Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fly away

Went to take Undang.

Wait, before getting the license, take a moment to dream what car first...

I feel you creeping, I can see it from my shadow
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo~

Know what song? :)

I'm going to have it in 3 different colours. Easy to match my outfits, hor. Lol. Lamborghini too cool. Cannot afford. :( Dream on. <3

Look at how the Italian police roll.

This is cute but I don't think it exist as a legible car to drive. I wonder why hasn't someone created animal-shaped cars for the masses. WHY CANNOT? So fun. Caterpillar, elephant, ladybird, hippotamus... I'd throw away my sportscar to ride in a bunnycar.

Dream car number 3. This pink mini cooper lookalike. For some reason I think of Mr.Bean when I see this car. Look at it. So cute you feel like picking it up and putting it in your pocket. But I think it's too vintage, so therefore it only belongs in my dreams.

Okay, this is the reality car. The one I want and think I can have. Baby blue Volkswagen Beetle. Convertible, too. I like cars that are.. compact. Easy to park. Cute. Like it came out of cartoon world.


Reality is I want to study overseas, and therefore buying a good new car would be a waste because who would use it when I'm gone?! So what I'm getting would be...

*drum roll****

A second-hand Myvi!

HAHAHAHA. I don't mind.... As long as it looks new. If it looks ugly I'll give it a paint job. Also good to have lousy car for beginner, wouldn't mind getting scratches and smashes. I am clumsy okay. Impossible I won't get accidents. Lol, how I love life.

Having a car is like granting yourself a pair of wings. You can cover a much better distance. And don't you hate it when the absence of transportation means the absence of an outing? Now, no excuse. FLY FLY FLY.

But to fly... you have to go through trials and tribulations...

Today was the start. Taking the undang. The prawn. Theng Loo famously mentioned it as "udang". I was half an hour late. But I still had to wait for half an hour more. So in a sense, it was good to dilly-dally.

Went with Mei Yen. Bring a friend along. Damn boring. Met a guy from SMK Menjalara. Randomly talked to people. Lol. We went to the place where we registered, and then to the driving institute.

Wait wait wait. Played with handphone. Read books. I brought magazines. But the chairs where those half-assed, half a table chair where you can flip up and down. My butt too awesome, kept hitting that thing.

What he talked about? I dunno. Ran through the steps to get the final CDL License. Fell asleep halfway. Stupid chair not comfortable. Came home slept again K.O for 3 hours.


But when I can fly, oh dear, all of this will be worth it. <3

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Walk walk

The Curve. Been there 3rd Saturday in a row. Hohoho. My brother fetched me there. Once in a blue moon. <3

The main thing was the iPhone case. My iPhone was naked for so long. Sigh... such a pleasure to look at. In-your-face, pukey, girly-assed pink. Why in the world not? My life is complete.

Watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Mei Yen and Natalie. I wuv-ed it. I cried a bit. HAHAHAHA. Something to do with abandonment. :( There was even baby version of Po. I don't usually cry during movies. Especially during breakups or dramatic arguing where you're supposed to get worked up. I cry over... movies about dogs. Cartoons. Toy Story 3. Lol. :X

Reading Vivi. Because of Xuan. ;) Usually it's Vogue. Harper's Bazaar. Glamour. It's where you learn about designers. But hey, some Asianness is good. Lena is everywhere. That girl. "Why is she so famous?", I asked Xuan. "Flirty enough". Lolol. I like to see the before and after makeup section. The Japanese girls... so good. Slit eyes to big eyes.

Want to see how far makeup can take you?

Natural beauty is good. Thing is, not everyone's natural beauty is soo.... beautiful. ...So what? Fake it till you make it. Believe in yourself. Maybe... some people are born less than pretty so they will learn to make themselves pretty. And then they have the skills, enabling themselves to actually be much prettier than those who are naturally pretty.

It's a superficial world out there... but wait!

So yeah.

And I had sushi. Good, good.


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

End it

Exam is stepping on my nerves. So boring, it hurts. :(

Holiday? I want to work, know how it feels to own money that is 100% yours and you've done something to deserve it. But then again, you might think why slave your ass of for hours at the end when you can get the same reward by opening your mouth to get money from you parents?

Satisfaction I guess. Experience I guess. Salesperson? Waitress? Somewhere in a shopping complex. So I can work and play at the same time. :D And meet some new people maybe. Who knows what will happen when you put yourself out there. ;)

Tried on the OPI shatter. Fun. Couldn't decide what colour. :)

Oh holidays. I'm free.

Chee Hui asked me about this piece. Googled it. Ahhh. Richard Clayderman. Annoying when you've heard a song you liked but never knew the name.

HOHOHO. Got distinction for piano theory exam. Happy happy. :)

Tomorrow no exam. Happy happy.

To-tomorrow one more exam... Acks.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's yours.

This. Current fb profile pic. :)

I think I'm in the eyeliner phase now? Blackened eyes on weekends. Hehehehohoho. Why not? Natural is nice but it's good to switch things up a bit.

I did sketch. I did, I did. I did not study. I did not, I did not.

It was church. Which means time to camwhore. The victim this time is Louise. If you're going to dress up, why not make it last? :) I can be shameless when it comes to camwhoring. Thanks to my dual LCD camera just as well.

To be good at blogging might be a bit narcissistic. If you aren't interested in yourself, why would others be? I don't mind if no one reads my blog, I'd still think that my happenings are worth documenting. If someone tells them they love me, I might say... I love me too. <3

No, not. I love you too. ;))

Bought the long white bohemian skirt from Kitschen yesterday. I remembered seeing Sienna Miller and hating the bohemian style. It looked rustic and lived-in. But hey, you have to try something before you judge it.

A little bohemian is nice. Ahhh. I feel tall in that skirt. But I keep stepping it. Which reminded me my legs weren't long enough to carry the skirt. And. The car door kept eating my skirt like a venus flytrap when I shut it. But it feels ethereal. Oh so flowy.

Oh Pavillion! Materialism, also guilty. But fashion designers are materialistic by nature just as nerds are academic by nature. Why? Materials aren't just materials to them- it's a form of Art. But...still materials. Hahahhaa. It's a materialistic world we're living in. ;)

I bumped into Xuan, Wendy and Jason. Last week it was Weng Hock. I love the surprise and spontaneity of it. <3 I like spontaneous outings, ones where I call up a friend last minute to go out. The rush rush of it is exciting. A bit mental to like it... but I can't help.

With the usual, it's planning a few days before. I like surprise rather than anticipation. I hate waiting. Hate it, hate it. Don't waste my time.


La Bodega. And Xuan is only taller because her heels was higher. !@#$%^ Jealous :( Wtf. Am I going to have a Napoleon Complex soon? The other day Chin Zhin (he's Form 3) told me I looked like a Form 4. Why? My height. !@#$%^&.

Okay lah in school I look kiddier. Younger than my age. Outside I look older than my age. People straightaway ask if I'm working. If I say no they ask what college. HAHAHHA. :D Like when I was looking at Thierry Mugler watches today. Saw from StarMag. Wow. They're good.

This. They have two pieces left. But another colour, like hell I'm going to say. :P But.. I don't know how to save. How much I get is how much I spend. I can never stand window shopping as well. It's horribly sadistic to see something you like and not be able to buy it.

And, what to do. Asians are petite. Petite. Petite sounds better than short. Petite means smaller frame. You can be short and fat. I am petite. I went jogging. I DON'T WANT TO BE FAT.

Cannot. Absolutely helpless when it comes to dieting. So when I get fat, I can only exercise it off. Food is too good to resist, I am unable to follow Kate Moss's "nothing taste as good as skinny feels".

Jason and Wendy. :)) It was Jason's birthday a few days ago. Mister Garrett's one today. Hahahah. Busy guy today. Gave sermon, wow wow wow. And? Seeing guys in plaid/check dress shirts a lot. Nice! I like guys who dress up formal a bit. :D

And you know when a guy sneeze and he keeps it in until all you can hear is a tiny squeak? They say those guys are bad at sex because they are too uptight. How to *** when they're too shy to sneeze? Hahahahah. I dunno. I read this from some magazine.

Of course there's also the thing where a guy's ring finger is supposed to be longer than his index fingers. And that remember to clean your mirror or they'll reflect negative energy. This was from the papers. I do read newspaper you know? Like, everyday. Now let me dump all this superstitous stichies on you.

Bought some sandals. Because they matched my nail polish. And then bought more nail polish. It ended up costing more than more sandals. Lol? :/

One of them was OPI Shatter. Saw it on Bromyn. It looked awesome. I like nail polish, you can use it on schooldays(pedi anyways) and it lasts longer than makeup. And I wanted to buy something from Sephora. I ended up needing ten cents more. Now I know the importance of a measly ten cents. Lama-lama jadi bukit!

Anddd, I was productive today. Hohoho. Usually my day has periods of idling and laying around. And next time I don't want to do stuff that requires me to wake up before 9. I am crap in the morning.

Night owl.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Just curious

Above is Maslow's pyramid of needs. :) Some of you may recognize this, if you studied Commerce. It popped out in my mind because I was feeling whiny over trivial things while there's people out their struggling for their survival. It's the whole clichéd scene.

You see, when you have your safety and physiological needs covered you have more time to worry about trivial things. Heck, I want drama. I'm that bored.

I snapped at people today. People who were being friendly. I'm feeling anti-social, and it's not even period. I can't blame it on PMS. Wtf. Alright, I'll blame it on exams. But don't mention that I'm emo, I'll probably get over it.

When people ask if I'm feeling sad/okay it only ever makes things worse. You're implying that I look sad. Even if I'm not sad, I'd think I look sad and was subconsciously sad. But if you're my close friend and you see my mouth scrunched up, do ask. I might just release my problems on you. Hehehhoho.

But I'm not someone who's sad all the time. I think my neutral face looks too cool. Sometimes I wake up and forget that I was sad. Hahahaha. I like listening to people's problems, it makes my problems less lonely. But I hate it when people are sad for things that aren't worth it. They're blinding their path to happiness.

What's most important in my life? Happiness. Things that bring happiness. People. Doing what I like. And then money. That's all I know for now. I can't wait to get out of Malaysia. Live in New York or London, have the fucking world beneath my feet. Okay? 20 years old to 30 years old. I'll live my life to the darnest. Do everything. Strive like crazy. Yes to everything.

I want to be in a place where people make an effort to be dress up and presentable. It makes everything looks much more fine and exciting, I want to be surrounded with people who believe in themselves. The hard truth is that people do care about appearance.

Today was Moral, possibly the lamest subject on Earth. I don't know why the Ministry of Education thought it was correct to produce moral-minded civilians by making them memorize the definition word by word. If they ever memorize, it's just to fill up their test papers.

Everyone can understand what "Honesty" is, but not everyone will have the same definition word by word. Doesn't mean that it's not in the syllabus, it's wrong. That's just horribly narrow-minded.

The education system is dead. Input input no output. Memorize. Test-oriented and academically-inclined. They don't give much shit about creativity.

They think I'm still taking Chemistry. I'm planning not to come on SPM. Last year they told us we could drop the subject this year and now they tell us, oh, there's been a mistake. You have to take it. Fuck you. I already stopped paying attention last year. Why would I study a subject I knew I could and would drop?

They say psychologically-speaking, if you had a crush on someone for more than 4 months you've already fallen in love. What if I say I've never fallen in love? The feeling dissipates, evaporates and fades before even reaching its pinnacle.

Now this is something I've confessed. You suckers are lucky to hear it. I apologize for the vulgar language today. But it serves as an effective outlet sometimes.

Bye fuckers. You know I love you,

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Brain dominance and ambitions

Holiday. Hardly feel like studying. Experiencing inertia. Physics oh physics. My brain is floppy when it comes to calculations. Remember formula, do calculations, my brain can't cope with that. History and Commerce I like. Read, understand. Highlight main points. Done.


Test your brain dominance. :) What I've got:

Type of Cognitive Processing

Brief Description

HolisitcProcessing information from whole to part; sees the big picture first, not the details.
Random Processing information with out priority, jumps form one task to another.
Concrete Processes things that can be seen , or touched - real objects.
IntuitiveProcesses information based on whether or not it feels right know answer but not sure how it was derived.
NonverbalProcesses thought as illustrations.
Fantasy-Oriented Processes information with creativity; less focus on rules and regulations

I'm predictably right-handed. You know the criss-cross theory where right-handed people supposedly use the left brain of the brain most? My left brain is practically useless. I'm hopeless when it comes to technical problems, logical reasoning, blah. I don't care, I want things to be free.

Which is also stupid for me to go to Science stream. ALOLOL. But I'll lug it through. :D

Hahhaha. I dream a lot. Art is heaven. Art found in architechture, fashion, literature, music whatever. It's fun to explore those. It's an expression of our ideas, our culture, the deftness of our minds in creating something.

Good thing? Creative and conceptual. Bad thing? Sloppy and flaky. You can think out of the box, but you end up being too unstructured and not following rules. :)

See which one are you :)

Oh Art Art! Keep up drawing. Post more soon. This one is an old one. :)

Fifi Lapin! :)

The rabbit instead of a human figure, where she wears clothes from the runway modified to her bunny size. Cute! Saw the book at Kinokuniya.

Kinokuniya is The Shit for bookstores. Thank God for it. I like upstairs, where they stash reference books on Art and Photography and Whatnot.

I bought this thingy called the Teen Vogue Handbook. People in the fashion industry- editors, designers, models, tell you what it's like to be them and how to get there. Mmm, motivation for me. I bought it partly because there was... 25% discount from The Star. :D

A lot of them came from freaking Parsons New School of Design. It's baffling how they churn out so many designers who become world-famous. Eff. It's like the holy grail. Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Anna Sui... the alumni is so huge.

Ha. I want to work overseas. Fashion in Malaysia is like a dead industry. Slow on the uptake. How many of Malaysians know who Alexander Wang is? Tom Ford? Mario Testino? Daria Werbowy? Natalie Vadionova? Karl Lagerfeld? John Galliano?

When they think about fashion, high fashion, it's always LV-monogrammed in your face handbags. Gucci monogrammed in your face handbags.

Paris, London, New York, ulalala~ Watching Gossip Girl, reading Vogue. You become so immersed in their culture. It's enticing. The glamour. The art. The beauty of everything.

:) Just dreaming. I'll find my way in there someday.

Till then.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hehehehhohohoo, church. Long time didn't see petpet Xuan at church already. She MIA for about a month. No one to camwhore with.

Camwhored when pastor was preaching today. Hand itchy.... couldn't control. If I was a pastor and someone camwhored like a vain being while I was giving a sermon, I'd have to resist the urge not to the throw a bottle at myself. HAHAHHAHHA. I'm so cute.

Did makeup. I crayoned my eyelid. It is pretty fun, like drawing, but on yourself. Garrett winked. And then I tried to wink. Squeezed eye shut shut shut like a glitchy person. And then the eyeliner imprinted on my bottom eyelid.

Some guys look cute when they wink. I looked like a panda after winking. ;) But at least not a raccoon à la Jennifer Humphrey.

I am not at all adventurous on makeup. It's your face, you gotta be a little conventional somehow. Crayoning my eyelids was because I saw Sim Kuan do it. Makeup is like bungee jumping, you only do it after you see someone else doing it. HEHEHHOHOH.

I wanted liquid eyeliner, but the salesperson recommended the pencil type instead. I call it a crayon because it feels like a crayon. Good also, if it was hard to apply I think I would've snapped it into half before I can finish the other eye.

And you might've noticed...




I've been using this blog for 3 years and this is the 3rd time I've changed it. :) Blog is like home, when you change the layout it takes a while to get used to. And blogging also counts a lot on mood. Like dating. Only have feel can two people date each other. Only have feel will the words come out and conjure meaningful sentences. Blogging momentum. Blogging mojo.

HEHEHEHOHO. I have the mojo today. <3 I think it's because of the new layout. I pored over every detailed of it, squeezed out my very last drop of energy to customize it. The time taken to choose the font was longer than the time taken to finish my dinner plus dessert.

OH I HAD SUSHI. YUM. A lot of raw fish. Radioactivity... literally sushi worth dying for. I'm the kind, do first and think of consequences later.

And yeah. I did study. Proud. Spent 2 hour plus on History. Miraculous, only happens once in a blue moon. :DD I have to train my attention span. Stupid Facebook. Always distract me. No actually, stupid Karen. Always get distracted. SPM HELLO.

MA DE. So annoying. WEE WANG WANG, WEE WANG. Everytime the little voice of my conscience tells me to study. Shut up can? But... have to study in order for it shut up. Both also suffer.

:) If you don't have SPM yet, forget about UPSR and PMR. Relax the way through. No use also. Just get okay results, no need to be excellent. Be excellent for SPM. Others, relax please. PMR? Get A for English, Science and Maths. Can shoot to the top class already. At least that's how things goes at my school. But hey, if you can get excellent results, go ahead. :D

Camwhore camwhore camwhore BAM

Someone I found today.

Wong Weng Hock the Thailand ambassador. Was at KLCC. You know the thing in Facebook where you check yourself in? Yeah. Thats how... we found each other. <3 HAHAHAH.

I fraped him using his iPhone.


Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Came late to school today. Umm. About 30 minutes late. But that's the good thing about being in a private school, the gate's always open! ;)) But no... saya tak mau detention. Just need to get slip from disciplin teacher. He asked why.

I said it was because I had to take care of my sick dog, which was actually true because I woke of in the middle of the night because of Chuckie. Chuckie did something very gross. Too gross to even mention. And then he wrote in the reason for being late column, "Anjing Sakit". It sounded so ridiculous I asked him to just put there "Bangun lewat".

Somemore have to stick it onto the monitoring book. Ding collected at least 10 demerit today. Wow. Umm. He and Wei Kien at it again. Wei Kien said something that aggravated him and Ding, lost it. Now Wei Kien reported to the teacher. He says if they don't do anything he's going to the police. Fuiyorh.

Came back K.O on the bed for 2 hours. Weather hot hot hot, slept without bothering to on air-cond. Woke up sweating. AHHHAA. I shall study. I miss having an active and productive brain. Shao Yang passed the laidback lifestyle. Too laidback. Teacher said both of us always low HP. :(


Sunday, 8 May 2011


Oh oh, hi hi~

Everyone seems to be in the studying mood for mid-year exams. Hmm, don't want to worry first. Have to worry(or stronger, panic) again during SPM. Why not wait till later. :))

It's already May. What have I accomplished? Umm. Done piano exam. Got a prize for highest in Commerce. Hehe, glad I won't go empty-handed for this year's Hari Anugerah. Cherlyn, wow, took highest for 8 or 9 subjects. Inhumane. <3 Hmm. Went to parties. Made friends... and then lost some.

Tried makeup. Pretty helpless. Used foundation and then forgot to use the base, so it made me break out. Used eye makeup remover for the whole face. I thought it was smart, save money. Hahahaha. Went to Sephora today! Lots of stuff to indulge yourself in.

Was supposed to be at Pavillion but I went to Fahrenheit 88 because the things I want in Pavillion are out of my league for the day. When I grow up I want to do a job I love (OH FASHION) and then get the money and spend it all because money is made to be spent.

There is also a huge scandal happening in SMK Raja Abdullah. If you don't know about it you must've been living under a rock. Hahahaha. It went on newspapers too. Video of a girl getting bullied(hair scissored off, slapped, blah) spreaded on Facebook like fire. And then someone found the person who did it, her Facebook wall was full of people cursing her. Turns out she was a scapegoat and someone else did it. That someone else is in deep shit. Stupid to film that thing in the first place.

Back to shopping. AHAHAHA. Ate at Sushi Zanmai, alone. It was okay. No one to talk to, but a lot of delicious food to concentrate on. Ahhh sushi train, choo choo choooooo. I love sushi. Therefore I love Japan. Pray for Japan.

My brain freezed. Off to bed.


Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ci Min's party

Mmm, Ci Min's birthday party yesterday night at Fullhouse, Sunway Giza. The place was so cute. :) Went up to the highest floor, Ci Min booked the whole floor. Hohoho. There was a pool table, a balcony, a DJ, a mini stage. Had buffet.

The car was to die for. I wanted to get in there and pretend driving it but the kid in there... didn't want to budge.

Who was there:
  1. Ci Min
  2. Sorei
  3. Annie
  4. Yen Theng
  5. Jun Wen
  6. Siet Yen
  7. Nicole
  8. Sim Kuan
  9. Chloe
  10. Shu Yin
  11. Pui Yee
  12. Suki
  13. Siew Wah
  14. Ji Mun
  15. Kar Man
  16. Choon Lam
  17. King Jiat
  18. Daniel
  19. Vincent
  20. Ming Chun
  21. Tc Chong
  22. Jason Chin
  23. Xian Jiong
  24. Qi Yao
  25. Vinoth
  26. Kok Leong
  27. Khar Yiep
  28. Ding
  29. Yen Shen
  30. Ping Kuang
  31. Theng Loo
  32. Cheng How
  33. Jack
  34. Jin Fye
  35. etc... end of thinking capacity

Shouted a bit too loud at the balcony. People from below stared at us. Cabut! xD They played pool after done eating. I wanted to play but couldn't, wearing a dress gives you a bit of disability sometimes. No bending over! Tc, Vincent and Daniel looked like very pretty pro in playing pool. Wooo.

The mirror outside the toilet was also fun. Create an infinity amount of yourself. Sigh... no better thing to do for a self-obsessed person.

After we finished eating, people got dragged up to the stage to dance. Jin Fye was the first. He's already famous in for dancing K-pop. Mmm sexy. Rocking the stage and doing the booty shake like nobody's business. Xuan was supposed to come to the party but didn't last minute. Hmm, imagined her dancing too. xD

Daniel leading the pack. Alololo. Damn fun to watch. ;)

Pattern time:

We tried copying people's signature pose. Siet yen's one was nice. Sexy. Arch your back, push out your chest and ass, bend your knees and put your arms on the hips. BAM!

Next was the "second round" which always happens after finishing the dinner. That's why when you book your birthday venue there should be stuff to do nearby. Movies, bars, whatever. Giza is good, a lot of restaurants, bars. But... mostly eateries.

Went to The Curve next. Was supposed to go home. Theng Loo dropped them off around my area. But I stubborn... felt like I hadn't done enough. :D Ended up watching movie until 3am. But dad was okay. Told him I was watching movie, brought back popcorn sumore. If go drink? Cannot.

Watched Fast and Furious. It was exciting, adrenaline-pumping and filled with car crashes. Go watch it. :) At one point, the people in the cinema clapped. That seldom happens. Another one which I remembered was Toy Story 3.

Before going in to the cinema, went to see Choon Lam that gang. They singing karaoke. Me, noob, don't know how to sing karaoke. Don't have the mood to sing in shopping complex. Friend's house maybe. :D Sit sit watched them sing.

It's supposed to be the Year of SPM but it feels more like the Year of Partying. Mmm exam soon. :)