Thursday, 17 March 2011

Zhi Qi birthday

Hi. So fast half of my holiday gone. Shit shit.

Actually I was doing a post about Leadership Camp but I keep on delaying. Hmm, nevermind. Went to Zhi Qi's birthday celebration. Only do it for the first year. Aunty booked a bus for us. Bestari so teruk, many FFK-ed. A lot of BSD 1 ppl came.

I was wondering where was Shaun. And then went back home only realized that guy was Shaun. Sad, failed to recognize him! Jun Wen said Guat Tyng is popular with BSD 1 students. Oh, quite true. ^^

Went to 1u again yesterday. Like second home. Outing place. I learnt pool. MUAHAHAHA. Not gonna say I went with who. I'm going to drag people to play pool with me soon.

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