Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Happy :)

Today was a lazy day. Flop around concourse waiting for them to do Academic Week stuffs. Did quiz for Commerce. Elimated first round. ALOLOL. But I don't mind much because it's a group thing.

I like toting a novel around when I know there's waiting involved. Ummm. Nerdy much? :) It's thrifty, portable and instant entertainment! But I didn't read much, got too distracted by friends. And you can count your reading speed. Words per minute. Try it.


I got 561wpm. Nothing too spectacular, the outstanding ones go like 1000wpm. But ordinary people who don't read much go somewhere around 200wpm. Okay enough nerd talk.

Chatted with Sim Kuan and Mei Yen about sex and the type of guys we'd like bla bla bla. Sim Kuan complains Mei Yen's a prude because she kept snickering and thinks sex is disgusting. LOLOL. Sim Kuan kept swooning over guy's arms. Her fetish.

Me, I like guys who are tall, tanned and manly. Like those in Boss perfume ads. Just sayin'. AHAHAHA.

Perhaps like this David Gandy dude, but younger and more boy-ish. But most important would be having the feel. And yeah, being very sayang and manja is also nice. But yeah David Gandy looks pretty hot.

Mei Yen's type is like the opposite of ours. Pale, pasty, puny. OH MA GOD. HOW TO FEEL SAFE?!?!?! AAHHAA. And then Sim Kuan said if there's guys we don't like we just give it to Mei Yen. But good also, won't fall for the same guy. xD

Oh yeah. They asked why I don't sit there anymore. Lol. Glad they asked. I dunno. I dowan to cramp things up. And school, many cliques. Every class, different gangs also. Sometimes, I jump here jump there. Lolol. And oooh. Love outings. Want. :)

Dad came home with a lot of goodies from the night market. The peanut crispy apum balik thingy. Sweetcorn. Watermelon. Yum. New maid. Going to miss Chan. Gramma teaching new maid to cook.

Buttt, I get careful never to develop personal attachments to maid because they all leave someday. And they should, they deserve a chance to live out their own life, start their own family.

Oh yeah. Won brownies from Mei Yen. We played a game to see who would swear first. EHEHEHE. Girls swear not good. Unlady-like.

Ya that's all. Happy. No reason. Just happy. Happy being me. Happy being Karen. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA.

Maybe fall flat on my face and go down in the dumps someday. Mood changes like the weather. But whatever. :)))))))))

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