Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Early Events

School is still very busy with Sports Day preparation. Sleepy. Fell asleep in class. Got Vincent's pattern already.

Chit chat with Guat Tyng. She so mean. Attacked me with wet tissue in the toilet. :( And then she somemore dared to ask me if it hit me. Heheheh, let me try next time then she'll know the answer.

Break time, secretly went earlier. Memang more food to choose! I feel that canteen food's not that bad now. Because I started trying the noodles. BUT LAST TIME ONE STILL BETTER. And then after eat finish, came back for second round.

Mix with primary students eat. :) Found my cousin Scott. Lolol. He brought me to his class and then I brought him to mine. And then... played monkey bars. Swing. Slide. Hahahahah. What I miss most about SSB Primary? The lockers. :(

Stayed back today. Helped with deco. But not after eating a lot of food. Yum. Ice cream. Chips. Rocky sticks. OM NOM NOM NOM. I dunno why, I feel very hungry nowadays. Appetite of a horse. Oh. Man. I dunno. >.<

Read Nicole's book. Called "Sexy Girls". :) She has to hide the cover whenever she's reading it around teachers. Lol. Cover too sexy. Talk about stuff like "Marketing 101". "Advertising your sexuality". Says that when you reveal a bit, guys will imagine the rest. OMG. HHAHAHAHA.

Oh sleepy. Goodnight world~

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