Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sungei Wang

I'm a big girl already. Sudah boleh terbang~~~

Took KTM to Sungei Wang. :) Brought my pepper spray along. Seriously need! A lot of leery dudes. Mostly Bangladeshi(I think). Pendatang asings, black and short ones, and then when they come here they think it's their playground to leer and catcall at girls or something. But, perverts everywhere la.

One thing that's good, KTM has a "girls-only" coach in every train. It's in the middle and full of pink girl stickers telling you it's "for girls only" but there are always thick, incorrigible idiots trying to worm their way in.

And then all the woman in the coach will stare daggers at you. Enjoy. When we were going to Sungei Wang there were guards. Tee Hee! One very intent pendatang asing person wanted to step into the coach but the guard grabbed him by the arm and directed him elsewhere. MUAHHAHA.

But, no guards when we were going back thou. A few dudes came in. In a group. One of the dude wanted to leave the coach but then the friend smartly said, "Nevermind, come back in!". KNOCK KNOCK YOUR HEAD. NEVERMIND YOUR HEAD.

I was at the end of the coach, they were at the entrance. Lolol. The indian woman at the entrance kept staring at the group of dudes like they just stole something. (Actually they did. They stole our privacy.) PFFT. If I was at the entrance I'd be like, "EXCUSE ME THIS IS A WOMEN-ONLY COACH GTFO".

Seriously don't like. Obviously, when dudes step into a women-only coach the women in there will feel uncomfortable and intruded. Girls need their privacy OK. People like, get molested in train rides all the time.

Accidentally brush past you. Stuff like that. Good to bring a big bag to use as shield. And bring tissues. The handles are very oily. Sat on Monorail too. Got nice view but more expensive. I think it would be fun to take KTM with you boyfriend. Can lean on him. :D

Xuan is very good at utilizing public transports. Hohoho. Dad very "blocking". Learn how to use public transport also don't like. :/ Wants me to stay at home forever. But when I ask all the very "ON" people, the girls, they say their parents do nag too when they go out too much. Hohoho. Thought it was only mineee. Girls are all prisoners. :(

I used to be contented staying at home. But it's like the more often you go out, the bigger your capacity for outings. Just hanging out with friends is productive enough for me. More productive than reading or studying. Because, you're interacting with people, someone who's alive and dynamic. But okayy reading also has its benefits.

Xuan got her belly piercing. :) Impromptu thingy. She was a bit hesitant and scared but went along with it. Hahahha. Like no feeling. Belly piercing doesn't hurt that much. Not that much nerve endings there maybe?? I know if you pinch your elbows hard it wouldn't hurt. But if you apply the same amount of force on your cheeks you'd be like "OWWW".

She got hers for RM90. Mine was RM10 cheaper. But hers no need to sign anything one! I had to beg for my parents signature. xP Did mine at Dragonfly. Got bed to lay on one. Hers was at Scorpion. Why piercing shops sound so same one.

So here's how the belly piercing goes. They clamp the skin on top of your belly button and then a needle will go through the middle of the clamp. And then they screw on the barbell. I suppose you shan't mutilate yourself, but belly & tongue piercings are getting as common as ear piercings nowadays. :/

Oh yeah. The objective was to grab cheap clothes. A lot of cheap clothes, but hard to find those suitable for yourself. Some they don't let you try. Asked one of the shopkeepers why, she said it was because it's cheap. Har? Don't get how it's a reason...

The dresses were nice. :D Bought two. About RM20 plus. MY GOODNESS. CHEAPPP. But no I'm not going to show it here and ruin the novelty and surprise. :P

Tired. Came back from dinner at relative's house. I love friends and camwhoring with them. <3

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