Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hi Hi Hi

Did birthday party last Saturday at The Curve. :) First time loh. Because of party, didn't get any present from parents. xD But hmph, nevermind, got present from friends and money left over from sponsoring the din din.

Ummm people who came~ See can remember or not :D
  1. Xuan
  2. Li Chen
  3. Jun Wen
  4. Guat Tyng
  5. Siet Yen
  6. Sim Kuan
  7. Mei Yen
  8. Daniel
  9. King Jiat
  10. Choon Lam
  11. Rysher
  12. Jason Chin
  13. Qi Yao
  14. Ming Chun
  15. Chun Moon
  16. Mun Chun
  17. Theng Loo
  18. Weng Hock
  19. Ping Kuang
  20. Vincent
  21. Siew Wah
  22. Kelvin
  23. Vinoth
  24. Wei Kien
  25. Dylan
  26. Jin Fye
  27. Kok Leong
  28. Xian Jiong
Um. Being organizer has pros and cons. Good because you have the power to say who, what, where. Bad because you have to make sure of everything. But it's always good to have some very ON organizer friends... if not how to have outings?! xD

Got system on how I invite people. Alololo. First is whether I'm close to that person. Second is whether I think they'll "mix" with the people I invite. Third is whether they go to parties often. Efficient system okay! But yeah when go to school got some people ask why I didn't invite them. Because I didn't think they would come. >.<

Oh. And hor. I didn't invite Jason Chin. Kena kao kao from him. Ming Chun asked me to call him and I was thinking "wow, so suddenly find me jek?". First word is bad word. And then wish me happy birthday. And then shout why I didn't invite him.

Muahahha. He said his friends asked him if they going to the party. But he wasn't invited. HAHAHA OMG LOL. Laughed damn hard on the phone. And then scold more bad words. I didn't invite because I remembered I didn't see him neither at Theng Loo's party or Siet Yen's party. xP Ehehe, he came in the end.

Umm. One of the first people who came were Xuan and Guat Tyng. Gave me swimsuit. Muahahah. Thought it was some underwear at first. She wanted me to take it out from the bag. I was like "huh???" paiseh xD Was a monokini.

The girls look pretty. Guys are more consistent when it comes to looks. Girls can put make-up, let their hair down, wear pretty dresses. Muahahahha. Sim Kuan, big difference loh. So sexy in her dress, I wanted to rip off the damn jacket covering it. xP

And I confess I hate seeing myself in glasses. OMG. Get damn emo. It just feels so nerdy looking the world through a pair of glasses. I envy people who have a perfect vision and it kills me when they tell me they want to try wearing glasses. NO, BITCH. Enjoy your perfect vision!!!

What else, trying to grow my hair long. This type of waiting is endless, best to forget you're even waiting for it....

Um um. Eat BBQ buffet there. Didn't get to enjoy the food properly. Cannot sit still.
The place was one LONNNGG table gao dim. A lot of people camwhoring here and there. Those who don't like to pose, too bad. xD

And then ummm after this got second round. Keep story to myself from there. xD And then balik rumah sao dong~~~

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