Sunday, 20 February 2011

Beer Factory

Went to Beer Factory yesterday. Vinoth's birthday. The si oh gui. Hahahha. Actually he didn't invite me. Tagged along with Guat Tyng. But in the end he was like, "thank you for coming". Only 3 girls there. xD

Took taxi to Guat Tyng's house. I hate taking taxi alone. :( But no choice, I too desperate already. Brought my pepper spray along. Hohoho.

Sunway Giza lah. Actually they wanted to go Curve but changed last minute. At first they were at Starkers I think. Suprising a lot of Form Fours smoke. But I'm not saying who. :x

One of them dead drunk. Lolol. Face damn red. And you know when people are drunk? You tell them they are and they deny it vehemently.

Second round, went to eat steamboat. Didn't order much. The fishball very cute one, inside got some prawn roe or something. Xian Jiong used wrong chopsticks to pick the food. And then Ping Kuang got pissed. Guat Tyng and Siet Yen was like asking him to chill. Alololo. Not cool to show your temper among your friends. :/ Still having cold war. Hahahha. xD

Xian jiong very helpless OK. Dunno have to make him promise how many times not to zat me. Luckily I captured a very goofy photo of his. And then he kept grabbing my precious bag to delete the photo. But I won in the end! Still keeping the picture. :D

But hey, I kept my promise, not posting the photo- unless he does something bad. Peace ah, peace ah. ;)

Siet Yen put in her extensions for that night. Heheheh. Dunno got make Qi Yao wait or not. Looked pretty. Guat Tyng and Mun Chun very sweet. Pattern. Keep on hugging. Hahahahah omg.

Third round only Beer Factory. Again. I really good girl, not suitable for going pubs. They play cards and dices and dunno something chai mui. Siet Yen is the sifu. What also know. I what also dunno. xD

Inside was very smelly and suffocating, my lungs were on the edge of dying. But go pubs can't complain that, would be like asking not to see animals when going to a zoo. You know?

Quickly showered when I returned home to cleanse my smoke infused hair. Good thing was my dad went out. But bad thing he saw me on the way back. Shit shit, so coincidental. He remembered the car plate number of the car I was in. -.-

Weng Hock bored there. Sampat. Keep on SMS me. You know how he SMS? ONE ALPHABET AT A TIME. Hahahah. Ignored him, I don't have so much money to waste. >.<

Okay. Conclusion, don't go pubs so much. Shopping better. :)

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