Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Holiday yesterday. Went out with Siet Yen, Guat Tyng, Mun Chun, Qi Yao, Jin Fye, Ping Kuang, Vincent and Ming Chun. :)

They all went to sing karaoke but I went to watch movie. Lolol. Bought ticket last minute, mistook the time and went inside too early. You know, the rip off your ticket. And then we curi curi went into other halls. Hehehe.

Went into 3 halls with one ticket. First one was some random Malay ghost movie. Went out after a while because it looks like it was about to end. Pretended to go toilet. And then the next one was "What Women Want". When we went out from there the guard noticed us already. xD

The third one was the correct one. "Yogi Bear". Aiyoh. Sooooo boring. No story. No point. :( Wished I watched "What Women Want" instead. Hehehe. But okay la. I kept kacau-ing the person beside me.

The guard kept on watching us. Two of them. Lol. And then they asked for our tickets. Was the correct one at the time. :) Lucky people.

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