Sunday, 8 May 2011


Oh oh, hi hi~

Everyone seems to be in the studying mood for mid-year exams. Hmm, don't want to worry first. Have to worry(or stronger, panic) again during SPM. Why not wait till later. :))

It's already May. What have I accomplished? Umm. Done piano exam. Got a prize for highest in Commerce. Hehe, glad I won't go empty-handed for this year's Hari Anugerah. Cherlyn, wow, took highest for 8 or 9 subjects. Inhumane. <3 Hmm. Went to parties. Made friends... and then lost some.

Tried makeup. Pretty helpless. Used foundation and then forgot to use the base, so it made me break out. Used eye makeup remover for the whole face. I thought it was smart, save money. Hahahaha. Went to Sephora today! Lots of stuff to indulge yourself in.

Was supposed to be at Pavillion but I went to Fahrenheit 88 because the things I want in Pavillion are out of my league for the day. When I grow up I want to do a job I love (OH FASHION) and then get the money and spend it all because money is made to be spent.

There is also a huge scandal happening in SMK Raja Abdullah. If you don't know about it you must've been living under a rock. Hahahaha. It went on newspapers too. Video of a girl getting bullied(hair scissored off, slapped, blah) spreaded on Facebook like fire. And then someone found the person who did it, her Facebook wall was full of people cursing her. Turns out she was a scapegoat and someone else did it. That someone else is in deep shit. Stupid to film that thing in the first place.

Back to shopping. AHAHAHA. Ate at Sushi Zanmai, alone. It was okay. No one to talk to, but a lot of delicious food to concentrate on. Ahhh sushi train, choo choo choooooo. I love sushi. Therefore I love Japan. Pray for Japan.

My brain freezed. Off to bed.


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