Thursday, 14 April 2011


Hi. Ponteng today. Class teacher asking me the cause of my absence. AHAHAHA FACEBOOK. But I make it a point not to add teachers. Better they don't know what I do outside of school. Remembered stepping into the office, teacher's laptop all showing facebook waow.

Printed pictures stuck them onto my large red post-bound self-adhesive photo album. About 300 pictures, 100 costs about RM44. Ya I like photos. Sim Kuan asked me if someone wanted to rob my house, what would be the most precious thing they'd take? I said my photo albums. Sim Kuan was like, "why would a stranger want your photos?". AHAHAHHA yeahhh but that would be my precious thing. Memories. :)

Family of iPhone. You can tell I was very bored, running around looking for things to photographs. Dad likes to sign up for all those data plans, get iPhone on the cheap. I like using iPhone... it's like once you've gone black you can't go back. Using other handphone feels odd and ...unnatural.

Was listening to some music on Youtube. And my head always bobs to the rhythm. The new maid was staring at me. She does not know the art of averting your gaze when the duration gets awkward. SERIOUSLY LA WTF she observes me like I'm an E.T.


Oh she just asked if I'd like Apple Juice. Wow, I want. AHAHAHAHHA. Ate some pizza just now. WOW. Must exercise later. BLAHHH. And for everytime she stares at me I'm going to raise one quizzical eyebrow until she gets it. OH MA GOSHNESS.

Hmmm. Some of them ponteng and when shopping. So shiok. @#$%^. Me, ponteng already stepping on fine line, somemore say want go shopping, sure can't. :(


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