Saturday, 26 March 2011

Hi, today is Saturday. Which means the only day out of a week which I am free in the wholesome, whole day way. @#$%^. Spent it by sleeping until 5. No electricity in the house, also feel like no electricity in my body.

Yesterday, went to Xuan's house. Watched her dance and show all the sexy moves, and then went to play pool at 1u. :D Both noob level players. But hey, practise makes perfect. Muahahah.

And I dunno why but people say pool is bad??? And very little girl play. I think only us. I dunno. Went to the furthest table, at the corner.

Okay. Simply poke balls. It was very smelly there today, I dunno why. Came out with smoke-infused hair.

I kept forcing Xuan to help me take a picture of me playing pool. Muahahah. :) Must pattern a bit. And I want to battle with Guat Tyng, but nowadays she acting cool. xP

And then went to enjoy some sushi. It's been such a long time since I've tasted you. <3 Didn't care about the danger of radiation and whatnot from Japan. But yes pray for the countries experiencing natural disasters. :)

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