Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Love Story

This is for Sim Kuan. Same school for almost a decade. Woots, we're getting old. So many memories. <3

It's her birthday. Yesterday. We share the same birth month. MUAHAHAH. You're gonna get it from me Sim Kuan. Soon yah.

Your Halloween sleepover parties. :) Very special experiences. Hehehe. Having our own pad all to ourselves. Doing stupid things like running around after jumping into the pool in our shirt at midnight. Movie marathons. Stealing food from Ben's kitchen.


Okay. I guess I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Wait before I end let me tell you why I love you. I love that you're my friend and you lend a great ear when listening to other people's problems. I like how you're not pretentious. I like how you hide your beauty like a lethal and discreet weapon and booom when you unveil it's like pwoarr.

You know how when you're close to someone you don't feel awkward silences? Oh yesh you're one of them. Everyone is unique. I love your banana-ness. HAHAHA SORRY. Improve my English, madam.

Long time didn't go on a stupid outing with you. I wanna kidnap you out, soon.

Hmm. I dunno. I feel cheesy today. Accept all my cheesy love, Sim Kuan. OH, MYYY~~~ I never realised how much I loved you. ;*

Monday, 28 March 2011

Church. I like dressing up for church. :)

School was pretty dead today. Many of them went to busybody at MSSD.

Curi-curi went to sick bed with Guat Tyng. But really headache, cannot tahan.

Start to prepare for Grade 8 practical exam today. The book looks scary. Hohoho.

Not much stories. Just wanna add that I created a private blog to dump all my naughty secrets. Lol. Inbox me on FB or whatever if you want to read. Maybe yes. Maybe not. If you're close to me like appeared in my blog before then probably. Lol. I dunno. Haven't started yet. Going to dump stuff there later.

Mostly because I want to tell stories but some stories can't be told because this blog is very the public. HAHAHAH. Especially afraid if adults read it. OH, MY.

Hehe. :)

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hi, today is Saturday. Which means the only day out of a week which I am free in the wholesome, whole day way. @#$%^. Spent it by sleeping until 5. No electricity in the house, also feel like no electricity in my body.

Yesterday, went to Xuan's house. Watched her dance and show all the sexy moves, and then went to play pool at 1u. :D Both noob level players. But hey, practise makes perfect. Muahahah.

And I dunno why but people say pool is bad??? And very little girl play. I think only us. I dunno. Went to the furthest table, at the corner.

Okay. Simply poke balls. It was very smelly there today, I dunno why. Came out with smoke-infused hair.

I kept forcing Xuan to help me take a picture of me playing pool. Muahahah. :) Must pattern a bit. And I want to battle with Guat Tyng, but nowadays she acting cool. xP

And then went to enjoy some sushi. It's been such a long time since I've tasted you. <3 Didn't care about the danger of radiation and whatnot from Japan. But yes pray for the countries experiencing natural disasters. :)

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


What being drunk is like...? Fantasy world, and then hell, and then reality. I get how people can get addicted to getting drunk. Because you're safe there, like in a personal space bubble. No inhibitions, no consequences.

Get on stage, lights shining and music pumping. Easy to reach euphoria, but it only lasts for so long.

And then there are people who are always chasing their next dose of adrenaline rush. Or just getting high. There are many ways, some good, some bad. Mostly bad. Laughing with friends is good. Falling in love so-so. And then a bunch of stuff like getting drunk and taking drugs. Or rollercoaster rides.

Not paying attention in school. Sleepy. 3 hour nap again today. But at home lah okay! When I nap I always have to knockout for more than 2 hours. School is nice but I'm growing out of it. Spent almost a decade there. Damn.

At this age, I don't like getting nagged. It's like you're trying to gain independence, you want people to back off and give you space. BBQ. And I am wondering if I should study at Taylors. Asking Li Chen to bring me there.

Going to shower. Dayum. Late night shower before sleeping. ;D

Found this pic. 14 but look so mature. MUAHAHAH

Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hi Hi Hi

Did birthday party last Saturday at The Curve. :) First time loh. Because of party, didn't get any present from parents. xD But hmph, nevermind, got present from friends and money left over from sponsoring the din din.

Ummm people who came~ See can remember or not :D
  1. Xuan
  2. Li Chen
  3. Jun Wen
  4. Guat Tyng
  5. Siet Yen
  6. Sim Kuan
  7. Mei Yen
  8. Daniel
  9. King Jiat
  10. Choon Lam
  11. Rysher
  12. Jason Chin
  13. Qi Yao
  14. Ming Chun
  15. Chun Moon
  16. Mun Chun
  17. Theng Loo
  18. Weng Hock
  19. Ping Kuang
  20. Vincent
  21. Siew Wah
  22. Kelvin
  23. Vinoth
  24. Wei Kien
  25. Dylan
  26. Jin Fye
  27. Kok Leong
  28. Xian Jiong
Um. Being organizer has pros and cons. Good because you have the power to say who, what, where. Bad because you have to make sure of everything. But it's always good to have some very ON organizer friends... if not how to have outings?! xD

Got system on how I invite people. Alololo. First is whether I'm close to that person. Second is whether I think they'll "mix" with the people I invite. Third is whether they go to parties often. Efficient system okay! But yeah when go to school got some people ask why I didn't invite them. Because I didn't think they would come. >.<

Oh. And hor. I didn't invite Jason Chin. Kena kao kao from him. Ming Chun asked me to call him and I was thinking "wow, so suddenly find me jek?". First word is bad word. And then wish me happy birthday. And then shout why I didn't invite him.

Muahahha. He said his friends asked him if they going to the party. But he wasn't invited. HAHAHA OMG LOL. Laughed damn hard on the phone. And then scold more bad words. I didn't invite because I remembered I didn't see him neither at Theng Loo's party or Siet Yen's party. xP Ehehe, he came in the end.

Umm. One of the first people who came were Xuan and Guat Tyng. Gave me swimsuit. Muahahah. Thought it was some underwear at first. She wanted me to take it out from the bag. I was like "huh???" paiseh xD Was a monokini.

The girls look pretty. Guys are more consistent when it comes to looks. Girls can put make-up, let their hair down, wear pretty dresses. Muahahahha. Sim Kuan, big difference loh. So sexy in her dress, I wanted to rip off the damn jacket covering it. xP

And I confess I hate seeing myself in glasses. OMG. Get damn emo. It just feels so nerdy looking the world through a pair of glasses. I envy people who have a perfect vision and it kills me when they tell me they want to try wearing glasses. NO, BITCH. Enjoy your perfect vision!!!

What else, trying to grow my hair long. This type of waiting is endless, best to forget you're even waiting for it....

Um um. Eat BBQ buffet there. Didn't get to enjoy the food properly. Cannot sit still.
The place was one LONNNGG table gao dim. A lot of people camwhoring here and there. Those who don't like to pose, too bad. xD

And then ummm after this got second round. Keep story to myself from there. xD And then balik rumah sao dong~~~

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Zhi Qi birthday

Hi. So fast half of my holiday gone. Shit shit.

Actually I was doing a post about Leadership Camp but I keep on delaying. Hmm, nevermind. Went to Zhi Qi's birthday celebration. Only do it for the first year. Aunty booked a bus for us. Bestari so teruk, many FFK-ed. A lot of BSD 1 ppl came.

I was wondering where was Shaun. And then went back home only realized that guy was Shaun. Sad, failed to recognize him! Jun Wen said Guat Tyng is popular with BSD 1 students. Oh, quite true. ^^

Went to 1u again yesterday. Like second home. Outing place. I learnt pool. MUAHAHAHA. Not gonna say I went with who. I'm going to drag people to play pool with me soon.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


OH HI. :)

Going to camp. Some leadership camp. At my hometown! Pahang! Some Durian area. Later got durian fall on our heads and crack our skulls open. Joined last minute with Jin Fye. Lolol. Had to beg teachers because we were past the deadline, they needed to apply insurance(dangerous durians). Shit shit also, don't even have the form, didn't even check the itinerary. Clueless what to pack. :/

But sometimes rushing is fun. I dunno! Like those last minute, impromptu and spontaneous outings. Recently I have been doing stupid stuff to feel "qi gek". Get the odd adrenaline rush. And my English getting more Chinglish. Used to much Facebook chat, alololo.

Today I am just going to blabber crap, feels like a while since I've blogged something other than outings. :) Internet also like crap, stole my brother's broadband to online. It is like my housing area is forever cursed with shitty line no matter how many times we change the router. Everytime Facebook chatting with someone also potong my steam. Everytime tumblr-ing a new blog also potong my steam. !@#$%^

BUT OKAY MAN must not be ungrateful I got roof over my head already lucky. So damn lucky. <3

Oh yeah first monthly test. 99.9% finish! :) One more to go. Didn't study much. Stupid Facebook. And then halfway blogging chat, lost my blogging momentum. ANANANAN. Playing a game with someone. I dunno if it's a good idea or not. All or nothing. Hard, but must tahannn. :]

At school, played Truth or Dare with Siet Yen's iPhone app. Watched them. :) Jin Fye licked Vincent's almost armpit. He keep showing his armpit hair. Not shy at all. And then turned Weng Hock into a "lut" nerd. Middle-parting, hippie glasses, pink school bag. Combo. :)

Quite relax, chit-chat chit-chat during the subjects we don't take. I think it's crazy people are forcing us to take physics and chemistry. They told us can drop when we're Form 5, so during Form 4 I didn't listen or try to understand the subject. :x It's too lateeee~

Whatever lah. I feel very relax. Don't nag me about SPM. I don't want to care. Okayy. Holiday. Finish piano exam. Find friends. Karaoke with Mei Yen. Shopping with Xuan. Camp with the 38 people. Take the stupid undang.

WOWOW. I dreaming and fantasizing of the day I can drive. I going to utilize it fully. Be ah mat also can. Drift to people's house. Before that I was so glad my birthday early. Then Shao Yang said by the time I get "P", it would be about July. Yoyoyo. And wondering to do party or not.

Hmm. Dunno. Sleep first. Go camp. Be sakai.

Nites people. :)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

After school

Went to 1u with Xuan and Mimi. 1u, hmm, always the easiest option. Near and familiar. Hehehe. I love outings.

Mimi is good to camwhore with. And shit Xuan, she keeps doing the pouting thing, I ended up mirroring her. xD Sometimes I feel like with outings, it's "pics or it didn't happen". I love my camera. Outings are the most amazing time to camwhore okay! You're with friends, and you're dressed up. ;D

And then yeah, after using digital camera, used Xuan's instant camera. Chio. Nyehehe. She's very generous one, always take a few more for us to keep. And camwhored until asked the waiter to take picture for us. Alololo. We were at Italiannies.

Glad to see Mimi cause she's gone to KDU. Traitor. We were curious how KDU was like, she said the people there were (suprisingly) down-to-earth and no drama. But in a twisted way, what Mimi wants is... drama.

The rules are suprisingly lax. Dye hair bring mobile phones couple they don't mind. But I think because they don't mind, people aren't so eager to do it. I dunno man. The forbidden always seems more tempting. You know, like when your parents say you can't do that, then you're gonna be like, "What if...". I think reverse psychology works more when it comes to parenting me.

And nowadays, shiok, a lot of gossiping topics. Wow man. I love poking my nose into people's business. Gossiping is like... listening to people's biography and studying social interaction. Instinctively got this "want to know" radar and sift out anything suspicious.

Mostly it's about couples, who's with who. Or squabbling. Who's not with who. But mostly I listen and digest info only. Lol. I don't like those who spread gossip to make person hate a person, create drama ruin ppl's relationship bla bla bla. Hearsay is not all that reliable!

Oh wait back to outing. Shopped around the high street shops after we paid for the meal. Jaspal, Forever 21, TopShop. But damn me, I left some of my money in my other wallet. Tried but didn't buy. Some too rich, didn't try but buy. Hehehe. ;p

Tired tired. Followed Mimi to Desa Park. And then Xuan met her Phin Chin. Alololo. Saw Vinoth, Vincent, Yi Han and Wendy. And then went home and went to church. Finally got to try the Groupbase Assam Laksa. Not bad, not bad.

Today I planned to stay at home and study, but cannot. Don't have the mood. 8 hours at school already testing my limits, when I come home I just feel like forgetting anything about studying. What I love now, art and people. And taking pictures.

Hmm. I feeling grateful. Glad to be alive. I'm not always happy, but I love life. :]