Monday, 28 March 2011

Church. I like dressing up for church. :)

School was pretty dead today. Many of them went to busybody at MSSD.

Curi-curi went to sick bed with Guat Tyng. But really headache, cannot tahan.

Start to prepare for Grade 8 practical exam today. The book looks scary. Hohoho.

Not much stories. Just wanna add that I created a private blog to dump all my naughty secrets. Lol. Inbox me on FB or whatever if you want to read. Maybe yes. Maybe not. If you're close to me like appeared in my blog before then probably. Lol. I dunno. Haven't started yet. Going to dump stuff there later.

Mostly because I want to tell stories but some stories can't be told because this blog is very the public. HAHAHAH. Especially afraid if adults read it. OH, MY.

Hehe. :)

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