Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Dot dot

School school school. Came back from visiting Dad in the hospital. Quite far, saw KLCC. So bright and shiny, two glamorous corn stalks. Skipping school tomorrow. Stay at home and stream movies illegally. Oh my.

Attending Kepong Baru's Internation Relationship Night. Some masquerade thingy. Eheheheh. Quite some of the Bestarians going cos a few came from KB. Sometimes I get curious about government school, been in SSB all my life.

Well well, last year of high school. IR Night, Prom Night, Concert Day. Whatever. Go all. Tick, tick, tick. And then watch all these stuff on Gossip Girl. So pretty. Pretty dresses. Pretty people.

I'm bored, I'm happy, I'm clueless. Mood swings? Don't know. Doesn't matter if I feel down because the only constant is change. Quite possibly. And when you're rock bottom, the only way is up.

Come back from school, tired. Online. Watch TV. Draw. Do homework. Read. Come, something explosive happen in my life. Boom me to the sky. Take me high.


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