Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Was supposed to go Siet Yen's karaoke but turned back last minute because a lot of ppl FFK (place very far~). Went to watch movie instead. "Green Hornet". Felt a bit like watching a video game. I dunno whyyy.

Excited to watch 3D. The little girl in front was like, "WHY IS THE GIRL WEARING THE GLASSES THE SHOW HASN'T EVEN STARTED!!!!!!!!!".

And okay, when you go up the GSC cinema there will always be huge showboards of current movies showing. They are very useful to pose with. :DD

There was one about ghost movie. Leaned on it while posing. It almost fell. Oopsie! My friends, when they saw it was about to fall, I think they were more inclined to run than help. Hahhaha.

Qi Yao was the ah mat of the day again. Always him. He has huge potential to be ah mat. "Help me buy water?" "Yes, ma'm. What kind of water?". Hahahah!

Oh yeah. Theng Loo broke my water tumbler today. But he replaced it. Hahahha. Somemore asked me what colour and how many ml I wanted it to be.

I like purple for water tumblers and pens. Red for clothes. Sunny yellow to look at. Pink for everything.

Also grabbed some sushi. Oh, yummyyyy.

Buai buai see you~

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