Sunday, 24 April 2011


Sundays. Always for shopping. Church, Tea, Shopping. Relaxxxx :)
Went shopping for dresses. Hmm, bought 3 cocktail dresses. I'm not even going to describe how it looks. Supriseee. Dresses are a novelty. Party party. There's Ci Min's one this Saturday.

Wowow, she said about 40 plus people are going. Sponsoring too. Rules- when it's a birthday party and they're sponsoring, get a gooood gift. Literally invited myself in muahahahha I want parties. The rate of parties in SSB is like... hmmm about one or two each month.

Now more cos' we're older and cooler. Can fly with our car. :D And shit, still haven't take damn undang. So jealous hearing Sim Kuan describe her driving lessons. :(

And yesssh if you want to go parties don't want for people to call you, the hostess can't care for so many things. Take the liberty to invite yourself. AHAHAHA. But yeah should see the situation too. Don't force it. Anyway, when you start going to parties frequently people will remember to call you.

Went KLCC. Zara, Topshop, sometimes it feels like high street shops are better to shop in because you don't have to deal with pushy salesperson or feel awkward hastily grabbing the clothes. In couture shops you have to act more... cool. And then somemore eager salespersons makes me feel complied to buy their stuff.

Chinoz is nice for having tea. They have the whole sandwich and cakes on tiered platter thing going on. I'd want to try having a true English tea time.. party. Shiok. Want. Om nom nom nom.

Oh yeah, Easter! Church had a dance performance. Umm. Almost all the youth joined. I didn't... lazy... When you try to run away from responsibilties, people can detect it. The flakiness, the difficulty of trying to latch on responsibilities on you. They learn not to depend on you. I don't know it that's good or bad. xD

Distracted, too. Facebook facebook. !@#$%. Study more okay. But it's tiring, when I come home at 4 I feel like taking a nap and idling away. Government school so relax, 1 plus finish school. Wow. Like holiday everyday. Hmm. But also good, I don't have tuition! <3

Suprisingly, Melyvn doesn't study at SSB anymore. What I heard was that he stole a laptop from Pn.Siti and then Encik Wan asked him to "stop schooling" at SSB. He returned the laptop and said he didn't steal it hmm I don't know??? Woah suprisingly really. o.o

Maybe he'll find a better life somewhere... he doesn't really fit in well here. It's not nice to be the butt of jokes all the timeee.

Ohhh. Umm. "Fraped" Nicholas. Facebook rape. AHAHAHAH. Posted "I'm so cute" using his Blackberry. He told me to watch out my iPhone next time. I will be careful. :) iPhone can have passcode lock somemore, loveeee.

Ohh I can't really remember what to write anymore. My mind is constantly blank. Being stupid and too lazy to care is relaxing... in a bad way! :D Yes yes, study study. Mid term.

Ass, just now there was a notification saying I exceeded this month's data usage. So to punish me they will make my internet slow like a tortoise. SO MEAN. :( Fine, it's a blessing in disguise. Oh God help me be more productive. :)

Hmm. Bye! ;)

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