Friday, 29 April 2011

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday

A week can be gone gone before you realize it.

In class we sit in rows of 4. I like my row. MUAHAHAHA. Like family. There's Gary, Oscar, Me and then Shao Yang. Gary is the kid who pick up fights with Oscar. Oscar is my pet.

He has static hair, when you throw a ruler to his head it'll bounce back (proven). I petted him and he growled when he got angry. HAHAHAH. I like it when people cooperate being sampat with me. Shao Yang is the one who likes to joke around and tease people.

Our teacher sat on the table and the table fell down before our eyes. Yeah, it buckled under the weight and start disassembling itself. SY whispered, "One word... HEAVY!". But sometimes his sharp tongue gets him into trouble. Actually, all the time.

And he likes to put it in my mind that when choosing a partner the first thing you should look for is $$$. What car does he drive? Where does he live? Money equals power and power is sexy but no, don't get a guy because he's rich. Leapfrog the guy and go straight for the money. Get a guy for who he is.

Was supposed to do Literature assignment, three of us were online except for Gary. The only one who didn't do. We blocked him and pretended we were offline for the day. Silent treatment hohoho. Three of us also got demerit for eating. Picnic. SY had biscuits. I had some sour candy Mei Yen gave. :D

Mmm, pretty used to hanging out with guys now. 80% guys in my class. :) Plus, during outings it's almost certainly more guys than girls. Guys go out more. Why? Parents forbid girls to stay out late. :(

But no I like, my parents are pretty free. But compare to my brother I still lose. Mostly I tell them I want to go out. I don't ask them if I can go out. But then when I go out too much they'll nag. Mmm of course of course. As long as my gender doesn't become a disability.

Was supposed to go to Sephora with Jin Fye and Sim Kuan but Jin Fye couldn't make it last minute. Accompany mummy to embassy as translator. AHAHAHA. It's dissapointing when people cancel plans but sometimes things crop up last minute. High standards because I keep a good record, seldom every FFK! :D

I used to be repulsed of make up but no now I've grown up and seen what it can do. It's useful to cover flaws and blemishes and to enhance your beauty. Don't go overboard thoughhh.

Mmm this has been out for long but it's soooo cute.... Cuteness wins everything.

The compact thing I got after Sim Kuan used it on me. !@#$%. Saw Siet Yen and Xuan touching up with it when they come to my house too. Made me so curious. Eff. HAHAHA. I didn't know it was the one at first because it was displayed with the brush and Sim Kuan had hers with only the sponge.

I have been eating without a care in the world. It is joyful and relaxing until the consequences become evident. That's when you have to stop. Usually my body automatically tells me this as I will get sick/sore throat/blah.

And also it seems that people who exercise look better than the people who diet to lose weight. The former gains muscle tone and makes the body healtheir while the latter have to occasionally starve themselves and lose "false weight" (water weight, muscle tissues).

Blah !@#$% a lot of pressure to stay skinny and whatnot... When someone tells them you're fat, tell them you have curves. But no, having a tummy roll is not the curve I'm talking about. Having some hips maybe hmm yes. Note to self- should get exercising blablabla.

Ahhh life. What would life be without shopping? Materials to pore over eyes over and fill our hearts with desire. The other day there was also a mini catwalk at KLCC. It wasn't big but it was just as fascinating to watch. Models like dolls, hangers for clothes. Mmm nice yes I want to be a fashion designer.

For Art Portfolio I chose to do a makeup comic. Which is good as I can discover makeup. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA MATERIALS.

Interesting in Royal/Victorian Fashion after seeing the whole Prince William and Kate Middleton Wedding. Research research draw draw draw.

Have a good life bye~! :))

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