Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ci Min's party

Mmm, Ci Min's birthday party yesterday night at Fullhouse, Sunway Giza. The place was so cute. :) Went up to the highest floor, Ci Min booked the whole floor. Hohoho. There was a pool table, a balcony, a DJ, a mini stage. Had buffet.

The car was to die for. I wanted to get in there and pretend driving it but the kid in there... didn't want to budge.

Who was there:
  1. Ci Min
  2. Sorei
  3. Annie
  4. Yen Theng
  5. Jun Wen
  6. Siet Yen
  7. Nicole
  8. Sim Kuan
  9. Chloe
  10. Shu Yin
  11. Pui Yee
  12. Suki
  13. Siew Wah
  14. Ji Mun
  15. Kar Man
  16. Choon Lam
  17. King Jiat
  18. Daniel
  19. Vincent
  20. Ming Chun
  21. Tc Chong
  22. Jason Chin
  23. Xian Jiong
  24. Qi Yao
  25. Vinoth
  26. Kok Leong
  27. Khar Yiep
  28. Ding
  29. Yen Shen
  30. Ping Kuang
  31. Theng Loo
  32. Cheng How
  33. Jack
  34. Jin Fye
  35. etc... end of thinking capacity

Shouted a bit too loud at the balcony. People from below stared at us. Cabut! xD They played pool after done eating. I wanted to play but couldn't, wearing a dress gives you a bit of disability sometimes. No bending over! Tc, Vincent and Daniel looked like very pretty pro in playing pool. Wooo.

The mirror outside the toilet was also fun. Create an infinity amount of yourself. Sigh... no better thing to do for a self-obsessed person.

After we finished eating, people got dragged up to the stage to dance. Jin Fye was the first. He's already famous in for dancing K-pop. Mmm sexy. Rocking the stage and doing the booty shake like nobody's business. Xuan was supposed to come to the party but didn't last minute. Hmm, imagined her dancing too. xD

Daniel leading the pack. Alololo. Damn fun to watch. ;)

Pattern time:

We tried copying people's signature pose. Siet yen's one was nice. Sexy. Arch your back, push out your chest and ass, bend your knees and put your arms on the hips. BAM!

Next was the "second round" which always happens after finishing the dinner. That's why when you book your birthday venue there should be stuff to do nearby. Movies, bars, whatever. Giza is good, a lot of restaurants, bars. But... mostly eateries.

Went to The Curve next. Was supposed to go home. Theng Loo dropped them off around my area. But I stubborn... felt like I hadn't done enough. :D Ended up watching movie until 3am. But dad was okay. Told him I was watching movie, brought back popcorn sumore. If go drink? Cannot.

Watched Fast and Furious. It was exciting, adrenaline-pumping and filled with car crashes. Go watch it. :) At one point, the people in the cinema clapped. That seldom happens. Another one which I remembered was Toy Story 3.

Before going in to the cinema, went to see Choon Lam that gang. They singing karaoke. Me, noob, don't know how to sing karaoke. Don't have the mood to sing in shopping complex. Friend's house maybe. :D Sit sit watched them sing.

It's supposed to be the Year of SPM but it feels more like the Year of Partying. Mmm exam soon. :)

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