Sunday, 15 May 2011


Hehehehhohohoo, church. Long time didn't see petpet Xuan at church already. She MIA for about a month. No one to camwhore with.

Camwhored when pastor was preaching today. Hand itchy.... couldn't control. If I was a pastor and someone camwhored like a vain being while I was giving a sermon, I'd have to resist the urge not to the throw a bottle at myself. HAHAHHAHHA. I'm so cute.

Did makeup. I crayoned my eyelid. It is pretty fun, like drawing, but on yourself. Garrett winked. And then I tried to wink. Squeezed eye shut shut shut like a glitchy person. And then the eyeliner imprinted on my bottom eyelid.

Some guys look cute when they wink. I looked like a panda after winking. ;) But at least not a raccoon à la Jennifer Humphrey.

I am not at all adventurous on makeup. It's your face, you gotta be a little conventional somehow. Crayoning my eyelids was because I saw Sim Kuan do it. Makeup is like bungee jumping, you only do it after you see someone else doing it. HEHEHHOHOH.

I wanted liquid eyeliner, but the salesperson recommended the pencil type instead. I call it a crayon because it feels like a crayon. Good also, if it was hard to apply I think I would've snapped it into half before I can finish the other eye.

And you might've noticed...




I've been using this blog for 3 years and this is the 3rd time I've changed it. :) Blog is like home, when you change the layout it takes a while to get used to. And blogging also counts a lot on mood. Like dating. Only have feel can two people date each other. Only have feel will the words come out and conjure meaningful sentences. Blogging momentum. Blogging mojo.

HEHEHEHOHO. I have the mojo today. <3 I think it's because of the new layout. I pored over every detailed of it, squeezed out my very last drop of energy to customize it. The time taken to choose the font was longer than the time taken to finish my dinner plus dessert.

OH I HAD SUSHI. YUM. A lot of raw fish. Radioactivity... literally sushi worth dying for. I'm the kind, do first and think of consequences later.

And yeah. I did study. Proud. Spent 2 hour plus on History. Miraculous, only happens once in a blue moon. :DD I have to train my attention span. Stupid Facebook. Always distract me. No actually, stupid Karen. Always get distracted. SPM HELLO.

MA DE. So annoying. WEE WANG WANG, WEE WANG. Everytime the little voice of my conscience tells me to study. Shut up can? But... have to study in order for it shut up. Both also suffer.

:) If you don't have SPM yet, forget about UPSR and PMR. Relax the way through. No use also. Just get okay results, no need to be excellent. Be excellent for SPM. Others, relax please. PMR? Get A for English, Science and Maths. Can shoot to the top class already. At least that's how things goes at my school. But hey, if you can get excellent results, go ahead. :D

Camwhore camwhore camwhore BAM

Someone I found today.

Wong Weng Hock the Thailand ambassador. Was at KLCC. You know the thing in Facebook where you check yourself in? Yeah. Thats how... we found each other. <3 HAHAHAH.

I fraped him using his iPhone.


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