Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Came late to school today. Umm. About 30 minutes late. But that's the good thing about being in a private school, the gate's always open! ;)) But no... saya tak mau detention. Just need to get slip from disciplin teacher. He asked why.

I said it was because I had to take care of my sick dog, which was actually true because I woke of in the middle of the night because of Chuckie. Chuckie did something very gross. Too gross to even mention. And then he wrote in the reason for being late column, "Anjing Sakit". It sounded so ridiculous I asked him to just put there "Bangun lewat".

Somemore have to stick it onto the monitoring book. Ding collected at least 10 demerit today. Wow. Umm. He and Wei Kien at it again. Wei Kien said something that aggravated him and Ding, lost it. Now Wei Kien reported to the teacher. He says if they don't do anything he's going to the police. Fuiyorh.

Came back K.O on the bed for 2 hours. Weather hot hot hot, slept without bothering to on air-cond. Woke up sweating. AHHHAA. I shall study. I miss having an active and productive brain. Shao Yang passed the laidback lifestyle. Too laidback. Teacher said both of us always low HP. :(


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