Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Guess what?

The word "required" takes the fun out of everything.

Imagine if you like going on the internet and someone comes and tell you that you are required to be on Facebook for 2 hours. Doesn't sound that good now, does it? Still procrastinating for art portfolio. Gah. Deadline in 2 days and 40% complete. Bitch.

Wei Kien lost 50 bucks today. Gone in a flash, thieves among us. It's despicable, people who steal from their own classmates.

Mister Shamsul briefed us for the motivation camp. I thought it would be like... sitting down and listen to lectures. Then, he said it would be completely outdoors. WTF. I'm a city girl, I don't want to roll in the jungle... I don't know how to.

No point in bringing handphones. Better not, so many thieves. ONE BAR CONNECTION THERE. But it's good too... get away from technology and go back to the basics.

Bought a cheapo RM35 YeBeng sports shoes. Mei Yen and Sim Kuan went there a while too.

Specially for camp. Why? Because the other time I used my DKNY shoes for Leadership Camp and it was a stupid idea. It got soiled in mud and reincarnated as a crocodile. THE SOLE CAME OFF.

Okay okay, I'm going to shut up and get this over with. Better just go and try a little hardship. I don't mind as long as we're all in this together. :) Because in the end, misery loves company.

During Physics everyone had their cheeks stuck to their table, sleeping. So cute. We sit in rows, so it looks like a pile of fallen dominoes. Bringing magazines now to school for when things get boring.

Again, I cannot stress ZOMG how important it is to read fashion magazines. They bring you exposure to fashion at an international level. !!! A few of my friends did not know who Kate Moss is. !@%^!@$ I feel a little exasperated. Like they are in some other channel.

If they are guys, then of course nevermind. They don't do fashion. They know stuff about car engines and shit. But seriously! It's appalling! How can you not know?! Okay so not everyone has the same interest... :(

Here's a test. :)

To test your level of knowledge fashion-wise. There are 5 pictures and you pass if you can identify at least 3, okay? The people I have confidence in passing are only... Sim Kuan and Mimi. HAHAHAH.

1) Name the model.

2) Name the brand of the heels.

3) Name the brand of the dress.

4) Name the brand of the outfit

5) Name who this is.

Okay? Got the answers in your head?
Answes...Ding ding ding

1)Lily Donaldson-british supermodel

2)Miu Miu-the sister brand of Prada from Miuccia Prada. A little bit more playful and experimental, young.

3)Balmain-one well-received collection which showed models clad in jewel toned, billowing dresses cinched with diamente belts.

4)Alexander McQueen- his work is always exquisite with complicated, hard-assed tailoring because he was trained under Saville Row. His ensembles are always beautiful in a haunting way. It reminds me of Lady Gaga.

5)Twiggy- model and icon of the 60's. androgynous and thin. serves as judge in America's Next Top Model.

I think I have read too much of Vogue and Teen Vogue. I am writing like... someone who works there. Ironically, although Vogue has a lot of branded stuff, it's better to get tempted from Vogue than from local magazines because no matter how much I want it, it's too high out of reach.

While those in Cleo or Marie Claire or whatever are for Malaysian market and I can start scheming to buy... Ahem...

Oh sigh. Fashion. Once you get into it, it's more than just clothes, you know? It's wearable art, a form of self-expression. People who live a comfortable life have more time and space to take care of more trivial needs while people in Africa are too busy starving and trying to get enough for the next meal.

Those who don't have to worry about survival, worry about looking good instead.

My favourite quote.
Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway.
Dress up, dress up! :D

Lastly, ZOMG I found the guy who is just my type ZOMG@W!@W. He's a model from Spain. Jon Kartojarena. Apparently Kartojarena is pronounced as Kartoharena. Like Jose is pronounced Hose. Oh, Spanish.

Back to how hot is he, wow, I had to force Sim Kuan to google him to share his awesomeness. His thick eyebrows, piercing stare, defined jawline... oh la la. HAHAHAHAH. Okay okay chill. I remeber there was one guy who had the same look as him from Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.

I actually forgot his name... :( Okay who cares I found another eye candy.

That's it, ciao to the miao. ;)

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Midvalley, we meet again

Now I get it when they shoes make an outfit. Heels, heels, heels all the way.

They enable you to strut, makes you arch your back and throws your ass out. But of course nothing ever comes freely. Wearing heels for the trip, I came home partially-crippled. Sim Kuan has a nice theory that turns blisters into a good thing.

They make your skin thicker after they heal and it'll be more tolerant against being high-heeled. Like fingers which play bass, I guess. They hurt at first.

I like going out with people who dress up. Bitch, make an effort! It makes life more glamourous and exciting. Siet Yen, Sim Kuan, Xuan, Mimi and Jun Wen dress up well. As in fashionable. And they have different styles, sometimes I see something and I think, that's so her.

Skull and distressed shirts for Xuan-Alexander McQueen. Cute japanese stuff for Jun Wen- Harajuku. High waisted shorts and bodycon for Mimi-Top Shop. Sleek dresses for Sim Kuan-Kitschen.

Me... I'm still not sure what my style is. I like to look tailored and polished. I hate looking slutty. Sexy but not slutty, please. Anything tacky is out.

Ta-da! I now bring you the most clichéd handbags of the 21st century. At least in Malaysia. It's always in-your-face Louis Vuitton handbags. I'm sick of it... it's tacky for me now. Staggering how many handbags they've produced, to the extent that I can't go out without seeing someone carrying one of these.

It's mostly the first two. Speedy 25 and Damier Neverfull. But! What I'm saying here is those people who dress by simply throwing on some casual shit and then relying on their in-your-face monogrammed bags to look "fashionable". Do appreciate your handbags!

Bought some heels from Charles & Keith. I think it'll be my favourite shop for shoes now. Crazy sale. MUAHAHAHA. Sat on the shoebox while waiting for the KTM.

I thought of having a shoe with screw-on heels. Turn it into flats when you're too tired to be pretty. Fffppt. It will be in my collection if I ever get to be a designer. :)

Christian Louboutin! Freaking french designers, youtubed how to pronounced them. I want to pick up a foreign language when studying overseas. French. Italian. Spanish. Japanese! Whatever. ANYTHING!

Aren't they hot? The cheeky trademark red soles. Designers should always have their own trademarks, something they're known for and immediately recognisable for. You don't need to be told to know what brand it's from.

Sorry for the materialisticness. Hey I just got back from like, 3 shopping malls! 5 if you count their connected malls. Midvalley The Gardens The Curve Cineleisure Pavillion.

OH YEAH! I borrowed my Dad's card. So fun. The money just popped out from the machine. The next best thing from money falling out of the sky.

Lol no just kidding. It's a once in a blue moon thing that my dad trusts me with his card. Usually money comes drip by drip and I'm tempted to spend them before I even save enough.

Bah, tired. It's fun to shop with friends. If there's guys involved though, probably can't shop too much. The poor guy would have to stand there like an awkward log of wood. Maybe do stuff like.. movies. Pool. :D

Went to Pavillion for today because my family going for haircut. I am leaving my hair long and saving a lot of money by not bothering to trim along the way. The A Cut Above at Pavillion has Winne Loo there! Fuiyorhyorh! Prepare to fork out at RM350 if you want her to cut for you. She'll measure the size of you hair follicle and everything.

And the Jimmy Chia shoes at Pavillion is odd. What a shameless rip-off! I mean it's not his fault he's named that way but he's obviously using it to confuse people with Jimmy Choo.

And! I hate it when teachers say my name is a "glamour name" because my original name is a christian name. It's not some name I made up, that shit is in my I.C. Why the hell do they make the name my parents gave my sound so pretentious?!

Okay whatever. Enjoying peanut apum balik. Oh yeah Tumblr. Link here. Still into it. So many fashionable editorials and catwalk snaps. I think it helps discovering my own style and shit. MUAHAHA. And I tend to reblog from Flickr so my name comes up when they search tags. Reblogged until over limit the other day. Didn't know there was such a thing...


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Dinner at Giza

Had an impromptu dinner at Sunway Giza. I like the feel of going out on a schoolday. Informal and spontaneous. BUT! Qi Yao asked after I gobbled three slices of Thai Seafood pizza and a seafood lasagna. Fatty, I know.

I got pissed and went out for a jog to make space for dinner. Passed by Zhi Qi's house. Saw a pack of dogs, I turned back. Such a pussy. :( But! Some of them can be territorial and unpredictable!

I wished school starts at 9. Or later. Scientifically-speaking, it is idiotic for school to start so early because teenagers are more active at night. No wonder. Not my fault I can hardly ever make myself sleep before midnight. Bitch. Fucker. I really hate not getting enough rest. GAHHHHHHHHH.

But I have figured out how to turn a rule from against me, to for me. You know how I had to stand for a whole period as punishment for getting late? Now, when I overslept I can tell daddy I cannot go to school because then his precious daughter would have to stand for an hour doing nothing.

TeeHee! I was sleepy today too. Crashed in the sick bed. 2 hour nap at school, and then 2 hour nap after coming back home. Before that we had gossiping session at the concourse during Co-Co. YUMMY.

Oh wait back to Giza dinner, ate at a random noodle shop. HAHAHAH. Sim Kuan and I dressed up. Qi Yao guessed I made her do it. Correct! The world is your runway, and everyday is a fashion show!

I don't ever feel wasted dressing up when I have a camera with me. The moment is captured forever. MUAHAHAH. Still not getting on with my liquid eyeliner. PRACTISE, PRACTISE. Gave up and use the crayon because I was in a hurry.

After eating, shopped at this accessories shop called This & That. It was the shoplot kind. I want to visit other kinds of shops other than the norm- shopping mall and more shopping mall. After all, the others are often much cheaper and WTF I need to save.

Ended up buying heels and some accessories.

guerlain lipstick show

Oh I can't believe this but visiting designers website was fun. Click on the guerlain thing :D Paint lipstick. My goodness I am so easily amused.

My Tumblr

Oh yeah. New tumblr. Taking a break from posting Sylvanian Families stuff. This is fashion and beauty. And whatever else I fancy. Check it out thank you. :)

A guy is still calling how annoying and repulsive it's like he's raping my handphone and I feel violated I mean he called for more than 5 times in 4 days and I've never picked up any of his calls can he give up trying already stop being so desperate and numbfuckingnuts.

Desperation is such a turnoff.

I hate it when people suddenly like, like me when I've never even had a decent conversation with them. WTF. So obvious you're liking me based on appearance. And feel comes from being together, not from seeing me from afar and then conjuring some sort of stupid illusions of what kind of girl I would be.

No wonder pretty girls are crude. They have to be ruthless or end up comprising themselves. This guy is like... not even my friend. Not even someone I had a fucking conversation with. Not even someone I flirted with. Eww.

I asked my dad how to block a number. He said he didn't know. After that he was like.. why? is it a guy..? And then I tried searching blocking apps but needed $$$. Help? Anyone knows how to block a number?!??!?!?! HOW?!?!?!?


Sunday, 19 June 2011


You're waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you don't know for sure. But it doesn't matter. How can it not matter to you where the train will take you?

Because you'll be together.

Oh how can I resist adding a quote from one of my favourite movies - Inception.

Had a date out with Sim Kuan to Midvalley on Saturday. It was pretty last minute. Sim Kuan asked out of the blue. I like rushed things... No need to wait, only to hurry. :)

Camwhored inside the KTM as well. Sim Kuan was like, "we're in public!". Me? Any self-consciousness will be buried under the pursuit of getting a good picture. I'm going to do it until I'm satisfied. I'll take a pile of pictures, narrow it down to the ones I'd actually edit, and then narrow down to ones I'd actually post.

The good thing with carrying the camera is being able to select what you're going to post and what you aren't. The bad thing is you're responsible for editing and posting. It's a little time-consuming. NO BUT I LIKE TAKING PICTURES. I cherish the memories.

Got on the ladies' coach of course. Sim Kuan was concerned with giving up seats for the elderly while I just wanted to glue my ass on the chair. We're 2 in 1 weyh! Sim Kuan sat on my lap on the way home. Tired tired.

I smartly hopped into the first train which arrived. We were supposed to go the one heading south. That one headed north. Smart ass. I was scared of getting lost for a moment. Thank God I'm doing this with my friend. Sim Kuan got us to the right platform on the next stop. Learn from mistake..!

I like KTM. It's cheap. It's convenient. I wish there was one in my area. Zip to 1U or whatever and get sushi. Hang out after school. Imagine... Sigh. RM3.20 for two way ticket.


Partly retail therapy for Sim Kuan. It's good that I don't have to ask for permission to go out, but when I sneak out, no.. $$$$$$. No disposable source of income. Yeah. Still in the process of saving for my watch.

The big thing was buying our dresses. Prom dresses. HAHAHAH I'm not going to tell you how it looks like. Not to ruin the surprise. :) Gotta pay for Hari Anugerah tomorrow too.

The salesperson at the shop where we bought our dresses was nice. Gave discount. It was too expensive, placed deposit instead. Trying so hard to stifle my laugh while furtively taking picture of it. There was a sign explicitly saying no photos and I don't understand why shops do that. FREE PROMOTION.

Maybe the salesperson heard the mechanism of my camera turning on so she gently reminded us. WTH you know how freaky it is when you're half-naked and a voice behind the curtain speaks?!?!

Midvalley is a breathe of fresh air after frequenting the area around 1U or KLCC for... years. New place to shop! :D Next stop, Bangsar maybe. When I have car.. and simply drag a friend along. Hey, Sim Kuan... :)

Midvalley has shops which aren't well-known but carries pretty clothes for a fraction of high-street clothing. I'm going to take a break from high street clothing because it's so... mass-produced. Many copies of the same thing until the brand loses its identity. AND THE PRICE! More expensive than the norm but not luxury.

I dunno. The cheapo way would be buy anonymous clothes with luxurious accessories. Always works. Handbag.

The Gardens next to it reminds me of Pavillion. Posh, posh.

Camwhored at the same spot after I took KTM with Xuan. Ahh, pretty place if you can ignore the dangers of getting raped. Keep your "pepper" friend close to your side.

Natural sunlight is good. Good for your skin. Good for photos.

Had dinner at The Curve with family later that night. Went to Cineleisure's Selvan. It was called Selvan... I'm not sure what it's called now. It's a place where they sell old but new issues of magazines. If you get what I mean ;) Just go one escalator down and you shall find it.

LOOK IT. All the books above for RM25. !@!@&!@*^&. GLAD. I don't care reading back-issues. What I care is the content. I don't mind that the trends in it are passé or that the products aren't new anymore. They're still stuffs for inspiration. DRAW DRAW DRAW.

Spot the Superman comic? TeeHee. I can't believe I'm getting into superheroes comics. I like Marvel more because of superman. Who the hell still reads comics? Any nerds out there? Hellooooo..ohhh...

I suppose I'm in the middle of a make up phase. I used to wonder why didn't my mum get tired of putting on make up just to wash it away at the end of the day. Some things, you have to experience to understand.

It's good to ask the salesperson to show you the ropes. Better than watching videos or teaching yourself. Learn from the expert. Bought Dior lipgloss and an Anna Sui eyeliner. You know I'm young and I can't buy real designer stuff. At least not many. I don't feel good using my dad's money so thriftily either, and I have no means of earning my own money.

So make up is like having a taste of designer products, but at a fraction of the price. To me it's not the name that matters, but the design behind it. The design that makes the brand know for. Not just some random shit with a label on it. Some quality shit which represents the label.

Dad says... travel trip sometime in August! At first it was Turkey, but now maybe Greece. I don't care as long as it's in Europe. Europe is beautiful and cultured. I actually forgot I went to Taiwan last year because the trip was so immemorable. Mostly I remembered the tour guide trying to squeeze in as many factory visits as possible to earn comission. Sneaky ass.

And... the best thing. During vacation, your wallet opens up more. A LOTTTTT MORE. OH COME TO ME BABY.

Today is Father's Day. I didn't do anything. I did a card last year. And the year before that. Mostly my dad reads it, and then puts aside and it sinks into oblivion. My dad is not into cheesy stuffs. And if I bought him something, he'd have the conclusion that it was from his money anyway. My dad is not a gimmicky person. So... done nothing!

Except wished him and asked what was his wish. It was for me to be good. Stay on the right track. I'll try my best. If I didn't, if I swerved off track, I'd keep it quiet and get back on track before anyone notices.

We're teenagers. Let loose, once in a while. Test for far you can stretch. :)

Monday, 13 June 2011

The first day

School's here again. It gives me something to do, but I really loathe waking up early. Waking up before 9 is torture because I often sleep after midnight. So bad-ass right.

Amali tomorrow. HOHOHO. Purposely chose it on a school day. Skip, skip! Have to... sit on my ass for about 6 hours and then get my lovely L license. And then learn driving. They say some driving instructors have wandering hands. I'll bring my pepper spray... just in case. In fact, if you're a girl, bring pepper spray everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

I was late today. The standing in the lawn for one period came in effect. It is effective.Very boring and a waste of time. A punishment one would dread and go to lengths to avoid making that mistake in order to forgo the punishment. Saw discipline teacher cut student's hair. Sideburns. I like long, sharp sideburns on guys.

I'm dreaming of this. When I am in Europe I shall sit my ass on various cafés. Enjoy tea and cakes and tea and cakes and oogle the people who pass by and doodle stuffs on my sketchbook.

Chamomile tea. English breakfast. Sandwich. Cupcakes. Macaroon. OH MYYYY I'M DYING. I didn't eat dinner. I slept through dinner.

Motivation camp this weekend but I'm lazy to go. Listening to Taylor Swift because of Sim Kuan. Everytime it comes on the radio, she gasps like magic just happened. Oh back to december where I can sleep like a pig.

My mind is pretty blank and this is a pretty random post I think everyone should be grateful of food and eating out is a luxury everytime I taste a sushi or cake in my mouth I shall close my eyes and say thank you yummy how the heck can anyone diet when you can eat.



Saturday, 11 June 2011

Tossed and turned at Times Square

Times Square. The day before today which was Thursday.

I was free as hell and then suddenly busy as hell, no time to even blog muahahhhaa. It was Sim Kuan's idea. IR Night gang again. Li Chen, Chun Moon, Qi Yao and the both of us. Fit nicely in his car. Down to KL we goooo. :D Had GPS but somehow we still got lost for a while. Keep calm.

The theme park looks about like this. That was my first time going in. If you are jakun like me, the picture above is there for reference. :)

RM 37 each. School holiday about 5 bucks more expensive. I forgot to bring my I.C. because I hate my I.C I look like shit in there. Luckily the attendant didn't notice, I got the MyKad price. Laughed at other people's I.C.

Rode on the orange roller coaster straightaway. Li Chen didn't want to initially but luckily she changed her mind. We did the lat da li lat da lit dam bom! To see who would be the odd one out. Chun Moon not good at that game. Lost twice. ALOLOLO. When playing that game always face your palm downwards. Most of them are too lazy to face upwards.

The roller coasters were fun. I've always wondered how it felt like to have a 360 degree turn. The space attack thing was worst.

This thing. Scary but more fun than the one at Sunway Lagoon. Has more momentum, you know? The one at Sunway Lagoon just hangs you up there and leaves you at the mercy of gravity. !@#$%^. I don't like the part of being hung upside down, where your weight is pressing on the thing that is supposed to keep you from falling.

This thingy is called the DNA Mixer the thing goes round and round. Fun also! But a bit pain and my shirt flew up a bit. Chun Moon had a problem with his bird. Too tall maybe. So everytime is goes backwards he'll be yelling. He sounded like he was being tortured. Qi Yao on the other hand was laughing. The guy, he doesn't scream during roller coaster rides. He laughs. =.=

Another ride was this thing... that goes round and round very fast. That silly-looking ride killed me. Li Chen's actually lucky she didn't go. Two people sit in one carriage. I was with Sim Kuan. When that thing started, zwoop, Sim Kuan landed to the left which was where I was sitting.

It was like being in a blender oh my goodness don't ride that please. Sim Kuan is skinny but combined with the velocity and inertia and momentum and everything it was like being crushed by a Snorlax. I kept shouting but it wasn't Sim Kuan's fault lah. That thing is a killer. It killed my ribs and neck. Blah.

See that blue and yellow thing? Don't go near it.

After that everyone was already dizzy and queasy. Went to the orange roller once more before leaving the theme park. Play until want to puke, you know you've got our money's worth.

Left Times Square and went down to The Curve at night. Catched forty winks in the car. I like being driven. Perfect time to sleep, it's like being in an air-conditioned cradle on-the-go. Ahhh. Somemore had blanket in a car.

Wake up do what? Eat lah of course. Lifestyle of a pig. Paddington's Pancakes. Yum. More like dessert than dinner which was fine because after getting tossed and turned it's hard to have a good appetite. But wait.

Before that we had some EspresSoup. And then turtle jelly (literal translation).

Aww so sweet. Hahahah. There was this transformer thing and we camwhored around the cars. Asked them to stare at each other. Qi Yao's a good poser, look at him. So into it. Sim Kuan stared but burst into laughter before I managed to capture the moment. Aiyergh.

Played pool before catching our movie. OHMYGSTYWFSUW. Finally :) I like pool. Didn't play it for a while. I dunno snooker yet. :( I like the snooker club at Cineleisure better. Forgot the name. The one at 1U stinks compared to this! Like literally. Smoke smoke smoke.

And they count per game. More flexible and cheaper for me because noob, so longer to pocket the balls. MUAHAHAHAHAHA I WON QI YAO. Actually Chun Moon was leading but he pocketed the black ball of doom. YAY YAY YAY.

X-Men was great. I bought the comic today. NERD AH? I'm going to start catching all the DC/Marvel movies. Oh come be my superhero!

And then when I went home Natalie was waiting for me for sleepover. Sorry sorry. It's like I'm free and then boom suddenly busy. Watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It was okay. Mostly because of Rodrick the cute guy called Devon Bostick in real life.

Read the book at MPH. You know. I actually sat down and read like a freeloader treating the bookstore as a library. I usually despise people who do that. Read the books for free and then make it tattered. But my goodness I was poor. Still holding on to saving for my watch. Life is hard.

On Friday, went to lunch at Robot Sushi. And then celebration for Jun Wen. Choon Lam planned surprise for her. Shooo sweet! Hehehehe. Came at midnight. Xian Jiong drives like he's playing video game. Okay okay I shall not criticize. Later he don't want to fetch me. :(

Saw Rysher too. Sang karaoke at Jun Wen's house before going back. Spent 2 or 3 hours making a video as her birthday present. She made a video for mine too. :) Busy until didn't go church. OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD HE REIGNS

And then take Undang.


Passed first time, 45/50. So ma fan to take driving license. So much of shit to do. So much of waking up early. I hate waking up early and driving far far. Chose the annoying ass 6 hours of Amali to be on Tuesday so that I can skip school. PFFT I HATE I HATE SO ANNOYING.

But ohhhhhhhh so glad that I passed teehee!

After that napped. And then get sushi. I like going out to eat. OM NOM NOM NOM. Especially for sushi haiyer :DDDDD YUM YUM YUM. Went with Mei Yen she didn't bring money. I was especially hard on her because she counted the 40 cents I owed her one time.

And then hang out at my house for a while. Like good old buddies. I wouldn't mind having her be my roommate. You know you're in an elevated stage of friendship when you can insult each other comfortably. Close enough that no real offense will be taken.

Cheers to life woohooo~!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Drop in the neighbourhood

Went to Mei Yen's house. I was really, really bored at home. Oh my goodness save me. I wanna drive, I believe I can fly.

Tried riding on the motorcycle. First time. :)

Desmond came in his bike to give his remote to Mei Yen. Asked him to give me a ride. Stopped by at Lichen's house. It was like riding on a bicycle but windier. He said it only took about an hour to learn.

It would be fun. But I know parents won't let me to ride a bike. :( Dangerous bi blah bi blah. BUT FUN. :D Okay, so now one of the to-do things is to make my boyfriend give me a long romantic ride on a dark, starry night.

Sim Kuan told me she might not make it but she made it in the end. :D Lichen had to go out with her BF. And the Facebook check-in thingy.. tells you everything. Tried the check-in on Mei Yen's phone. She can choose any place she wants. So you can be there but not be there. WHATTTT.

Colourful nails for the holidays. I'm gonna miss it.

Nerd mode. Sim Kuan's specs. It looks better than mine. ;( I still hate myself with specs. I can never look good with specs. Guys do it better. Their faces are more angular. :)

With Mei Yen. Blurrest photo I've edited probably. Squint your eyes. :)

Ate at the Valencia Clubhouse. Effing expensive. Camwhored at the Sauna Room. Mirrors everywhere. AHHH!!! At lot of ANG MO LANG there. Caucasians. A lot expatriates live there. Come here to work and get richie rich. $

I dunno why but it seems the white people get muscles easier. Asians... have smaller frames. GAH. Black people pwn all thou. :)

That's about it.

TA! ;]

Monday, 6 June 2011

Hi :)

Internet turning into witch. Apparently, my data usage has exceeded and you may experience slow internet speed. Why, my darling? WHY?!

Taking lazy to a whole new level for holidays. Nap nap nap. Okay, when I have car I shall go out and out and out until I turn inside out.

It's also important... to be friends with an organizer. They play a very important role in making outings happen. I organize outings sometimes, but one can't do it all the time. Organizers are also responsible for making sure things will be fun... everything will be smooth. Mostly the problem is getting people together at a specific time and place. Transport too. Once you have that, you can get the party started.

Organizing these for friends is also good practise. Especially for becoming an event planner.

Still going gaga over nail polish. My new collecting fad. Mostly it's childish stuffs. When I was younger it was stickers and tamagotchi. And Sylvanian Families. I want Essie nail polish. WHY CAN'T I FIND IT IN MALAYSIA?!

Other good brands are... O.P.I. Revlon. Sally Hansen. Skin Food is cheap (RM 8.80) and pretty good. Especially those shiny assed ones. I tried doing nail art while on Whatsapp with Sim Kuan. Umm. It looked messy. FINE. An experiment.

Relatives playing mahjong. Today is the "chung" festival. The pulut. Sticky rice. :)

Father's Day soon. Third Sunday of June every year.

Love your papa.

He's your maker along with mama. :)


Friday, 3 June 2011

Out and about

Oh hello there. :)

Holidays are so relaxing. I can be like this all day long and no one's going to scold me for it. Sleep like a sloth. Act like a pig. Completely forgot about getting a job. Someone said... can be a promoter and get up to a hundred a day! But you have stand for... 10 hours.... Ouch. I'd rather be poor... and lay on my bed all day long.

I like dreaming. I "dream" before going to bed. Fantasize about my future and "what ifs". Replay funny scenes in my head. Remember something sweet someone said. Recall something funny and laugh suddenly. MUAHAHAHA.

Had a little outing on Wednesday with Qi Yao, Chun Moon, Sim Kuan and Li Chen. 1u again. You'll always see familiar faces around 1u. Saw Nicole.. with Darren! MUAHAHHA. I was like, "congratulations!". After they went off, Sim Kuan was spying them a bit to see if they will hold hands. Saw Form 4 gang. Chloe them. Yi Han looked cute. :D Saw Ming Chun and his brother. Saw Dylan and Ping Kuang. Doing gym. Ahh, good good.

Forced Sim Kuan to watch Insidious. Her phobia would be watching horror movies, I think. Come to think of it, it's my first time watching a horror movie. Chun Moon was the one who wanted.

Yeah. Insidious. People kept saying it was really scary. Ahem... I did scream a few times in the cinema. Sim Kuan's fear is like... CONTAGIOUS! I promised to accompany her if she couldn't sleep at night. Whatsapp for half an hour. Whatsapp is finally free. Talk crap with Nicholas. I'm finally cooler now. It's like a messenger, but on your phone. And you can see if the other person is typing OMG COOL.

I used to be really pissed out of horror movies but now I watch it, realise it's all an act and forget about it. When I'm alone at night and I think about it, I'm asking for trouble. I don't wanna even think, don't wanna creep myself out.

Having a dog helps too. They say dogs are sensitive to supernatural creatures. They bark like crazy. So even if there was something creepy, it would be scared off... by my dog. :D

Realised my maid broke my Swarovski crystal. I got pretty pissed. She put it back like nothing happened. It was about two hundred bucks and from Italy. Bitch. I banged on the door. Demanded what happened, blah. She cried. Honestly, I don't even feel sympathy when she cries. She cried the last time my dad asked her to mop the floor because the dog peed. She sat on the dining table and cried with the whole snifling thing.

AND THE OTHER TIME! She used my camera. So dumb she took a picture of herself and didn't know how to delete it. Okay, whatever. I didn't scold her. But you know what? She keeps stepping over boundaries and the problem is she doesn't even know it. SHE USED MY CAMERA, AGAIN. And then only I scolded her.

And she broke the vase. My god. My parents are deciding if she'll take a paycut. They forced her to go to bed early. She's always watching TV until lateeee. I DUNNO. WHY MY MAID SO DRAMATIC ONE.


All you see is clothes clothes clothes, temptation in the window displays but oh no honey you ain't getting any of it tonight. Window shopping. I DID IT. Saving for my watch. GOOD GRIEF. I'm actually learning to save.

Bought nail polish. Black nail polish. I used to hate them. I thought they made nails look dirty. But hey, it's unfair to hate something without trying it. :) Having an urge to collect nail polish.

Sim Kuan looked good in the shorts I gave her. I HAVE SUCH A GOOD EYE MUAHAHAHA. She has long slim legs. Some people need clothes to look good, others make the clothes look good.

And oh yeah going into the shopping complex Qi Yao was in front of me so he opens the door. And I didn't bother to extend my hand to push, because mostly he's a gentleman and holds open the door but he.. didn't. It ended up banging my fingers. Ho-hum.

Something I've dreamt about. Lovely.