Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Urr. Forgot to blog until I saw the photos Jun Wen uploaded. Last Saturday! Went to 1u with JunWen ChunMoon QiYao. Last minute go one ehehehe.

Watched "Ghost Must Be Crazy". The movie shoooo funny. xDD We get the Singaporean humour. And then there's slangs like "Pattern", "On". Sit beside JunWen, laughing is damn contagious. Umm. QiYao scared to sit beside me because I have a tendency to be very noisy in cinemas. Ahemm got shushed thrice this year.

Went to Chanel after that to get the compact powder thing. AHAHAHA. Tried SimKuan's, and then I was like, "I wantttt". So annoying, everytime see people use it. Xuan, SietYen. Hmph, I'm going to be one of them too. But sadly left it in QiYao's car. !@#$%^

There, saw JunWen's sister letting people do her makeup. So shiok. And then later we accompanied her grab some sushi at Sushi Zanmai, yummyheaven. Tried this chocolate parfait thing. Her sis treated us. Ehehehe.

Went to SietYen's BBQ next. Fun. But okay whatever we did there stays there shhhh...

School, ummm, bored. So hard to concentrate. So hard to lift up the pencil and utilize my brain. Sometimes I worry about stuff when I'm too free. Shush, dunwan.

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