Saturday, 28 May 2011

Walk walk

The Curve. Been there 3rd Saturday in a row. Hohoho. My brother fetched me there. Once in a blue moon. <3

The main thing was the iPhone case. My iPhone was naked for so long. Sigh... such a pleasure to look at. In-your-face, pukey, girly-assed pink. Why in the world not? My life is complete.

Watched Kung Fu Panda 2 with Mei Yen and Natalie. I wuv-ed it. I cried a bit. HAHAHAHA. Something to do with abandonment. :( There was even baby version of Po. I don't usually cry during movies. Especially during breakups or dramatic arguing where you're supposed to get worked up. I cry over... movies about dogs. Cartoons. Toy Story 3. Lol. :X

Reading Vivi. Because of Xuan. ;) Usually it's Vogue. Harper's Bazaar. Glamour. It's where you learn about designers. But hey, some Asianness is good. Lena is everywhere. That girl. "Why is she so famous?", I asked Xuan. "Flirty enough". Lolol. I like to see the before and after makeup section. The Japanese girls... so good. Slit eyes to big eyes.

Want to see how far makeup can take you?

Natural beauty is good. Thing is, not everyone's natural beauty is soo.... beautiful. ...So what? Fake it till you make it. Believe in yourself. Maybe... some people are born less than pretty so they will learn to make themselves pretty. And then they have the skills, enabling themselves to actually be much prettier than those who are naturally pretty.

It's a superficial world out there... but wait!

So yeah.

And I had sushi. Good, good.


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