuff happened. Facebook. Buzz buzz.

Was wondering why the "pun gong" of the class didn't come today. Siet Yen asked, and then Vincent said he's opening a press conference. I thought he was only joking....

....Next thing I knew, there was a newspaper excerpt!
光华电子新闻 | 一家六口祭祖被流氓殴打 强吻袭胸3母女

OK, for bananas! Google translate!!/permalink.php?story_fbid=179510978749280&id=1428338548

The main gist of the story is that Jin Fye and his family got harassed by a bunch of idiotic drunk gang when going to a temple(or some other religious activies. I dunno. They put there buying when buying pork for sacrifice. hahaha) at Setapak.

But very sad OK, suddenly let people harass! His sisters also. But I think they feel better know that action has been taken. So nice listen to his story on oovoo. He's okay now.

Facebook. All the people so "pat" already. Keep on asking which newspaper. Jin Fye said only Nan Yang Shang Bao got and then all other chinese newspaper got. But later Ping Kuang showed. Zhong Guo Bao also got!

So gonna bring the newspaper tomorrow. Might as well stick it to the bulletin board. An unfortunate way to get famous. Hahahah. Next time must bring pepper spray wherever we go~

Talked to another Nicholas too. Aiyoh. That guy very funny. And aiyoh. I don't know why my English so Cina already. And aiyoh. I don't know how to get energy for trial road run tomorrow.

And then there's another one which is depressing. Death. Don't want to say much. Seems that only since last year I can feel it happening to the people around me. The world getting overpopulated or something...?

Sigh. Planned to sleep early. Damn the internet.

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