Sunday, 22 May 2011

It's yours.

This. Current fb profile pic. :)

I think I'm in the eyeliner phase now? Blackened eyes on weekends. Hehehehohoho. Why not? Natural is nice but it's good to switch things up a bit.

I did sketch. I did, I did. I did not study. I did not, I did not.

It was church. Which means time to camwhore. The victim this time is Louise. If you're going to dress up, why not make it last? :) I can be shameless when it comes to camwhoring. Thanks to my dual LCD camera just as well.

To be good at blogging might be a bit narcissistic. If you aren't interested in yourself, why would others be? I don't mind if no one reads my blog, I'd still think that my happenings are worth documenting. If someone tells them they love me, I might say... I love me too. <3

No, not. I love you too. ;))

Bought the long white bohemian skirt from Kitschen yesterday. I remembered seeing Sienna Miller and hating the bohemian style. It looked rustic and lived-in. But hey, you have to try something before you judge it.

A little bohemian is nice. Ahhh. I feel tall in that skirt. But I keep stepping it. Which reminded me my legs weren't long enough to carry the skirt. And. The car door kept eating my skirt like a venus flytrap when I shut it. But it feels ethereal. Oh so flowy.

Oh Pavillion! Materialism, also guilty. But fashion designers are materialistic by nature just as nerds are academic by nature. Why? Materials aren't just materials to them- it's a form of Art. But...still materials. Hahahhaa. It's a materialistic world we're living in. ;)

I bumped into Xuan, Wendy and Jason. Last week it was Weng Hock. I love the surprise and spontaneity of it. <3 I like spontaneous outings, ones where I call up a friend last minute to go out. The rush rush of it is exciting. A bit mental to like it... but I can't help.

With the usual, it's planning a few days before. I like surprise rather than anticipation. I hate waiting. Hate it, hate it. Don't waste my time.


La Bodega. And Xuan is only taller because her heels was higher. !@#$%^ Jealous :( Wtf. Am I going to have a Napoleon Complex soon? The other day Chin Zhin (he's Form 3) told me I looked like a Form 4. Why? My height. !@#$%^&.

Okay lah in school I look kiddier. Younger than my age. Outside I look older than my age. People straightaway ask if I'm working. If I say no they ask what college. HAHAHHA. :D Like when I was looking at Thierry Mugler watches today. Saw from StarMag. Wow. They're good.

This. They have two pieces left. But another colour, like hell I'm going to say. :P But.. I don't know how to save. How much I get is how much I spend. I can never stand window shopping as well. It's horribly sadistic to see something you like and not be able to buy it.

And, what to do. Asians are petite. Petite. Petite sounds better than short. Petite means smaller frame. You can be short and fat. I am petite. I went jogging. I DON'T WANT TO BE FAT.

Cannot. Absolutely helpless when it comes to dieting. So when I get fat, I can only exercise it off. Food is too good to resist, I am unable to follow Kate Moss's "nothing taste as good as skinny feels".

Jason and Wendy. :)) It was Jason's birthday a few days ago. Mister Garrett's one today. Hahahah. Busy guy today. Gave sermon, wow wow wow. And? Seeing guys in plaid/check dress shirts a lot. Nice! I like guys who dress up formal a bit. :D

And you know when a guy sneeze and he keeps it in until all you can hear is a tiny squeak? They say those guys are bad at sex because they are too uptight. How to *** when they're too shy to sneeze? Hahahahah. I dunno. I read this from some magazine.

Of course there's also the thing where a guy's ring finger is supposed to be longer than his index fingers. And that remember to clean your mirror or they'll reflect negative energy. This was from the papers. I do read newspaper you know? Like, everyday. Now let me dump all this superstitous stichies on you.

Bought some sandals. Because they matched my nail polish. And then bought more nail polish. It ended up costing more than more sandals. Lol? :/

One of them was OPI Shatter. Saw it on Bromyn. It looked awesome. I like nail polish, you can use it on schooldays(pedi anyways) and it lasts longer than makeup. And I wanted to buy something from Sephora. I ended up needing ten cents more. Now I know the importance of a measly ten cents. Lama-lama jadi bukit!

Anddd, I was productive today. Hohoho. Usually my day has periods of idling and laying around. And next time I don't want to do stuff that requires me to wake up before 9. I am crap in the morning.

Night owl.


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