Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sports Day & 1U

Today would be the last year of me experiencing Sports Day as a student. Growing up is a bittersweet thing. :]

Went at 10 plus after I finished my beauty sleep. A lot of ex-Form Fives. And "ex-Formmates"- Keanu, Wai Khong, GM, Chun Moon. Saw Daniel Heng's girlfriend. She's shoo cute!

Ate at McDonald's after finished. Margosa and Saga announced as the winner. Congrats congrats. ;) And yummy, saw gang fight at McDonald's. I dunno for what lah. They kept pushing and threatening each other. We were all watching by the side. Mun Chun was like, "Dangerous... go somewhere else first". And then later police came. Like 30 minutes later. Lol. By then everything already gone.

Went back by Jin Fye's car. Walao. He very panicky one!!! :D Qi Yao is like quiet. Sometimes can chat with you somemore. And then later went out to 1U. Damn tired but got going out mood.

Middle of eating at Wong Kok, Yih Wern asked us to imagine making out with a girl and then her false teeth drops out in the middle. Sambat. Laughed until damn loud.

Went into Watson's. Urged people to buy condoms. I think my dad would go crazy if he saw one. Siet Yen was like, no, not yet. See *this one* only go mad. She was pointing at a pregnancy test.

My iPhone died today too. The backlit died. The screen, all black. Shit. Maxis person said maybe can exchange a new one. But... I don't want another phone. I just want this one. I don't care about chasing new models. OH BABY PLEASE COME BACK TO LIFE. :'( Can call and stuff but so very blinddd.

Watched Sanctum. It was okay. Tragedy. Die, die, die. I used to get very fascinated with 3D but now I think it just uses up more money and it's hard to talk to the person beside you. I like to kacau people when watching movie. Got shushed thrice(this year) for being too loud in the cinema. :x

Oh yeah, before we went in we randomly picked tickets to get our seat numbers. Guat Tyng and Yih Wern same pattern, like playing this game. Lolol. And then Yih Wern's seat was away from Xian Jiong. Switched in the end. They so sweet. Hug hug. HAHAHAHAH.

Oh yeah recently I posted an illegal photo of Xian Jiong. I don't know how to make him stop zating me, forced to blackmail him with photos. Lolol. I dunno eh, it's like if we don't fight for a while, it doesn't feel right. Both "fan jin".

And then after movie finished it was already at night. So, so sleepy. Sent Jun Wen off to Daniel's gang. And went home. And into dreamland.

And oh yeah if you feel *ahem* uncomfortable about being mentioned in my blog you can tell me. :) But you should be proud if you're in my blog(unless I wrote something... bad), it means you're part of my life! ;B

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Early Events

School is still very busy with Sports Day preparation. Sleepy. Fell asleep in class. Got Vincent's pattern already.

Chit chat with Guat Tyng. She so mean. Attacked me with wet tissue in the toilet. :( And then she somemore dared to ask me if it hit me. Heheheh, let me try next time then she'll know the answer.

Break time, secretly went earlier. Memang more food to choose! I feel that canteen food's not that bad now. Because I started trying the noodles. BUT LAST TIME ONE STILL BETTER. And then after eat finish, came back for second round.

Mix with primary students eat. :) Found my cousin Scott. Lolol. He brought me to his class and then I brought him to mine. And then... played monkey bars. Swing. Slide. Hahahahah. What I miss most about SSB Primary? The lockers. :(

Stayed back today. Helped with deco. But not after eating a lot of food. Yum. Ice cream. Chips. Rocky sticks. OM NOM NOM NOM. I dunno why, I feel very hungry nowadays. Appetite of a horse. Oh. Man. I dunno. >.<

Read Nicole's book. Called "Sexy Girls". :) She has to hide the cover whenever she's reading it around teachers. Lol. Cover too sexy. Talk about stuff like "Marketing 101". "Advertising your sexuality". Says that when you reveal a bit, guys will imagine the rest. OMG. HHAHAHAHA.

Oh sleepy. Goodnight world~

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beer Factory

Went to Beer Factory yesterday. Vinoth's birthday. The si oh gui. Hahahha. Actually he didn't invite me. Tagged along with Guat Tyng. But in the end he was like, "thank you for coming". Only 3 girls there. xD

Took taxi to Guat Tyng's house. I hate taking taxi alone. :( But no choice, I too desperate already. Brought my pepper spray along. Hohoho.

Sunway Giza lah. Actually they wanted to go Curve but changed last minute. At first they were at Starkers I think. Suprising a lot of Form Fours smoke. But I'm not saying who. :x

One of them dead drunk. Lolol. Face damn red. And you know when people are drunk? You tell them they are and they deny it vehemently.

Second round, went to eat steamboat. Didn't order much. The fishball very cute one, inside got some prawn roe or something. Xian Jiong used wrong chopsticks to pick the food. And then Ping Kuang got pissed. Guat Tyng and Siet Yen was like asking him to chill. Alololo. Not cool to show your temper among your friends. :/ Still having cold war. Hahahha. xD

Xian jiong very helpless OK. Dunno have to make him promise how many times not to zat me. Luckily I captured a very goofy photo of his. And then he kept grabbing my precious bag to delete the photo. But I won in the end! Still keeping the picture. :D

But hey, I kept my promise, not posting the photo- unless he does something bad. Peace ah, peace ah. ;)

Siet Yen put in her extensions for that night. Heheheh. Dunno got make Qi Yao wait or not. Looked pretty. Guat Tyng and Mun Chun very sweet. Pattern. Keep on hugging. Hahahahah omg.

Third round only Beer Factory. Again. I really good girl, not suitable for going pubs. They play cards and dices and dunno something chai mui. Siet Yen is the sifu. What also know. I what also dunno. xD

Inside was very smelly and suffocating, my lungs were on the edge of dying. But go pubs can't complain that, would be like asking not to see animals when going to a zoo. You know?

Quickly showered when I returned home to cleanse my smoke infused hair. Good thing was my dad went out. But bad thing he saw me on the way back. Shit shit, so coincidental. He remembered the car plate number of the car I was in. -.-

Weng Hock bored there. Sampat. Keep on SMS me. You know how he SMS? ONE ALPHABET AT A TIME. Hahahah. Ignored him, I don't have so much money to waste. >.<

Okay. Conclusion, don't go pubs so much. Shopping better. :)

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Holiday yesterday. Went out with Siet Yen, Guat Tyng, Mun Chun, Qi Yao, Jin Fye, Ping Kuang, Vincent and Ming Chun. :)

They all went to sing karaoke but I went to watch movie. Lolol. Bought ticket last minute, mistook the time and went inside too early. You know, the rip off your ticket. And then we curi curi went into other halls. Hehehe.

Went into 3 halls with one ticket. First one was some random Malay ghost movie. Went out after a while because it looks like it was about to end. Pretended to go toilet. And then the next one was "What Women Want". When we went out from there the guard noticed us already. xD

The third one was the correct one. "Yogi Bear". Aiyoh. Sooooo boring. No story. No point. :( Wished I watched "What Women Want" instead. Hehehe. But okay la. I kept kacau-ing the person beside me.

The guard kept on watching us. Two of them. Lol. And then they asked for our tickets. Was the correct one at the time. :) Lucky people.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Was supposed to go Siet Yen's karaoke but turned back last minute because a lot of ppl FFK (place very far~). Went to watch movie instead. "Green Hornet". Felt a bit like watching a video game. I dunno whyyy.

Excited to watch 3D. The little girl in front was like, "WHY IS THE GIRL WEARING THE GLASSES THE SHOW HASN'T EVEN STARTED!!!!!!!!!".

And okay, when you go up the GSC cinema there will always be huge showboards of current movies showing. They are very useful to pose with. :DD

There was one about ghost movie. Leaned on it while posing. It almost fell. Oopsie! My friends, when they saw it was about to fall, I think they were more inclined to run than help. Hahhaha.

Qi Yao was the ah mat of the day again. Always him. He has huge potential to be ah mat. "Help me buy water?" "Yes, ma'm. What kind of water?". Hahahah!

Oh yeah. Theng Loo broke my water tumbler today. But he replaced it. Hahahha. Somemore asked me what colour and how many ml I wanted it to be.

I like purple for water tumblers and pens. Red for clothes. Sunny yellow to look at. Pink for everything.

Also grabbed some sushi. Oh, yummyyyy.

Buai buai see you~

Monday, 7 February 2011

Bomb Jun Wen's house

Saturdayyy. Collect ang paus from friend's house. :D

Went to Jun Wen's house. Tumpang Xian Jiong's car again. So nice. When I ask my dad to fetch me he always complain complain complain. Had to wait for sampat Guat Tyng to come my house. She forgot to wake up. xD

First to arrive. Hohoho. Quite a lot of people came. Played only one round of mahjong. Won, MUAHAHHA. But only because Phin Chin helped. They bet money one. If don't know how to gamble, will be a bit boring. Daniel won about hundred bucks. Lucky ass.

And then, hmmm, got sing karaoke. But not really my scene, I only sing a few songs and they're all pretty depressing ones.

Jun Wen has a very violent dog. I don't know why. He seems to hold (a very undeserved) prejudice against me. Sampat dog. At first I was wary. He was sitting there obediently so I pet him. And then he started growling.

And then later we were taking pics outside the crazy dog pawed and growled at me. SAMPATLUNG. And then Jun Wen just stood there. SAMPAT! Let dog bully. :/

Kind of ironic that I can be scared of dogs since I own two at home hmmm. Saw a poodle at Yen Shen's house. That one nice lah. So tame and cute. What else tame and cute? Aiyer, my Chuckie lah. :D

Ate some pizza. Jun Wen ordered for us. Hohoho. And then evening moved places to Desa Park City. Desperate for drivers. Daniel and Jck Sng were the ones. Jck Sng can tell is beginner one. Hahahha. Was raining sumore. Good thing didn't do picnic.

Went to Mun Chun's house. And then King Jiat's. And then Yen Shen's. Yen Shen's house, brimming with his relatives, my goodness so many of them. And then back to King Jiat's house. Played cards there. Dunno what. A game called Lembu. Ngau. Hahahah. Depends mostly on luck?

And then sao dong~~
Hohoho. Got some other stuff but I either forgot or am lazy to write. xD

Oh yeah on Friday Sim Kuan was simply feeling bored and decided to drop over to my house with Nicole. Lolol. Suprise visit. Gave them manicure. And then?

Nicole slept on my bed and then later she had sore throat coming. I HAVE BEEN HAVING SORE THROAT FOR A WEEK NOW. Changed my sheets the next day. -.-

But I am going to school tomorrow hohoho stay at home also nothing to do. But I dunno why so quickly it's already 1 plus. How to wake up tomorrow ah???

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sungei Wang

I'm a big girl already. Sudah boleh terbang~~~

Took KTM to Sungei Wang. :) Brought my pepper spray along. Seriously need! A lot of leery dudes. Mostly Bangladeshi(I think). Pendatang asings, black and short ones, and then when they come here they think it's their playground to leer and catcall at girls or something. But, perverts everywhere la.

One thing that's good, KTM has a "girls-only" coach in every train. It's in the middle and full of pink girl stickers telling you it's "for girls only" but there are always thick, incorrigible idiots trying to worm their way in.

And then all the woman in the coach will stare daggers at you. Enjoy. When we were going to Sungei Wang there were guards. Tee Hee! One very intent pendatang asing person wanted to step into the coach but the guard grabbed him by the arm and directed him elsewhere. MUAHHAHA.

But, no guards when we were going back thou. A few dudes came in. In a group. One of the dude wanted to leave the coach but then the friend smartly said, "Nevermind, come back in!". KNOCK KNOCK YOUR HEAD. NEVERMIND YOUR HEAD.

I was at the end of the coach, they were at the entrance. Lolol. The indian woman at the entrance kept staring at the group of dudes like they just stole something. (Actually they did. They stole our privacy.) PFFT. If I was at the entrance I'd be like, "EXCUSE ME THIS IS A WOMEN-ONLY COACH GTFO".

Seriously don't like. Obviously, when dudes step into a women-only coach the women in there will feel uncomfortable and intruded. Girls need their privacy OK. People like, get molested in train rides all the time.

Accidentally brush past you. Stuff like that. Good to bring a big bag to use as shield. And bring tissues. The handles are very oily. Sat on Monorail too. Got nice view but more expensive. I think it would be fun to take KTM with you boyfriend. Can lean on him. :D

Xuan is very good at utilizing public transports. Hohoho. Dad very "blocking". Learn how to use public transport also don't like. :/ Wants me to stay at home forever. But when I ask all the very "ON" people, the girls, they say their parents do nag too when they go out too much. Hohoho. Thought it was only mineee. Girls are all prisoners. :(

I used to be contented staying at home. But it's like the more often you go out, the bigger your capacity for outings. Just hanging out with friends is productive enough for me. More productive than reading or studying. Because, you're interacting with people, someone who's alive and dynamic. But okayy reading also has its benefits.

Xuan got her belly piercing. :) Impromptu thingy. She was a bit hesitant and scared but went along with it. Hahahha. Like no feeling. Belly piercing doesn't hurt that much. Not that much nerve endings there maybe?? I know if you pinch your elbows hard it wouldn't hurt. But if you apply the same amount of force on your cheeks you'd be like "OWWW".

She got hers for RM90. Mine was RM10 cheaper. But hers no need to sign anything one! I had to beg for my parents signature. xP Did mine at Dragonfly. Got bed to lay on one. Hers was at Scorpion. Why piercing shops sound so same one.

So here's how the belly piercing goes. They clamp the skin on top of your belly button and then a needle will go through the middle of the clamp. And then they screw on the barbell. I suppose you shan't mutilate yourself, but belly & tongue piercings are getting as common as ear piercings nowadays. :/

Oh yeah. The objective was to grab cheap clothes. A lot of cheap clothes, but hard to find those suitable for yourself. Some they don't let you try. Asked one of the shopkeepers why, she said it was because it's cheap. Har? Don't get how it's a reason...

The dresses were nice. :D Bought two. About RM20 plus. MY GOODNESS. CHEAPPP. But no I'm not going to show it here and ruin the novelty and surprise. :P

Tired. Came back from dinner at relative's house. I love friends and camwhoring with them. <3