Thursday, 10 March 2011


OH HI. :)

Going to camp. Some leadership camp. At my hometown! Pahang! Some Durian area. Later got durian fall on our heads and crack our skulls open. Joined last minute with Jin Fye. Lolol. Had to beg teachers because we were past the deadline, they needed to apply insurance(dangerous durians). Shit shit also, don't even have the form, didn't even check the itinerary. Clueless what to pack. :/

But sometimes rushing is fun. I dunno! Like those last minute, impromptu and spontaneous outings. Recently I have been doing stupid stuff to feel "qi gek". Get the odd adrenaline rush. And my English getting more Chinglish. Used to much Facebook chat, alololo.

Today I am just going to blabber crap, feels like a while since I've blogged something other than outings. :) Internet also like crap, stole my brother's broadband to online. It is like my housing area is forever cursed with shitty line no matter how many times we change the router. Everytime Facebook chatting with someone also potong my steam. Everytime tumblr-ing a new blog also potong my steam. !@#$%^

BUT OKAY MAN must not be ungrateful I got roof over my head already lucky. So damn lucky. <3

Oh yeah first monthly test. 99.9% finish! :) One more to go. Didn't study much. Stupid Facebook. And then halfway blogging chat, lost my blogging momentum. ANANANAN. Playing a game with someone. I dunno if it's a good idea or not. All or nothing. Hard, but must tahannn. :]

At school, played Truth or Dare with Siet Yen's iPhone app. Watched them. :) Jin Fye licked Vincent's almost armpit. He keep showing his armpit hair. Not shy at all. And then turned Weng Hock into a "lut" nerd. Middle-parting, hippie glasses, pink school bag. Combo. :)

Quite relax, chit-chat chit-chat during the subjects we don't take. I think it's crazy people are forcing us to take physics and chemistry. They told us can drop when we're Form 5, so during Form 4 I didn't listen or try to understand the subject. :x It's too lateeee~

Whatever lah. I feel very relax. Don't nag me about SPM. I don't want to care. Okayy. Holiday. Finish piano exam. Find friends. Karaoke with Mei Yen. Shopping with Xuan. Camp with the 38 people. Take the stupid undang.

WOWOW. I dreaming and fantasizing of the day I can drive. I going to utilize it fully. Be ah mat also can. Drift to people's house. Before that I was so glad my birthday early. Then Shao Yang said by the time I get "P", it would be about July. Yoyoyo. And wondering to do party or not.

Hmm. Dunno. Sleep first. Go camp. Be sakai.

Nites people. :)

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