Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Fly away

Went to take Undang.

Wait, before getting the license, take a moment to dream what car first...

I feel you creeping, I can see it from my shadow
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo~

Know what song? :)

I'm going to have it in 3 different colours. Easy to match my outfits, hor. Lol. Lamborghini too cool. Cannot afford. :( Dream on. <3

Look at how the Italian police roll.

This is cute but I don't think it exist as a legible car to drive. I wonder why hasn't someone created animal-shaped cars for the masses. WHY CANNOT? So fun. Caterpillar, elephant, ladybird, hippotamus... I'd throw away my sportscar to ride in a bunnycar.

Dream car number 3. This pink mini cooper lookalike. For some reason I think of Mr.Bean when I see this car. Look at it. So cute you feel like picking it up and putting it in your pocket. But I think it's too vintage, so therefore it only belongs in my dreams.

Okay, this is the reality car. The one I want and think I can have. Baby blue Volkswagen Beetle. Convertible, too. I like cars that are.. compact. Easy to park. Cute. Like it came out of cartoon world.


Reality is I want to study overseas, and therefore buying a good new car would be a waste because who would use it when I'm gone?! So what I'm getting would be...

*drum roll****

A second-hand Myvi!

HAHAHAHA. I don't mind.... As long as it looks new. If it looks ugly I'll give it a paint job. Also good to have lousy car for beginner, wouldn't mind getting scratches and smashes. I am clumsy okay. Impossible I won't get accidents. Lol, how I love life.

Having a car is like granting yourself a pair of wings. You can cover a much better distance. And don't you hate it when the absence of transportation means the absence of an outing? Now, no excuse. FLY FLY FLY.

But to fly... you have to go through trials and tribulations...

Today was the start. Taking the undang. The prawn. Theng Loo famously mentioned it as "udang". I was half an hour late. But I still had to wait for half an hour more. So in a sense, it was good to dilly-dally.

Went with Mei Yen. Bring a friend along. Damn boring. Met a guy from SMK Menjalara. Randomly talked to people. Lol. We went to the place where we registered, and then to the driving institute.

Wait wait wait. Played with handphone. Read books. I brought magazines. But the chairs where those half-assed, half a table chair where you can flip up and down. My butt too awesome, kept hitting that thing.

What he talked about? I dunno. Ran through the steps to get the final CDL License. Fell asleep halfway. Stupid chair not comfortable. Came home slept again K.O for 3 hours.


But when I can fly, oh dear, all of this will be worth it. <3

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