Sunday, 10 April 2011

IR Night & Sanctuary

The night finally came. IR Night. Masquerade. It wasn't what I expected, but I wouldn't say I regret going because I'd take any excuse to dress up and go out with friends. Tee Hee!

Nicole, Mei Yen and Sim Kuan came to my house for Qi Yao to pick us up. Sim Kuan decided to come last minute. Hehe. When they came I wasn't ready at all. Pwoar whoar, 3 of them wore black coincidentally. Women in Black. My dress was white.

I like dresses. They have a fairy-tale like quality. Hmm. Should buy some. Don't have many, the problem with dresses is that they're not for repeated wearing. The novelty wears off. Sim Kuan did my makeup. AHAHAHA she's good. She takes it seriously. They was she looks at you is like she's examining a work in process. Did the liquid eyeliner thingie. Taylor Momsen overdos it so bad. Panda eyes. Mine was harder to work on because I had tapered crease for my double eyelid. Narrow space to work with alololo.

Okay. When we finished getting ready we went to meet up with Daniel they all. The guys were setting their hair. OH MA GOD. A few driving. Qi Yao the only legal one. AHAHHAHA. I like sitting with licensed drivers.

The people I knew who went were:
  1. Qi Yao
  2. Chun Moon
  3. Mei Yen
  4. Sim Kuan
  5. Choon Lam
  6. King Jiat
  7. Siet Yen
  8. Li Chen
  9. Ming Chun
  10. Xian Jiong
  11. Cheng How
  12. Min Limn
  13. Daniel
  14. Phin Chin
That's about it. 4 cars went together. That Mutiara Complex thing. Felt a bit odd to wear formal dress there. The place was a bit like The Store. But inside was okay lah. Li Chen kept complaining about her heels. Siet Yen is the master of tolerating pain to attain beauty. I think so. Got a lot of training!

The dress. Also tight. Hard to breathe when we sit. But we look like soooo okay on the surface.

Inside, we thought there would be tables to sit. Like formal dinner. Nooo, the hall was clear, except for some tables and chairs at the side. Dark with some disco lighting going on. ALOLOL. Performances on stage. Bands. A guy with flippy hair, banging on his guitar. A female dance group dancing. Doing sexy numbers, crowd hollering like hell.

Didn't eat much. They served buffet, but dinner was not the main point of the night. More like what's happening on stage. Didn't even wear the mask. Except once, for the camera.

Half the gang went to Secret Recipe halfway. Waited for them to finish their food and then went for second round. At The Curve.

Inside the car was all the girls in Qi Yao's car. Siet Yen followed Choon Lam. Farney. Mei Yen kept shouting and singing along to the songs. Li Chen and Qi Yao kept arguing about the right directions.

Xian Jiong was following his car. At the junction, saw his car break like turtle beside us. Damn naughty. Rolled down the windows and flipped him the bird in response to his driving skills. HAHAHA OH MY, that was satisfying. He's driving manual, have to switch gears all the time lah.

Qi Yao's car was the first to arrive, so we waited the longest. Choon Lam got lost on the way and went to... KL. Did what first? Camwhored. Mei Yen and I have pretty identical cameras. But I got it first, love the dual screen plenty much, man. <3 Going to bring it to the photo shop and print out the memories. Bought a big ass self-adhesive album too. But, important to have fun first, THENNN take pictures.

Initially wanted to try going Sanctuary, sat for a while then left before ordering. Lol. Because, no stage. How to dance? Went back to Laundry. Ordered some Grape-flavoured cocktail. I like Chun Moon's drink. Tried all of them. His was some white wine, I think.

But nooo, didn't get drunk this time. Drink already didn't high, straight away headache. @#$%#. I like the music. But okay. Got limit. Most, twice a month. Sumore!!! Makes you fat! Read an article.

They say your body digests alcohol into two compounds- fat and acetate. The fat will be deposited where your body usually stores fat. Acetate will be used as primary fuel. Which means that if you drink often, your body starts to rely on acetate more for fuel instead of burning fats, proteins, carbs and whatnot. So the unburned fats/proteins/carbs get deposited to your wasteline. BEER BELLY, SHIT.

Control. :) Went home, sleep. Dad asked me if I went to disco the next morning. He asked it like a common question, like going movies or reading a book. Wow. Maybe he's not that uncool after all. AHAHAHHA. I was like, "Urr... watched performance." Which was true also.

And I wished life was simpler, but the problem is I'm not sure what made is complicated in the first place. Okay. Maybe I have a simple life but a complicated mind.


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