Friday, 29 April 2011

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

A week can be gone gone before you realize it.

In class we sit in rows of 4. I like my row. MUAHAHAHA. Like family. There's Gary, Oscar, Me and then Shao Yang. Gary is the kid who pick up fights with Oscar. Oscar is my pet.

He has static hair, when you throw a ruler to his head it'll bounce back (proven). I petted him and he growled when he got angry. HAHAHAH. I like it when people cooperate being sampat with me. Shao Yang is the one who likes to joke around and tease people.

Our teacher sat on the table and the table fell down before our eyes. Yeah, it buckled under the weight and start disassembling itself. SY whispered, "One word... HEAVY!". But sometimes his sharp tongue gets him into trouble. Actually, all the time.

And he likes to put it in my mind that when choosing a partner the first thing you should look for is $$$. What car does he drive? Where does he live? Money equals power and power is sexy but no, don't get a guy because he's rich. Leapfrog the guy and go straight for the money. Get a guy for who he is.

Was supposed to do Literature assignment, three of us were online except for Gary. The only one who didn't do. We blocked him and pretended we were offline for the day. Silent treatment hohoho. Three of us also got demerit for eating. Picnic. SY had biscuits. I had some sour candy Mei Yen gave. :D

Mmm, pretty used to hanging out with guys now. 80% guys in my class. :) Plus, during outings it's almost certainly more guys than girls. Guys go out more. Why? Parents forbid girls to stay out late. :(

But no I like, my parents are pretty free. But compare to my brother I still lose. Mostly I tell them I want to go out. I don't ask them if I can go out. But then when I go out too much they'll nag. Mmm of course of course. As long as my gender doesn't become a disability.

Was supposed to go to Sephora with Jin Fye and Sim Kuan but Jin Fye couldn't make it last minute. Accompany mummy to embassy as translator. AHAHAHA. It's dissapointing when people cancel plans but sometimes things crop up last minute. High standards because I keep a good record, seldom every FFK! :D

I used to be repulsed of make up but no now I've grown up and seen what it can do. It's useful to cover flaws and blemishes and to enhance your beauty. Don't go overboard thoughhh.

Mmm this has been out for long but it's soooo cute.... Cuteness wins everything.

The compact thing I got after Sim Kuan used it on me. !@#$%. Saw Siet Yen and Xuan touching up with it when they come to my house too. Made me so curious. Eff. HAHAHA. I didn't know it was the one at first because it was displayed with the brush and Sim Kuan had hers with only the sponge.

I have been eating without a care in the world. It is joyful and relaxing until the consequences become evident. That's when you have to stop. Usually my body automatically tells me this as I will get sick/sore throat/blah.

And also it seems that people who exercise look better than the people who diet to lose weight. The former gains muscle tone and makes the body healtheir while the latter have to occasionally starve themselves and lose "false weight" (water weight, muscle tissues).

Blah !@#$% a lot of pressure to stay skinny and whatnot... When someone tells them you're fat, tell them you have curves. But no, having a tummy roll is not the curve I'm talking about. Having some hips maybe hmm yes. Note to self- should get exercising blablabla.

Ahhh life. What would life be without shopping? Materials to pore over eyes over and fill our hearts with desire. The other day there was also a mini catwalk at KLCC. It wasn't big but it was just as fascinating to watch. Models like dolls, hangers for clothes. Mmm nice yes I want to be a fashion designer.

For Art Portfolio I chose to do a makeup comic. Which is good as I can discover makeup. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA MATERIALS.

Interesting in Royal/Victorian Fashion after seeing the whole Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding. Research research draw draw draw.

Have a good life bye~! :))

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Sundays. Always for shopping. Church, Tea, Shopping. Relaxxxx :)
Went shopping for dresses. Hmm, bought 3 cocktail dresses. I'm not even going to describe how it looks. Supriseee. Dresses are a novelty. Party party. There's Ci Min's one this Saturday.

Wowow, she said about 40 plus people are going. Sponsoring too. Rules- when it's a birthday party and they're sponsoring, get a gooood gift. Literally invited myself in muahahahha I want parties. The rate of parties in SSB is like... hmmm about one or two each month.

Now more cos' we're older and cooler. Can fly with our car. :D And shit, still haven't take damn undang. So jealous hearing Sim Kuan describe her driving lessons. :(

And yesssh if you want to go parties don't want for people to call you, the hostess can't care for so many things. Take the liberty to invite yourself. AHAHAHA. But yeah should see the situation too. Don't force it. Anyway, when you start going to parties frequently people will remember to call you.

Went KLCC. Zara, Topshop, sometimes it feels like high street shops are better to shop in because you don't have to deal with pushy salesperson or feel awkward hastily grabbing the clothes. In couture shops you have to act more... cool. And then somemore eager salespersons makes me feel complied to buy their stuff.

Chinoz is nice for having tea. They have the whole sandwich and cakes on tiered platter thing going on. I'd want to try having a true English tea time.. party. Shiok. Want. Om nom nom nom.

Oh yeah, Easter! Church had a dance performance. Umm. Almost all the youth joined. I didn't... lazy... When you try to run away from responsibilties, people can detect it. The flakiness, the difficulty of trying to latch on responsibilities on you. They learn not to depend on you. I don't know it that's good or bad. xD

Distracted, too. Facebook facebook. !@#$%. Study more okay. But it's tiring, when I come home at 4 I feel like taking a nap and idling away. Government school so relax, 1 plus finish school. Wow. Like holiday everyday. Hmm. But also good, I don't have tuition! <3

Suprisingly, Melyvn doesn't study at SSB anymore. What I heard was that he stole a laptop from Pn.Siti and then Encik Wan asked him to "stop schooling" at SSB. He returned the laptop and said he didn't steal it hmm I don't know??? Woah suprisingly really. o.o

Maybe he'll find a better life somewhere... he doesn't really fit in well here. It's not nice to be the butt of jokes all the timeee.

Ohhh. Umm. "Fraped" Nicholas. Facebook rape. AHAHAHAH. Posted "I'm so cute" using his Blackberry. He told me to watch out my iPhone next time. I will be careful. :) iPhone can have passcode lock somemore, loveeee.

Ohh I can't really remember what to write anymore. My mind is constantly blank. Being stupid and too lazy to care is relaxing... in a bad way! :D Yes yes, study study. Mid term.

Ass, just now there was a notification saying I exceeded this month's data usage. So to punish me they will make my internet slow like a tortoise. SO MEAN. :( Fine, it's a blessing in disguise. Oh God help me be more productive. :)

Hmm. Bye! ;)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Urr. Forgot to blog until I saw the photos Jun Wen uploaded. Last Saturday! Went to 1u with JunWen ChunMoon QiYao. Last minute go one ehehehe.

Watched "Ghost Must Be Crazy". The movie shoooo funny. xDD We get the Singaporean humour. And then there's slangs like "Pattern", "On". Sit beside JunWen, laughing is damn contagious. Umm. QiYao scared to sit beside me because I have a tendency to be very noisy in cinemas. Ahemm got shushed thrice this year.

Went to Chanel after that to get the compact powder thing. AHAHAHA. Tried SimKuan's, and then I was like, "I wantttt". So annoying, everytime see people use it. Xuan, SietYen. Hmph, I'm going to be one of them too. But sadly left it in QiYao's car. !@#$%^

There, saw JunWen's sister letting people do her makeup. So shiok. And then later we accompanied her grab some sushi at Sushi Zanmai, yummyheaven. Tried this chocolate parfait thing. Her sis treated us. Ehehehe.

Went to SietYen's BBQ next. Fun. But okay whatever we did there stays there shhhh...

School, ummm, bored. So hard to concentrate. So hard to lift up the pencil and utilize my brain. Sometimes I worry about stuff when I'm too free. Shush, dunwan.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hi. Ponteng today. Class teacher asking me the cause of my absence. AHAHAHA FACEBOOK. But I make it a point not to add teachers. Better they don't know what I do outside of school. Remembered stepping into the office, teacher's laptop all showing facebook waow.

Printed pictures stuck them onto my large red post-bound self-adhesive photo album. About 300 pictures, 100 costs about RM44. Ya I like photos. Sim Kuan asked me if someone wanted to rob my house, what would be the most precious thing they'd take? I said my photo albums. Sim Kuan was like, "why would a stranger want your photos?". AHAHAHHA yeahhh but that would be my precious thing. Memories. :)

Family of iPhone. You can tell I was very bored, running around looking for things to photographs. Dad likes to sign up for all those data plans, get iPhone on the cheap. I like using iPhone... it's like once you've gone black you can't go back. Using other handphone feels odd and ...unnatural.

Was listening to some music on Youtube. And my head always bobs to the rhythm. The new maid was staring at me. She does not know the art of averting your gaze when the duration gets awkward. SERIOUSLY LA WTF she observes me like I'm an E.T.


Oh she just asked if I'd like Apple Juice. Wow, I want. AHAHAHAHHA. Ate some pizza just now. WOW. Must exercise later. BLAHHH. And for everytime she stares at me I'm going to raise one quizzical eyebrow until she gets it. OH MA GOSHNESS.

Hmmm. Some of them ponteng and when shopping. So shiok. @#$%^. Me, ponteng already stepping on fine line, somemore say want go shopping, sure can't. :(


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Happy :)

Today was a lazy day. Flop around concourse waiting for them to do Academic Week stuffs. Did quiz for Commerce. Elimated first round. ALOLOL. But I don't mind much because it's a group thing.

I like toting a novel around when I know there's waiting involved. Ummm. Nerdy much? :) It's thrifty, portable and instant entertainment! But I didn't read much, got too distracted by friends. And you can count your reading speed. Words per minute. Try it.

I got 561wpm. Nothing too spectacular, the outstanding ones go like 1000wpm. But ordinary people who don't read much go somewhere around 200wpm. Okay enough nerd talk.

Chatted with Sim Kuan and Mei Yen about sex and the type of guys we'd like bla bla bla. Sim Kuan complains Mei Yen's a prude because she kept snickering and thinks sex is disgusting. LOLOL. Sim Kuan kept swooning over guy's arms. Her fetish.

Me, I like guys who are tall, tanned and manly. Like those in Boss perfume ads. Just sayin'. AHAHAHA.

Perhaps like this David Gandy dude, but younger and more boy-ish. But most important would be having the feel. And yeah, being very sayang and manja is also nice. But yeah David Gandy looks pretty hot.

Mei Yen's type is like the opposite of ours. Pale, pasty, puny. OH MA GOD. HOW TO FEEL SAFE?!?!?! AAHHAA. And then Sim Kuan said if there's guys we don't like we just give it to Mei Yen. But good also, won't fall for the same guy. xD

Oh yeah. They asked why I don't sit there anymore. Lol. Glad they asked. I dunno. I dowan to cramp things up. And school, many cliques. Every class, different gangs also. Sometimes, I jump here jump there. Lolol. And oooh. Love outings. Want. :)

Dad came home with a lot of goodies from the night market. The peanut crispy apum balik thingy. Sweetcorn. Watermelon. Yum. New maid. Going to miss Chan. Gramma teaching new maid to cook.

Buttt, I get careful never to develop personal attachments to maid because they all leave someday. And they should, they deserve a chance to live out their own life, start their own family.

Oh yeah. Won brownies from Mei Yen. We played a game to see who would swear first. EHEHEHE. Girls swear not good. Unlady-like.

Ya that's all. Happy. No reason. Just happy. Happy being me. Happy being Karen. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Maybe fall flat on my face and go down in the dumps someday. Mood changes like the weather. But whatever. :)))))))))

Sunday, 10 April 2011

IR Night & Sanctuary

The night finally came. IR Night. Masquerade. It wasn't what I expected, but I wouldn't say I regret going because I'd take any excuse to dress up and go out with friends. Tee Hee!

Nicole, Mei Yen and Sim Kuan came to my house for Qi Yao to pick us up. Sim Kuan decided to come last minute. Hehe. When they came I wasn't ready at all. Pwoar whoar, 3 of them wore black coincidentally. Women in Black. My dress was white.

I like dresses. They have a fairy-tale like quality. Hmm. Should buy some. Don't have many, the problem with dresses is that they're not for repeated wearing. The novelty wears off. Sim Kuan did my makeup. AHAHAHA she's good. She takes it seriously. They was she looks at you is like she's examining a work in process. Did the liquid eyeliner thingie. Taylor Momsen overdos it so bad. Panda eyes. Mine was harder to work on because I had tapered crease for my double eyelid. Narrow space to work with alololo.

Okay. When we finished getting ready we went to meet up with Daniel they all. The guys were setting their hair. OH MA GOD. A few driving. Qi Yao the only legal one. AHAHHAHA. I like sitting with licensed drivers.

The people I knew who went were:
  1. Qi Yao
  2. Chun Moon
  3. Mei Yen
  4. Sim Kuan
  5. Choon Lam
  6. King Jiat
  7. Siet Yen
  8. Li Chen
  9. Ming Chun
  10. Xian Jiong
  11. Cheng How
  12. Min Limn
  13. Daniel
  14. Phin Chin
That's about it. 4 cars went together. That Mutiara Complex thing. Felt a bit odd to wear formal dress there. The place was a bit like The Store. But inside was okay lah. Li Chen kept complaining about her heels. Siet Yen is the master of tolerating pain to attain beauty. I think so. Got a lot of training!

The dress. Also tight. Hard to breathe when we sit. But we look like soooo okay on the surface.

Inside, we thought there would be tables to sit. Like formal dinner. Nooo, the hall was clear, except for some tables and chairs at the side. Dark with some disco lighting going on. ALOLOL. Performances on stage. Bands. A guy with flippy hair, banging on his guitar. A female dance group dancing. Doing sexy numbers, crowd hollering like hell.

Didn't eat much. They served buffet, but dinner was not the main point of the night. More like what's happening on stage. Didn't even wear the mask. Except once, for the camera.

Half the gang went to Secret Recipe halfway. Waited for them to finish their food and then went for second round. At The Curve.

Inside the car was all the girls in Qi Yao's car. Siet Yen followed Choon Lam. Farney. Mei Yen kept shouting and singing along to the songs. Li Chen and Qi Yao kept arguing about the right directions.

Xian Jiong was following his car. At the junction, saw his car break like turtle beside us. Damn naughty. Rolled down the windows and flipped him the bird in response to his driving skills. HAHAHA OH MY, that was satisfying. He's driving manual, have to switch gears all the time lah.

Qi Yao's car was the first to arrive, so we waited the longest. Choon Lam got lost on the way and went to... KL. Did what first? Camwhored. Mei Yen and I have pretty identical cameras. But I got it first, love the dual screen plenty much, man. <3 Going to bring it to the photo shop and print out the memories. Bought a big ass self-adhesive album too. But, important to have fun first, THENNN take pictures.

Initially wanted to try going Sanctuary, sat for a while then left before ordering. Lol. Because, no stage. How to dance? Went back to Laundry. Ordered some Grape-flavoured cocktail. I like Chun Moon's drink. Tried all of them. His was some white wine, I think.

But nooo, didn't get drunk this time. Drink already didn't high, straight away headache. @#$%#. I like the music. But okay. Got limit. Most, twice a month. Sumore!!! Makes you fat! Read an article.

They say your body digests alcohol into two compounds- fat and acetate. The fat will be deposited where your body usually stores fat. Acetate will be used as primary fuel. Which means that if you drink often, your body starts to rely on acetate more for fuel instead of burning fats, proteins, carbs and whatnot. So the unburned fats/proteins/carbs get deposited to your wasteline. BEER BELLY, SHIT.

Control. :) Went home, sleep. Dad asked me if I went to disco the next morning. He asked it like a common question, like going movies or reading a book. Wow. Maybe he's not that uncool after all. AHAHAHHA. I was like, "Urr... watched performance." Which was true also.

And I wished life was simpler, but the problem is I'm not sure what made is complicated in the first place. Okay. Maybe I have a simple life but a complicated mind.


Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dot dot

School school school. Came back from visiting Dad in the hospital. Quite far, saw KLCC. So bright and shiny, two glamorous corn stalks. Skipping school tomorrow. Stay at home and stream movies illegally. Oh my.

Attending Kepong Baru's Internation Relationship Night. Some masquerade thingy. Eheheheh. Quite some of the Bestarians going cos a few came from KB. Sometimes I get curious about government school, been in SSB all my life.

Well well, last year of high school. IR Night, Prom Night, Concert Day. Whatever. Go all. Tick, tick, tick. And then watch all these stuff on Gossip Girl. So pretty. Pretty dresses. Pretty people.

I'm bored, I'm happy, I'm clueless. Mood swings? Don't know. Doesn't matter if I feel down because the only constant is change. Quite possibly. And when you're rock bottom, the only way is up.

Come back from school, tired. Online. Watch TV. Draw. Do homework. Read. Come, something explosive happen in my life. Boom me to the sky. Take me high.


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Report card day

Trying to do spongebob teeth but looks like I'm trying to say the F-word. Fail, trololol.

Today's report card day, andddd also april fool. Can say we got more mature, less people playing april fool. :) Remembered when in primary or something the whole day people's wariness and suspiciousness will be up a thousand-fold.

"Money on the floor!". NA-DA. Nat told me a friend got fooled over and over again. Asked her why, because she loves money. Lol.

Report card... ahemmm.... 5 As, a bit of luck cos it's the first test. My dad blind to the presence of As. Only see the bad ones. HMPH. Only got 2 very bad lah! But let him say until want die.

Ponteng to watch Basketball MSSD yesterday. Straight say I "ponteng". Teacher asked us one by one. Basketball match, hmm quite exciting. Especially when the "pro" teams come out. They run faster and aim better. Feel like watching Slam Dunk now.

Also good time to spot cute guys. Muahahaha, play sports is already a plus. It's nice to see someone doing their "thing". SMK Seri Garing was good. Our Under 18 lost, Under 15 won.
The coach very geram! Because when they lose he feels the pain. Lolol. One point he kicked the chair.

Tired. Need to wake up early tomorrow. Ching Ming stuff. OWH SHITTT. Sleep in the car. Internet keeps me awake often. :/