Monday, 7 February 2011

Bomb Jun Wen's house

Saturdayyy. Collect ang paus from friend's house. :D

Went to Jun Wen's house. Tumpang Xian Jiong's car again. So nice. When I ask my dad to fetch me he always complain complain complain. Had to wait for sampat Guat Tyng to come my house. She forgot to wake up. xD

First to arrive. Hohoho. Quite a lot of people came. Played only one round of mahjong. Won, MUAHAHHA. But only because Phin Chin helped. They bet money one. If don't know how to gamble, will be a bit boring. Daniel won about hundred bucks. Lucky ass.

And then, hmmm, got sing karaoke. But not really my scene, I only sing a few songs and they're all pretty depressing ones.

Jun Wen has a very violent dog. I don't know why. He seems to hold (a very undeserved) prejudice against me. Sampat dog. At first I was wary. He was sitting there obediently so I pet him. And then he started growling.

And then later we were taking pics outside the crazy dog pawed and growled at me. SAMPATLUNG. And then Jun Wen just stood there. SAMPAT! Let dog bully. :/

Kind of ironic that I can be scared of dogs since I own two at home hmmm. Saw a poodle at Yen Shen's house. That one nice lah. So tame and cute. What else tame and cute? Aiyer, my Chuckie lah. :D

Ate some pizza. Jun Wen ordered for us. Hohoho. And then evening moved places to Desa Park City. Desperate for drivers. Daniel and Jck Sng were the ones. Jck Sng can tell is beginner one. Hahahha. Was raining sumore. Good thing didn't do picnic.

Went to Mun Chun's house. And then King Jiat's. And then Yen Shen's. Yen Shen's house, brimming with his relatives, my goodness so many of them. And then back to King Jiat's house. Played cards there. Dunno what. A game called Lembu. Ngau. Hahahah. Depends mostly on luck?

And then sao dong~~
Hohoho. Got some other stuff but I either forgot or am lazy to write. xD

Oh yeah on Friday Sim Kuan was simply feeling bored and decided to drop over to my house with Nicole. Lolol. Suprise visit. Gave them manicure. And then?

Nicole slept on my bed and then later she had sore throat coming. I HAVE BEEN HAVING SORE THROAT FOR A WEEK NOW. Changed my sheets the next day. -.-

But I am going to school tomorrow hohoho stay at home also nothing to do. But I dunno why so quickly it's already 1 plus. How to wake up tomorrow ah???

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