Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sports Day & 1U

Today would be the last year of me experiencing Sports Day as a student. Growing up is a bittersweet thing. :]

Went at 10 plus after I finished my beauty sleep. A lot of ex-Form Fives. And "ex-Formmates"- Keanu, Wai Khong, GM, Chun Moon. Saw Daniel Heng's girlfriend. She's shoo cute!

Ate at McDonald's after finished. Margosa and Saga announced as the winner. Congrats congrats. ;) And yummy, saw gang fight at McDonald's. I dunno for what lah. They kept pushing and threatening each other. We were all watching by the side. Mun Chun was like, "Dangerous... go somewhere else first". And then later police came. Like 30 minutes later. Lol. By then everything already gone.

Went back by Jin Fye's car. Walao. He very panicky one!!! :D Qi Yao is like quiet. Sometimes can chat with you somemore. And then later went out to 1U. Damn tired but got going out mood.

Middle of eating at Wong Kok, Yih Wern asked us to imagine making out with a girl and then her false teeth drops out in the middle. Sambat. Laughed until damn loud.

Went into Watson's. Urged people to buy condoms. I think my dad would go crazy if he saw one. Siet Yen was like, no, not yet. See *this one* only go mad. She was pointing at a pregnancy test.

My iPhone died today too. The backlit died. The screen, all black. Shit. Maxis person said maybe can exchange a new one. But... I don't want another phone. I just want this one. I don't care about chasing new models. OH BABY PLEASE COME BACK TO LIFE. :'( Can call and stuff but so very blinddd.

Watched Sanctum. It was okay. Tragedy. Die, die, die. I used to get very fascinated with 3D but now I think it just uses up more money and it's hard to talk to the person beside you. I like to kacau people when watching movie. Got shushed thrice(this year) for being too loud in the cinema. :x

Oh yeah, before we went in we randomly picked tickets to get our seat numbers. Guat Tyng and Yih Wern same pattern, like playing this game. Lolol. And then Yih Wern's seat was away from Xian Jiong. Switched in the end. They so sweet. Hug hug. HAHAHAHAH.

Oh yeah recently I posted an illegal photo of Xian Jiong. I don't know how to make him stop zating me, forced to blackmail him with photos. Lolol. I dunno eh, it's like if we don't fight for a while, it doesn't feel right. Both "fan jin".

And then after movie finished it was already at night. So, so sleepy. Sent Jun Wen off to Daniel's gang. And went home. And into dreamland.

And oh yeah if you feel *ahem* uncomfortable about being mentioned in my blog you can tell me. :) But you should be proud if you're in my blog(unless I wrote something... bad), it means you're part of my life! ;B

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