Wednesday, 23 March 2011


What being drunk is like...? Fantasy world, and then hell, and then reality. I get how people can get addicted to getting drunk. Because you're safe there, like in a personal space bubble. No inhibitions, no consequences.

Get on stage, lights shining and music pumping. Easy to reach euphoria, but it only lasts for so long.

And then there are people who are always chasing their next dose of adrenaline rush. Or just getting high. There are many ways, some good, some bad. Mostly bad. Laughing with friends is good. Falling in love so-so. And then a bunch of stuff like getting drunk and taking drugs. Or rollercoaster rides.

Not paying attention in school. Sleepy. 3 hour nap again today. But at home lah okay! When I nap I always have to knockout for more than 2 hours. School is nice but I'm growing out of it. Spent almost a decade there. Damn.

At this age, I don't like getting nagged. It's like you're trying to gain independence, you want people to back off and give you space. BBQ. And I am wondering if I should study at Taylors. Asking Li Chen to bring me there.

Going to shower. Dayum. Late night shower before sleeping. ;D

Found this pic. 14 but look so mature. MUAHAHAH

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