Saturday, 5 March 2011

After school

Went to 1u with Xuan and Mimi. 1u, hmm, always the easiest option. Near and familiar. Hehehe. I love outings.

Mimi is good to camwhore with. And shit Xuan, she keeps doing the pouting thing, I ended up mirroring her. xD Sometimes I feel like with outings, it's "pics or it didn't happen". I love my camera. Outings are the most amazing time to camwhore okay! You're with friends, and you're dressed up. ;D

And then yeah, after using digital camera, used Xuan's instant camera. Chio. Nyehehe. She's very generous one, always take a few more for us to keep. And camwhored until asked the waiter to take picture for us. Alololo. We were at Italiannies.

Glad to see Mimi cause she's gone to KDU. Traitor. We were curious how KDU was like, she said the people there were (suprisingly) down-to-earth and no drama. But in a twisted way, what Mimi wants is... drama.

The rules are suprisingly lax. Dye hair bring mobile phones couple they don't mind. But I think because they don't mind, people aren't so eager to do it. I dunno man. The forbidden always seems more tempting. You know, like when your parents say you can't do that, then you're gonna be like, "What if...". I think reverse psychology works more when it comes to parenting me.

And nowadays, shiok, a lot of gossiping topics. Wow man. I love poking my nose into people's business. Gossiping is like... listening to people's biography and studying social interaction. Instinctively got this "want to know" radar and sift out anything suspicious.

Mostly it's about couples, who's with who. Or squabbling. Who's not with who. But mostly I listen and digest info only. Lol. I don't like those who spread gossip to make person hate a person, create drama ruin ppl's relationship bla bla bla. Hearsay is not all that reliable!

Oh wait back to outing. Shopped around the high street shops after we paid for the meal. Jaspal, Forever 21, TopShop. But damn me, I left some of my money in my other wallet. Tried but didn't buy. Some too rich, didn't try but buy. Hehehe. ;p

Tired tired. Followed Mimi to Desa Park. And then Xuan met her Phin Chin. Alololo. Saw Vinoth, Vincent, Yi Han and Wendy. And then went home and went to church. Finally got to try the Groupbase Assam Laksa. Not bad, not bad.

Today I planned to stay at home and study, but cannot. Don't have the mood. 8 hours at school already testing my limits, when I come home I just feel like forgetting anything about studying. What I love now, art and people. And taking pictures.

Hmm. I feeling grateful. Glad to be alive. I'm not always happy, but I love life. :]

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