Saturday, 2 April 2011

Report card day

Trying to do spongebob teeth but looks like I'm trying to say the F-word. Fail, trololol.

Today's report card day, andddd also april fool. Can say we got more mature, less people playing april fool. :) Remembered when in primary or something the whole day people's wariness and suspiciousness will be up a thousand-fold.

"Money on the floor!". NA-DA. Nat told me a friend got fooled over and over again. Asked her why, because she loves money. Lol.

Report card... ahemmm.... 5 As, a bit of luck cos it's the first test. My dad blind to the presence of As. Only see the bad ones. HMPH. Only got 2 very bad lah! But let him say until want die.

Ponteng to watch Basketball MSSD yesterday. Straight say I "ponteng". Teacher asked us one by one. Basketball match, hmm quite exciting. Especially when the "pro" teams come out. They run faster and aim better. Feel like watching Slam Dunk now.

Also good time to spot cute guys. Muahahaha, play sports is already a plus. It's nice to see someone doing their "thing". SMK Seri Garing was good. Our Under 18 lost, Under 15 won.
The coach very geram! Because when they lose he feels the pain. Lolol. One point he kicked the chair.

Tired. Need to wake up early tomorrow. Ching Ming stuff. OWH SHITTT. Sleep in the car. Internet keeps me awake often. :/

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